that was quick…

The ink on the contract isn’t even dry and Diarra has already started taking swipes at Arsenal:

I need to play and I really want to think about myself, about those who appreciate me. I read that Arsenal wanted to keep me but when you want to keep someone, you do that by playing them.

I wanted to write this big angry screed but he’s not worth it. Because anyone with half a brain can see that he is a selfish little cunt. Good riddance. My favorite part though is that he’s already saying that he’s ready to leave Pompey for (get this) “a top club.” I hate to break it to you, you fucking retard, but you’ve already been at two of the biggest clubs in Europe. Maybe he’s holding out for a midfield position at the mighty Havant and Waterlooville?

In Arsenal news, the sad saga of Robin van Persie marches on: he’s out for another two weeks. Also Djourou is out of the Saturday match against Fulhamerica with an inflamed groin (insert your own joke about pulling your groin). I don’t have much to add except, well, except that it’s sad. With all these injuries I’m afraid that RvP may never get a chance to show what he can really do with this team.

I just got some really scary news: if Newcuntsle manages a draw at Emirates next Saturday (Jan 26th).  Then the home fixture against Blackburn that is supposed to be played on Monday Feb. 11th will be moved to Sat. the 9th to accommodate the replay.  Dangit!  That would mean a change of plans!  By at least one day!  I guess I’ll just have to root for an Arsenal win.

Speaking of Newkeegan, Scott Murray over at the Guardian is covering the press conference live.  Good fun.

That’s it, match preview tomorrow.

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