A plea for help from a fellow Gooner in Dominica

Good morning fellow Gooners. I hope all is well with you where you are, unfortunately, I have a friend named Margarette in Dominica who is not all well.

Margarette has been following this blog since almost the beginning in 2008. She has donated a lot of money to my site in the past, she even once donated to help me pay for a trip to England and sent a bottle of champagne to my room. That was when I was struggling financially and couldn’t make my annual trip to England. Margarette and many of my other readers chipped in to help me buy a ticket. In retrospect it was incredibly selfish of me to ask and I was privileged to receive any money from my friends and readers.

Now times have changed. She is living in a country that has literally been destroyed. And I want to do anything I can to help her and her countryfolk.

I was worried about her after video showed the devastation her country endured and sent her a message right away. It took her a few weeks to even get internet to respond to me and let me know that she is alive. I didn’t hear from her for almost two more weeks but this morning she has asked me to post her personal plea for help recovering from Hurricane Maria.

Her post is below. Clearly she cares deeply about her country and her friends and family who live there. That is why she asks for help for those folks first. But she also asks for help for herself and her family directly. In her message, she included her bank routing numbers, which I am not going to post here. But I can use my personal paypal to collect donations and send them to her for a tiny fee ($5 per $1000). You can contribute direct by using my PayPal.me account. I will send all money from that account to her bank.

Please consider helping Dominica and our friend and fellow Gooner, Margarette.



This is not spam.
It’s a plea for help.

My name is Margarette Adrien (TheArsenalnote).
I live in Dublanc Village, Dominica , West Indies.
I’m an Arsenal fan.


The aftermath of Hurricane Maria

On the evening of Monday, September 18, Hurricane Maria made direct landfall on the island of Dominica as a powerful Category 5 storm. That hurricane decimated most of the island fruits and flowers plants, the commodity that makes it the ” nature Island ” But there’s positive news, green shoots are appearing on the island this past week.

In addition to the culling of my island’s beauty, I have to accept the devastating reality that 85% of my country citizens have no building insurance.

It’s almost a month since Hurricane Maria, and whilst the government is trying to encourage the locals to be self sufficient, I’ve come to the conclusion we need external financial help.

There’s currently no electricity, and no fresh water on most part of the island, (both will take some time to be re-established) and it’s heartbreaking to see everyday members of my community suffer due to having lost everything.

So therefore, this note is to ask for financial help to purchase items like: generators, tarpaulin, galvanise, nails, lumber and other similar items, to help rebuild those who have left with nothing…..no clothes, no beds, nothing.

If you wish to donate money to an established Dominican Government charity re Hurricane Maria, please click on the link below.

Individuals from across the world are helping, and we thank you all.

Please support

If you’ve already helped, God bless you.

If you wish to donate directly to me , please do so at the UK account mentioned below.

I will acknowledge and provide you all with feedback of the money spent.

I have no shame in asking for help, because I’ve seen grown men cry, and women weep, not only at material loss, but human loss due to that horrid hurricane.

Thank you ….if you can’t help, pass it on to another who may be able to help us.





  1. I have a personal connection too.

    In my first year of uni, my dorm R.A. was a kid from Dominica. We kept calling it Dominican Republic much to his (understandable) chagrin. What did we know? Most of us had never been anywhere at that point.

    Anyway, Charles (Sharl, pronounced French style) and I stayed in touch over the years and after a spell in the States he moved back to Dominica and started a family. They managed to escape Maria by going stateside to stay with family but I understand he’s back now and he too says the island and its people can use all the help they can get.

    Many years ago I had the opportunity to visit him and his family there and it is lovely place and hope it will be lovely once again.

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