Arsenal's Ownership (plus the tee shirt follow-up)

Due to popular demand in another thread, I am putting up an entire heading for you all to discuss what you think of the supposed impending ownership takeover of Arsenal Football Club. My feelings are well known and pretty vanilla. Basically, I think that even if we get to one person having 30% of the shares their attempted forced takeover (irregardless who it is) will fail. Just because they have to make a bid doesn’t mean that others have to sell. As for which of the two main candidates I’d rather have as owner, I’m going to say as clear as possible that I like the current ownership and board just the way it is.

However, there seem to be quite a large number of my regular readers who want to debate the finer points of Usmanov v. Kroenke or whether the takeover will happen and that’s fine, have at it.

As for the new tee shirts, the winner of the slogan contest was Cesc’s Mullett with “We score more before 9am than you will day.”  I have modified it a bit to say “your team” but it’s still the winning concept. Congrats and thanks for the submission!


Tee shirts will be printed on white, 100% cotton, American Apparel shirts and will retail for $20 shipped to the USA and $25 shipped worldwide. Please send an email to 7amkickoff AT gmail DOT com with your size and quantity if you want to pre-order a shirt.


  1. I have to say that I completely oppose any sort of takeover by Kroenke or the Crazy Russian. One of the best things about Arsenal is how they are owned by a group of shareholders rather than one person. It has been a staple for Arsenal for years and the relationship between the board and Wenger has always been positive. I’m afraid there will be a great deal shakeup if it is put under a single owner. The only positive from Kroenke upping his stake once again is that it takes away the loose shares from falling into Usmanov’s hands. Now while I love what Dein has done for the club, I can’t stand Usmanov. He is a glutton for attention, constantly showing off to the press about finances and how he can inject money into the club. I’ve often said on this blog that he should keep quiet and that it has always been Wenger’s preference not to talk about other clubs or players and he would directly counteract that method of operation. I honestly believe if Usmanov took control, Wenger would pack his bags within 2 seasons.

    1. I can assure that Wenger will not wait 2 seasons if Usmanov takes over at Arsenal. And if Arsene goes, Cesc & co will follow immediately. Our Wengerball will die off and Chelski’s rough style will replace it. We will no longer be Arsenal, but Chelsea 2.

  2. What’s the speculation been as to possible reasons for the board room bust-up with Lady Nina? She’s the wildcard, of course, and hopefully she just keeps the shares passing down generationally through her family to responsible folks. The problem arises if those shares come into play. Who would pay more for them, Kroenke or Jabba the Hutt? Even though Kroenke appears to be worth more, who’s to say how liquid the wealth is, and who’s to say that Kroenke would possibly, if need be, put aside sheer business sense in outbidding a zealous bidding from Red & White Holdings? All this aside, as Tim pointed out, the board would have to accept a bid and there’s been nothing verbally that’s come out of the board to suggest they’d consider said bid.

    1. Lady Bracewell felt sidetracked and insulted by the male dominated Arsenal Board. She inherited her sit on the Board after the death of her husband. The Board probably didn’t make her feel welcome to join them. The main problems arose around the time of the Lockdown agreement, I believe.

      Anyway as pointed out already, there is no reason to suggest that a bid will succeed if launched. The shareholders do not have to accept. They will fight it, you can be assured.

      1. Why would they not make her feel welcome? She’s the widow of their former colleague and friend who is sitting on a huge block of shares. You’d think they’d be falling over themselves to pass her the biscuits. I read somewhere that they voted against some of the things she proposed but this may have been because the proposals weren’t very good ones, rather than prejudice because she’s a woman.

      2. Widow? Charles Bracewell-Smith is very much alive… Get your facts right if you are gonna argue your case.

        1. Wanna add: he gave her the shares to ‘keep her busy’, he got them from an inheritance, she is no widow…

  3. Arsechicago, Nina Bracewell-Smith has said she wants to sell. She has no particular interest in, or loyalty to, Arsenal; she simply inherited it from her husband. That’s the nub of the problem that you’ve put your finger on: the heirs. No one on the Board is that young. Who are Hill-Wood’s heirs, who are Kroenke’s? Even if the Board can use Kroenke as a buffer against Usmanov for a while; even if Kroenke doesn’t want to make a takeover bid when the Bracewell-Smith shares come up for grabs – two big ifs – there’s no way of knowing what their widows or children will do.

  4. I would think both of the buyers are considering the prospect of sending the club in turmoil caused by a takeover. If the abovementioned situation where AW and the rest of the players leaves would occure, the clubs “value” would drop (both from a financial and sporting wiew) and then making it an insecure investment for them, forcing to inject more cash instead of benifitting from it. I dont think we are going to see a takeover in near future of any of them.

    But maybe im misunderstanding the aspect of it all.?..

  5. Unfortunately for Arsenal, the building of the new stadium and highburry project couldn’t have come at a worse time.

    With the downturn in economy, its placed the club under tremendous financial pressure (regardless of the assurances we read from the board) and making the likely hood of a take over bid surface in conversation.

    The club has a huge overhead, besides wages to players and coaching staff. Building a global brand requires deep pockets.

    No Arsenal fan wants the club controlled by one individual (or his family). Sadly, to compete even within the EPL, Arsenal need more resources.

    At the moment, everything is just ‘speculation’.

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