garbage day

March 6, 2008 Tim B 0

Thursday is that day of the week in the EPL cycle where the press sits back, sated from the week’s feast on real news and […]

That's the Arsenal

March 5, 2008 Tim B 0

There was a point in yesterday’s match where I realized I was so engrossed in the match that I wasn’t really watching the game. You […]

Sunday roundup

March 2, 2008 Tim B 0

People suck. Not all people, heck not even most people, but some people suck and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Aston Villa fans chanted some […]

Post match

March 1, 2008 Tim B 0

I love the “Get well soon” hoardings.  Nice touch and very classy. Diaby starts on the left, Theo starts as striker. After a good shot […]

that was crap

March 1, 2008 Tim B 0

Well, yesterday’s blog was pretty much crap.  There are some good points in there… too bad they were written in “syphillitic fever” while you all […]

sick… and tired

February 29, 2008 Tim B 0

Late blog today, I know. Well I didn’t get up until 10am and then I had actual work to do. If any of you care; […]


February 28, 2008 Tim B 0

Ugh, I think I caught Almunia’s virus.  So this will be a short blog and probably all disconnected and weird because I’m high on cough […]

It's the shirt!

February 27, 2008 Tim B 0

Curses. I have one. Every time I buy a shirt with my favorite player’s name and number on it, they leave the club at the […]

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