it's a busy day

January 22, 2008 Tim B 0

Oh man, I’m hurting today. The Doyle’s Pub team had our first practice last night and every muscle hurts. Yay. Thank your god that I […]

The Hand of Walgod

January 10, 2008 Tim B 0

It was, as Douglas Adams once said, “a lucky escape for Arsenal.” The match started out in our favor as the young players kept the […]

It's the food!

January 9, 2008 Tim B 0

Good morning! There’s a ton of Arsenal news this morning ahead of the big Carling Cup match against our old rivals, Tater-tots-and-ham (as my GF’s […]

Strange days indeed

January 4, 2008 Tim B 0

Good morning — ugh.  I slept poorly last night and so you get an early blog. Huzzah, plbbbt. Theres some odd news in the transfer […]