It's really heating up

I blame global warming for the lack of Arsenal news. All I have today is some rumors about Diarra, a transfer, a Sun article on Almunia for England keeper, some funky accounting, and some concise, insightful and thoughtful comments by a Spurs player on Wednesday’s Carling Cup clash.

To the rumor mill! The Telegraph is reporting that Newcuntsle has contacted Arsenal over Diarra. They are also persisting with the Pompey and Tottenham claim, irregardless (yeah I used irregardless, AND?) of the fact that Wenger has explicitly denied any contact. Anyway, rumor has it that Wenger held Diarra out of the FA cup in order to have his name legally changed to Sam Bendte (the ‘n’ and the ‘e’ makes it Welsh I think) so that Arsenal can sell him for £16.5m. It’s a shrewd move, I think. Let’s see if Fat Sam bites. I mean on the offer because I am certain that that joker mouthed gum popper is a biter in real life.

Also, some kid I never heard of, who played for the Arsenal Underborns is going on loan to some second division Dutch squad: I think they are called the You Go Girl Eagles. I’m so excited — I just can’t hide it.

Martin Keown is tackling the topic of whether Almunia should play for England. I think this is a great move. Not Almunia for England, I could give two fucks what England do with their “keeper crisis.” If he gets in the squad, then, erm, great. No, I mean slagging off Paul Robinson the night before a crucial cup tie with his North London rivals. Brilliant! Guaranteed to get at least one, maybe two gaffes. Brilliant!

Before we get to that Carling Cup match and the concise, insightful and thoughtful comments by a Spurs player we first have to report that Manchester United is now claiming to be the richest club in England. Huzzah! Time to buy more talent! The article then goes on to say

The move is a departure from the traditional sponsorship programmes pursued by clubs with American owner Malcolm Glazer keen to exploit the club’s global fan base after research found the club have a staggering 333 million supporters across the globe.

Given that 80% of those supporters have, on average, 70% less intellect than other supporters they shouldn’t be too hard to exploit.

Ok, the moment you have been waiting for… Ledley King… sometimes Spurs center back… has said:

We will have to defend a lot better than we did last year if we are to go through

YES! Leaking goals like a sieve with big holes punched in it is detrimental to your chances of winning! Brilliant!

OK, well, that’s it. I have to scoot off to work. Until tomorrow!

Update: Robin van Persie is available for the Carling Cup clash. He’ll probably feature off the bench if Arsenal are behind. I can’t see him displacing Eduardo and Bendtner who are in form now.

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