There's a chance that France might not qualify and other exciting Arsenal news!

I like it better tall, so you can actually get the joke!

I have finally found a good reason to watch International Football; to root for any team playing against France. If  France don’t qualify for the World Cup, since Arsenal is mostly French players, then Arsenal players will be well rested all year and all Summer. Moreover, losing out on such a prestigeuos torunament will make our French players extremely hungry, and we will eat the Premier League and Champions League alive.

Something like that, I think you get the point.

France looks pretty much a lock for a play-off match to qualify for the World Cup. However, if Serbia beats Romania, then Serbia will qualify and force French Arsenal to potentially win out in order to even reach the play-offs. French Arsenal plays Faroe Islands on Saturday and while I seriously doubt that the FI will put up much of a fight, we can hope, right? After all, if they lose against FI and Austria, they could finish 3rd and not even make the play-offs! That’s the dream, Kickers!

Doyle’s is showing a ton of matches this weekend, if you’re in town, head down there and root for the minnows.

Arsenal Boast Two of the Richest on the Rich List

Though Stan Kroenke’s billions have shrunk by a few millions, he’s managed to move up the rich list to number 5 at just a hair over £2bn. Also, if Stan has any hairs that he’d like to give away, I’d love them! Stan’s wealth, it should be noted does not include his wife’s money, she is actually richer than he is at £2.5bn.

Meanwhile, Alisher Usmanov has dropped two places to 9th place, marking the first time in his life that anything near or on him ever shrunk.

I hope this sheds some light on which of our two rich guys is actually richest.

Arsenal to sign Tarzan, Guiseppi, and Pinocchio.

I don’t know what to think of the popcockery that is transfer news in October. Let’s be real, the window was barely closed before the press were talking about who Arsenal were tracking to buy in January and that trend has only grown stronger. Every international break is basically a chance for some poor slob at a newspaper to put out an article linking Arsenal to such and such.

Today we have Tarzan and his loincloth coming to Arsenal, while Arsenal plan a swoop for the entire Bari back line and specifically Leonardo Bonucci and Andrea Ranocchia.

First, I don’t want Puyols. His defensive style reminds me of Silvestre, he’s a bit desperate, pretty much always. Arsenal’s youngsters need someone super confident, someone who is simply solid at all times, someone like Thomas Vermaelen.

Second, I don’t know shit about the Bari center backs except that they have only conceded a very few goals and both of these guys are young and tall (Ranocchia is 6’5″ or 1.95m or 4.27 cubits!) and that if we get both players the Arsenal store better stock up on the letter “C!”.

I’ve watched a lot of Serie A this year and still haven’t seen these guys play, so if anyone has insider info on the team and these two players, please, post it below.

Pompey Has The Grim

The Undertaker has returned to Pompey, which is good because dead things should be buried.

Liam Brady to Talk to Arsenal

I really can’t tell what all the fuss is about. Liam Brady gave a quote which says that he’s going to talk to Arsenal. Ok. I don’t know why anything would change, he’s already doing both jobs (assistant at RoI and running the Arsenal Academy) so unless he wants out of one or the other then I can’t see what the controversy is.  Do you?

That’s it

You still here? Fine, click on something if you must, start an argument if you like, I’m going to work.


  1. I used to to think like you about injury-risks, but something Americans never quite get about international football is that for most Europeans – and other non-Americans – playing for the national team is a tremendous boost to the ego. Not in friendlies, perhaps, but certainly in the World Cup and European, African, Asian and Latin American Cups. Missing out is a big downer and form suffers. The psychological factor is every bit as important as the physical risk of injury.

    1. @Jack, Thomas Vermaelen must be absolutely despondent.

      What if missing out makes them hungrier, as I have suggested? These are top athletes, hugely competitive, missing out on a World Cup would make them try harder, not crawl up in a shell and eat Ben and Jerry’s all year.

      1. @Tim,
        there have been plenty of great players who never got to play on the biggest stages… ryan giggs comes to mind…

  2. I agree that missing WC should really piss em off, but I’d love to se our guys playing in the WC, and reaching important positions. Not that it will happen with Domenech in charge, though.

