Team America v. Arsenal

Ahead of the match, Arsene held his weekly press conference and spoke about everything from Walcott, van Persie, and Diarra to Kevin Keegan.

First off, Wenger, in the role of captain obvious, said that Walcott is almost there but not quite ready and also that Walcott is not a winger. No shit? He also takes the blame for all this and feels that Walcott should be a striker. No shit? Well, you have to love a man who admits his mistakes. Walcott won’t feature today because he’s being rested for the Carling Cup match against Tater Tots and Ham on Tuesday.

Speaking of admitting to his mistakes; he also admitted that he played van Persie too soon. I would be willing to cut Wenger some slack in this because that must be a difficult decision. I mean, the players probably all want to play and it would be especially tempting to play someone as talented as RvP. Just look at his numbers — he’s a special talent. Unfortunately, he’s a special talent that’s going to be out for a few weeks. Good luck, rest up, and stay off the ciggies, Robin. We’ll see you back when we most need you — when we’re pushing for the title.

The boss also had a crack back at Diarra, saying that he had panicked when he didn’t get a regular starting spot. You have to think that Wenger had plans for Diarra. I’d almost bet that Wenger was going to let Flamini go and slot Diarra there as the starter next season. It sure sounds like it when Wenger says things like

He arrived only on the 31 August and the train had started without him. To get on you need patience and just because it had been tested for so long at Chelsea I think he panicked a little bit

Now I guess he’ll just have to stick with Flamini. Oh well, that must suck.

The Kevin Keegan thing is getting old; especially for a guy who has never won anything, famously walks away from commitments, and is about as mentally stable as Britney Spears.I love him The British press are talking about him non-stop and I can only think it’s his rocking hot body. I mean, lookatit! Hairy nipples and all! And the hair — Oh my…it’s just… glorious.

Wenger, thinks Keegan will be good for the game because he plays open, attacking football. Yes. That would be a lot better than that team of utter cunts that Fat Sam had pieced together by scanning the police blotter.

On second thought, I think the British press are going head over heels for KK because they know he’s going to fail. And there is nothing the press love more than to report on the downfall of a hero that they built up to irrational heights.

To round off the squad news, Rosicky is reportedly back in and that’s a good thing. I have to say I see the boss playing a 4-4-2 with Dudu and Adebayor (who won BBC African Footballer of the Year) up front, and Hleb and Rosicky in the wings. With Djourou out injured I suspect we shall see Senderos and Gallas at the back and the usual suspects in the full back and central midfield positions.

That’s all for today. Remember kids… UP THE ARSE!

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