Liege 2-3 Arsenal; my illness, your boon

Oh man… I’m sick. I really need to get back in bed.

My illness is your boon!  Here’s your chance to give a Good, Bad, and Ugly for yesterday’s match. Try to hit all three items (Good, Bad, and Ugly) and also who your man of the match was.


  1. Good: Bendtner ran and ran and ran and ran. That’s how you win the fans over, Addebayor. Nicely taken goal too.

    Bad: Clichy was a liability from start to finish. You’d think he’d have upped his game with Gibbs and Traore lurking but his head’s gone. Back to the chalkboard, Gael.

    Ugly: Our second and third goals were not exactly from the Wenger classic play book but they went in. Time we had a bit of luck, no?

    MOTM: For me it was Rosicky who showed, albeit only for 70 mins or so, what a class act he is. Not afraid to get stuck into a tackle either, but some sublime movement and passing. I bet the rest of our side can’t wait to be fit again so they can work with him. Welcome back, Tomas.

    Get well soon, Tim!

  2. Good: Nicklas Bendtner’s finish
    Bad: Eduardo’s attempted backheel
    Ugly: Diaby’s “shot” that was closer to the corner flag

  3. In my opinion, Arsenal is the most unlucky club in the premiership. Why do I say that? Well, it has the unenviable title of the club with the most Hypo/over critical, ‘un-please-able’ fanbase in the UK. Nothing the Arsenal does makes those fans happy. They seem to believe too much of their own & other anti-Arsenal hypes. Sad.

    I read a lot of comments from people who felt that our second goal was a gift from whoever and was luck. What nonsense. What if it was luck? Don’t we deserve any? Have you lot stop to look at it from a different perspective? Standard liege’s second goal was luck for them; Why? Well because the contact, or lack thereof, for which the penalty was awarded, was actually just outside of the box. Take a look in slow motion and you will see. So, the refree & linesman (sorry I can’t call them by any other title) must have that at the back of their minds when they allowed Arsenal her own luck for her own second goal. What’s wrong with that? Makes it even, doesn’t it? What’s good for the goose and all that!

      1. fourstar: You need to read yesterday’s comments as well as other comments on other Arsenal blogs. Why in God’s name does Arsenal have all these un-please-able fans?

        1. @LRV, I read loads of comments and I agree to an extent about the moaners. I don’t visit those blogs any more, some people just enjoy being unhappy 🙂

          But the 2nd and 3rd goals /were/ lucky, in so much that goalmouth scrambles more often than not don’t go our way – perhaps because we’re not in the business of lumping the ball into the box and charging about hoping to get a knee on it, unlike, say, Bolton.

      1. @TXGun: Are you suggesting that I get a thumb down for standing by Arsenal & Arsene Wenger in the face of all the annoying negativity over a WIN? If you love the Arsenal as I thought you did, shouldn’t you be supporting me in this? Or do you agree with the sack Wenger brigade?

    1. Why the moaning?

      Part of it is the sense that we underperform -dazzling talent raises expectations that are not matched by results. How come we look better than practically every team in Europe but struggle against Boro etc.?

      Part of it is the spoilt-brat consumerist culture which is especially highly developed in London and the south. It’s about buying stuff, i.e. consumer rights (‘I pay a fortune for my ticket, therefore the team has to win’), as opposed to a sense of responsibility and collective solidarity.

      Finally, I suspect the proliferation of blogs has a lot to answer for. People moan on the net about Wenger, the Board, the players, they work themselves up into a frenzy of annoyance and vindictiveness, and then the scapegoating starts. Blogs are empowering. People without an original thought in their heads can read that a paricular player is rubbish and feel encouraged to say it themselves. This then carries over into the stadium. You didn’t get booing before blogs – not for no reason, not before a player has even come onto the pitch.

      1. @Mia: You understand my point perfectly. Why some people pretend not to understand and even wants to give me a thumb down for standing by the club that we all profess to love is beyond me.

        Despite winning, some people are asking for Wenger to be sacked. Their reason? Oh Arsenal should have given Liege some 10 nil or something like that. I thought that despite the early set back which can happen to the best of teams, our boys stage a gutsy comeback. Shouldn’t we encourage them? ManU have been glorified for less in the past. I hope that people will understand that all the negativity affect the team as a whole and stop acting spoilt.

  4. Good: The whole regrouped and managed to fight back

    Bad: The first 30-35 minutes of the game. We couldn’t even string 4 passes together

    Ugly: Conceded 2 goals in the first 5 minutes, thats ugly.

