it's the monday of a week without football

Well, I made it through the move without permanently injuring my back. Which is great!

Also got to kick back on my old, comfy purple couch, crack a bottle of wine, eat some pizza and watch Red Dwarf with Mina and Melissa. Which was great!

Arsenal don’t play again until Saturday when they face Team America (or FulhAmerica as some of us call it). Which is great!

So, it’s a chance now for Arsenal to work hard in training for a week, focus on tactics, get Theo up to par on the right wing and generally bounce back from a shoddy performance. Wenger lays it on the line:

I take full responsibility. The crowd were good, we were bad and I include myself in that. That was the poorest game we have played. You can never afford to be poor because that’s not your ambition. We tried, but we lacked creativity, incisiveness and sharpness. It can happen. I feel that it is easy to find a rational explanation for days like this – but it is not always the right ones. It is one of the mysteries of football that some players haven’t played for 10 days and yet they weren’t sharp

With all this talk of concentration, I’m expecting an Arsenal team that’s pure concentrated football. One drop of concentrated Arsenal will be enough to send minor teams back to the lower divisions. Two drops will send Chelsea down to 6th place. Three drops of pure, concentrated Arsenal football and we’ll break away and form our own league because watching Arsenal play on three drops of concentrated football would be like watching the Harlem Globetrotters play the Washington Generals.

And if that weren’t enough, loudmouth himself has declared Arsenal’s season over. Arsene, please post this quote in the locker room:

United are playing the best football and always score a lot of goals so they are the biggest threat. Arsenal are still up there but I can just see them slipping away a bit.

There you have it. John Terry thinks Arsenal are out of the title race because they secured a draw against Birmingham. Arsenal still only have one loss on the season, but according to the keen footballing mind of John Terry, Arsenal are out of the race. So, tack that quote up and use it to inspire the boys for the rest of the season.

Ok, I’m off to the doc, I’ll post an update on the squad and our transfer moves/rumors later this morning.


9am: back from the doc.

There was some team news yesterday and this morning and I didn’t want to leave you without it, so I’m back to finish off the blog.

First, Rosicky is slated to be back on Saturday. I hate to say it, but I think Arsenal missed him a bit and it will be good to have the Goal Scoring Elf back on the team. But as much news as there is about Rosicky, there is an equal and opposite amount of no news on Robin van Persie. Last we heard, it wasn’t a muscle tear but just the flu so, wouldn’t it stand to reason that if the Elf is back, he too will be back on Saturday? Unfortunately, there’s no news on that topic so I am left making shit up: van Persie will return on Saturday and score a double hat trick. Take that, Lawro.

In other team news, Lehmann is not going anywhere, Diarra is rumored to be going everywhere, Arsenal are still trying to sign a 15 year old, Merida is in Spain, and Wenger is trying to get Flamini to commit to a 5 year deal. On the Flamini situation, it looks like the talks are “ongoing” and Wenger sounds pretty confident that he’ll sign. I guess if I had (the insanely highly rated) Diarra waiting in the wings I would be confident too. All I know is that if I buy the Flamini shirt, he’s gone. And I am buying the shirt. February 11th, when I’m in London to catch the Blackburn match. So, say your goodbyes to him, I think he’s out. Take that, Lawro!

Ok, that’s your lot, until tomorrow.

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