we witnessed history

January 20, 2008 Tim B 0

Arsenal wasn’t Arsenal, the fans weren’t normal boring Arsenal fans, and Fulhamerica is done: yesterday morning we witnessed a moment in Arsenal history. First, Adebayor […]

Team America v. Arsenal

January 19, 2008 Tim B 0

Ahead of the match, Arsene held his weekly press conference and spoke about everything from Walcott, van Persie, and Diarra to Kevin Keegan. First off, […]

that was quick…

January 18, 2008 Tim B 0

The ink on the contract isn’t even dry and Diarra has already started taking swipes at Arsenal: I need to play and I really want […]

Cupsets galore!

January 17, 2008 Tim B 0

Morning! I know, it’s morning, what could possibly be so exciting? Well, we have football news! It looks like there were a ton of cupsets […]


January 16, 2008 Tim B 0

huh? Oh, hi. Not much going on.  The ever trustworthy Sky Sports is reporting that Diarra is moving to the land of washed up former […]

whelp, that's a sucky saturday

January 13, 2008 Tim B 0

Between moving, a faulty fuel filter and various other travails, there was an Arsenal match yesterday wasn’t there? “A gritty Birmingham defense holds Arsenal!” Bullshit. […]

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