Oh, hi.

Not much going on.  The ever trustworthy Sky Sports is reporting that Diarra is moving to the land of washed up former Arsenal players (Pompey.)  Looks like Arsenal will make £3m on this guy., too bad he isn’t English: see if he was English, then his whining could be marketed as “heart” and “desire to win” and Arsenal could have easily gotten £30m for him.

But what’s going on at Pompey?  Kanu, Campbell, Lauren, and now Diarra; how many formal Arsenal players do they need?

In other news Fabianski will face Rosicky in the Poland v. Czech Republic friendly on Feb 6th.

There’s plenty of speculation but nothing concrete.   Until we get a deal, or even a report of a deal, I’m not reporting anything.

So there!  Unless something cool happens I’ll see you tomorrow.

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