Arsenal v. Birmingham discussion thread

As promised here’s your “official” Arsenal v. Birmingham discussion thread. Post your reactions, thoughts, joy, random hatred, and proposals of marriage below. For my part I’ll be down at Doyle’s and I’ll be twitting gems of wisdom, follow me over at twitter if that’s your bag, baby.

No team news yet but if something comes up before I leave for the pub I’ll post it. In the mean time, I’m just sitting here watching Villa v. Chelsea and reading about Andrei Arshavin. He really is a funny dude, if you have a few moments you should read that interview. My favorite quote?

There are a lot of crazy things here. What does ‘British food’ mean? I heard about fish and chips but I do not eat it. I heard about ales! Ales! A special drink like beer but without gas! I’ve not tried it. And what is porridge? At home, I eat soups and Russian salads.

Poor fella doesn’t know what an Ale is, I’d be happy to be Arshavin’s Ale Ambassador. We’ll start with a Courage Best Bitter somewhere near Emirates and finish with, oh, a Young’s Special at the Founder’s Arms. Just pick up the tab for the flight Andrei, and get me some match tickets, and I’d be happy to show you the ales of London!

Anyway, got to feed the baby and get ready for the match. If you’re in town, see you down at Doyle’s. But wherever you are UP THE ARSE!


  1. oh, this could be a very important result for us… villa just did us a favour by winning Chelsea… which means if we win this match we will be 3 points behind with a match in hand

  2. BTW we have broken the premier league record… scoring 24 goals in first 7 games… pretty good. Now lets turn it to 28 in 8 games.

  3. Mannone has to be stronger there. Once again we give up a lame goal.

    Chelsea lose to AV 2-1. Uunexpected result but deserved as Chelsea fail to defend 2 set piece goals (Dunne and Collins).

    Liverpool down 1-0 to Sunderland (as expected).

  4. More good news: in form Defoe gets a straight red for stomping on a player and should miss our game 10/31.

    I would expect a very ‘strong’ team for our Carling Cup game w/ Liverpool.

    We played well toady. We did allow Bc to come back into the game after their goal. They made things a tad uncomfortable but in the end, class won out.

    1. Excellent about Defoe.

      Not sure we can put out a strong team in the Carling as Wenger never, on principle, uses first-choice, first-team players unless they’re returning from injury. That might mean Nasri gets twenty minutes, and I suppose he could stretch a point and include Bendtner, but otherwise I’d expect a starting eleven much like last time: Vela, Watt, Wilshere, Ramsey, Traore, Coquelin, Gibbs, Gilbert, Senderos, Silvestre and goodness-knows-who of the keepers. Which isn’t that weak, though perhaps not experienced enough to match Gerrard, Torres, Kuyt, Aquilani and Benayoun. It all depends on what Benitez does. A couple of seasons ago he said he wasn’t here to win the Carling, but he got slaughtered for it by the media, now he’s under such pressure generally I’d guess he’ll at least have the big players on the bench?

  5. I missed the first half – for some reason none of the pubs were showing it – so had to make do at home with a feed. How bad is Walcott’s injury? The radio said it’s his knee, which doesn’t sound good.

  6. I watched Sunderland beat Liverpool (damn you Comcast) and it looks like Cana just needed some time to adjust. He was a total beast today. It was like watching Liverpool players run into a wall the entire game.

  7. Darren Bent you beautiful little man-bastard. Ex-sp*d or not thanks for that. Sunderland look good. Villa look ok, a little sluggish and they don’t close down well enough. Chelski look slow and narrow. Liverpiss look, well like piss! Going to be a good race this year!

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