Anthropo ex machina

The dinosaurs ended deus ex machina when a 10km wide asteroid collided with Earth. I like to think that at least some of them were munching on a plant when the asteroid screamed through the atmosphere and that they paused for a second and thought “oh fuck.” Debris was thrown into the atmosphere and for weeks the sky rained fireballs on the plants and dinosaurs, changing the planet forever, and killing off the dinosaurs. From the ash of that asteroid mammals became the dominant species and among mammals it is the humans which have replaced the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaurs could never have seen an asteroid and worked out how it would eventually cause the extinction of their species. They could never have stared at the night sky and wondered if a collision is imminent. They couldn’t make movies about flying spaceships to the asteroid and blowing it apart before it hit the earth, starring Bruce Willis in order to assuage their fear. But dinosaurs also couldn’t stare up at the sky today as ash falls in a fine mist on my car, as catastrophic hurricanes flood our cities, and as the sun is turned an ominous shade of orange every summer and shake their head in denial as the very air they breathe, the atmosphere that they created for themselves, turns against them. Only humans can end anthropo ex machina. 



  1. I appreciate your point, and very much agree, but I don’t think you’re using the correct terminology here.

  2. Obviously this is a metaphor for what Arsenal are facing in the near future.

    The dinosaurs are the board.
    The asteroid is the out of control transfer market and player evaluation.
    Wenger is the t-Rex ,and Bruce Willis is the new Arsenal manager.
    I just never new that the bold headed f$&ker was into soccer this much.

    1. What am I thinking. Bruce Willis is too busy making b-movies, because he’s washed up.
      He’s just a metaphor for a bold headed savior of a manager.
      It’s Leonardo Jardim, isn’t.

      Tim you crazy fox, I like the way think.

  3. His opponents are Loki but he is Thor
    7 am is the Mjolnir-wielding Master of Metaphor
    Only three games in and I want more
    From the man from of the Northwest typing galore
    Metaphor and analysis to be sure
    But also any reason to believe, to be a Gooner at the core
    Oh, and Alexis to be settled, calm and f&%king score
    And Odin to finally retire and yield the floor
    To a younger, more competent warrior-god who’ll help to open the door
    to the trophy cabinet of titles instead of the same old finish of top four…

  4. Mjölnir…
    We, like all teams, need a hammer of the gods: Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams, John Bonham even (listen again to “When the Levee Breaks” and you’ll know what I mean).

  5. Tim can you please explain how you are using the term Deus Ex Machina in your writing here? My own understanding of its meaning basically follows; Deus (God) Ex (Entering) Machina (Machine) the use of a God in Ancient Greek literature to resolve a plot and more loosely as being any improbable or artificial plot twist used to resolve a situation.

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