Nothing's going on, unless you like Ipswich

There is precious little going on this morning., so I’m watching the Pompey v. Ipswich match. I have to admit that I kinda liked watching Ipswich Town back in the 90’s so I’m up for this match. Come on you Horses (or whatever you call yourselves).

Later this morning Man U are taking on Villa and I have a feeling Villa are going to dump them out of the cup. Since I refuse to pay $10 to see Ronaldo be an utter cunt I’ll probably just read the match report. Especially if something cool happens like if “CR7’s” ego reaches critical mass and forms a singularity sucking the entire Man U squad and all their boring fans into an alternate universe where “CR7” and “Wazza” aren’t cunts. I’ll look for that in this afternoon’s papers.

But this is an Arsenal blog. How about some Arsenal news???

Well, there isn’t any. Lehmann is still deciding and Dortmund is still optimistic about signing him. It looks like he’ll be starting for Arsenal tomorrow. The boss is saying he’s not letting anyone out of the squad: he’s keeping them all in a little jar on his desk. Hopefully he’ll poke holes in the lid so that they can breathe.

I guess that kills off any Diarra speculation. Which is exactly what it was. Wenger had to come out to the press and state categorically “I had nobody from Spurs on the phone and I didn’t reject any bids from Spurs.” Lies??? About transfers??? In the Media??? I’m shocked. SHOCKED.

Speaking of transfer rumors and shoddy reporting: most places are trying to make it look like Fabregas is being obscure about his commitment to Arsenal. Just last week, there was an article that Cesc was going nowhere. So let’s stick with that.

Cesc is going nowhere. I think you all know that, just look at him jumping for joy in yesterday’s photoshoot (nee practice) with David Beckam.

That’s it, I’m off to watch Ipswich lose to Pompey because while I was writing this, Ipswich had a player sent off by the criminally insane Mark Halsey.

Until tomorrow!

P.S. a couple of us are meeting up at Doyle’s in Tacoma for the 6am kickoff. This match is on Fox so I will totally understand if you stay at home. But, if you feel like a breakfast sandwich and some company, come on down, there will be plenty of room!

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