  3. Liam has done a good job. I don’t see why he cannot combine both jobs. The RoI don’t play everyday, do they?

    Whoever Arsenal will or not sign, I will wait until January to find out. Then again, who can say for sure that Arsenal will sign anyone? The club won’t sign just because the media says so. If Arsenal signs anyone, it will be because they are of enough quality to add something already missing and are available at the right price. Puyol is almost past it. No, thank you. Barcelona can keep him.

    Good luck to Avram at Portsmouth.

  4. Just imagine RVP or Cesc or Thierry+our french players lifting the trophy. That would be a huge ego boost and a kick in the balls to other teams’ players.

      1. @Tim, See? now we are reaping the benefits on that one, Cesc is DESPERATE to win stuff with Arsenal. Now imagine him with the mushroom(WC trophy)(I can help but think of a toilet when writing WC, lol)

        1. @Yan, Right but Vermaelen has never won a WC, Euro, or pretty much any international tournament. Hell, Belgium couldn’t qualify for the Toilet Bowl right now.

          And he’s our best defender by far, and very very hungry.

          Like I said, it doesn’t matter much one way or another.

          If you like Internationals, more power to you!

          1. @Tim, Then again, how many players like Verminator exist? He’s a natural aggressive (in the good sense) hungry player.
            I (as any regular reader) know your stand on International football. In not a big fan, but I follow it with interest.

  5. In the French Arsenal team: Nasri, Clichy, Sagna, Gallas, Diaby.
    Only one who starts all the games is Gallas. Diaby needs to spend as much time as possible on a football pitch… because, well, he’s got the football brain of a Fat Sam and Phil Brown love-child, and the others should come back hungrier and happy to be back at the Arsenal. Play for Distinguished Window Licker, Raymond Domenech or for Le Professeur? Which would you prefer? Camaraderie of the Gunners vs. WhateverthefuckshappeningwithFrenchFootball?
    Realistically, the only Arsenal player who should come back tired is Cesc. Maybe Arshavin. Maybe van P. But who really thinks France is playing more than 4 games?

  6. Hopefully liam stays on with both he is doing a great job.

    Shame you guys cant get interested in the internationals. I know the friendlies are pointless but the qualifiers and tournaments are amzing – when elso do you get 100% of the people in the bar pulling behind 1 team. I love arsenal but there is something about ROI matches. We are crap – we know we are crap but we try and play with heart and their is nothing like a world cup when we qualify.

    Come on the boys in green

  7. Er, actually there are only 2 arsenal players in the france first team: Gallas and Sagna. Nasri is likely to travel as backup to Gourcuff. Clichy maybe, Diaby probably not. ‘French arsenal’ is in the past.

  8. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. , Luv yer titfer darling.

    We may also be looking at Leoncavatto and Pagliacci (not the pizza chain), even the great Caruso. Stories which I expect to turn up in a numb brain sports column somewhere before long.

    Serbia beats Romania, Archduke assasinated in Sarejevo, what comes next? It’s all Balkans to me.

    Kroeke and Usmanov, worlds 5th and 9th richest, Arsenal third most valuable club in the world. Whatever ones opinion of the pair, they didn’t get where they are by being stupid with money, and nor has Arsenal.

    Puyol? A name I mentioned a while back. Old he maybe, but I still rate him. He’s the the guy that cleans up other players mistakes.


  9. Our Gibbsy is in a scoring mood for the under-21s: one goal, one own goal. Walcott is injured. Naturally. But hopefully nothing serious.

  10. I 100% agree with you on this one. Not only do I hate Crazy Ray but I also hate seeing him throw Arsenals frenchies into the fire, like he did with Henry in a pointless friendly (which lead to that injury that lasted the entire season). The last thing I want to see is Nasri come back and then fall ill under Crazy Ray’s demonic power. Geeze I haven’t been here in a long time, good to see you’re still around Timmah!

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