"Good news everyone!"

February 25, 2008 Tim 0

I felt such a huge relief when I read that Eduardo will be released from the hospital in just a few days that I just […]

in retrospect

February 24, 2008 Tim B 0

I joke around a lot about other players getting hurt. Or wishing for a career ending injury for a player. Or hoping that the earth […]

not funny

February 23, 2008 Tim B 0

I cannot be funny this morning. The alarm woke me up and since I use the radio as an alarm, and because it’s set to […]

Birmingham 7am

February 22, 2008 Tim B 0

Good morning.  I spent 4 hours on my motorcycle yesterday, driving around in rush hour traffic.  It was my first rush hours in 6 months […]

Arsenal v. AC Milan

February 20, 2008 Tim B 0

Sorry about yesterday, after the weekend I simply forgot to turn on the alarm and slept until right before work. So, a quick rush into […]

Happy birthday, Mr. President…

February 18, 2008 Tim B 0

Happy Presidents’ Day! (ed note: the Chicago Manual of Style dictates the “s-apostrophe” — go figger.) Presidents’ Day is the day that America celebrates the […]

Well that sucked

February 17, 2008 Tim B 0

I’m really struggling to find something positive to say about this match… Yesterday just started out really poor. I ordered the match via PPV and […]

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