    MOTM: Vermaelen. Scored the eqauliser and had a great game in the end.

  5. Good: The whole team* regrouped and managed to fight back

    Bad: The first 30-35 minutes of the game. We couldn’t even string 4 passes together

    Ugly: Conceded 2 goals in the first 5 minutes, thats ugly.

    MOTM: Vermaelen. Scored the eqauliser and had a great game in the end.

  6. Good : Eduardo kissing his knee after the 3rd..liked that
    Another Good : Back heel by Verminator which almost went in;
    Bad: Back heel by Eduardo in the danger zone…cannot take
    that risk for God’s sake..
    Ugly : the Win…what I call winning ugly

  7. Sorry Tim, I wanted to wish you a speedy recovery, but got sidetracked from reading most of yesterday’s comments. Please get well soon.

  8. Good: The lads’ effort. Despite playing like dogs bollox their heads never dropped and they put in a full shift to “out-fitness” Liege and stage a comeback

    Bad: The lads’ concentration. Mentally, they weren’t really there, injuries and the last two unlucky losses were probably playing on their minds. At least this win should go some way to remedying that.

    Ugly: The win. But a win’s a win and we should take solace from the fact we actually managed to win ugly. Usually we can only draw or lose ugly.

  9. Good: finding themselves 2 goals down in a hostile venue, the ability of our players to compose themselves and find a way to win.
    Bad: 1st 4 minutes of nervousness
    Ugly: un-Arsenal like win!

  10. Good: 70 percent possession and a lot of shots on target – Liege had only 3!

    Good: great Liege banners, very passionate and witty; and the Arsenal fans made themselves heard.

    MOTM: Vermaelen. When is it not?

  11. The Good: Winning ugly. I know many people have already commented about how Arsenal had an ‘ugly win’ yesterday. In my opinion this is exactly what we needed. Look at the past two Premiership winners, Man Utd and Chelsea and tell me how many ugly games do they win a year? Most of Chelseas wins this year have been very ugly, and they’re undefeated. Man Utd won the league last year by winning some ugly 1-0 decisions throughout the year. Even this year, for a Manure fan, the Arsenal game can definitely be ratcheted up to an ‘ugly win’. This is something Arsenal has lacked the past few years, the inability to win ugly the way they did in the late 90’s when the beautiful football tactics wouldn’t work. When you go into a loud away stadium like you did last night, sometimes you need to play ugly to win. Arsenal proved that they could make it happen. On another good note, Rosicky had a solid showing, as well as Bendtner for the entire match and Ramsey when he came on.

    The Bad: Alex Song’s mixed performance. Almost gave the game to 3-1 at the start of the second half if it weren’t for Clichy making a nice recovery. While he was again strong in the tackle, his vision and passing wasn’t as great as it had been in previous weeks, and more often he looked like the 5th defender and couldnt link between the midfielders, to Cesc’s obvious frustration. He’s also lucky not to have been booked by that flying shoulder hit he laid on late in the game. Speaking of Clichy, another poor game. And while I love the resilience that Eboue has shown since his ‘game to forget’ last season, I have to say that Sagna is the better option at right back.

    The Ugly: Eduardo’s back heel. Why is he trying to be fancy after a corner in his own half? Aside from the quality run and assist on Bendtner’s goal, Diaby was borderline terrible the whole game. His defense was poor, his distribution was poor, his tracking back was poor, and that shot from inside the box that nearly ended up as a throw in nearly caused Wenger’s head to explode. When Arsenal is 100% healthy, I have to assume he sits behind a large pecking order of Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott, Rosicky, and Denilson for a wing position.

    MOTM: Rosicky, with Bendtner at his heels for this honor. It was Rosicky who dictated much of the tempo, while Cesc only showed in spurts. This was especially difficult as Standard Liege was comfortable with putting 10 men behind the ball for most of the game. If this is Rosicky at 50% as he claims, I’m excited to see when he’s back at 100%.

    1., I hadn’t really thought about it but you just reminded me that of course Rosicky can play the Cesc creative central role, as well as on the wings. Proper cover in the middle, at last.

    2., I can see your point, Song’s back pass was weak and you’re right, Clichy had to make a great blindside block. HOWEVER, they did not score. Other than that situation, I thought Song was terrific controlling play everywhere.

      Maybe ‘MIXED’ performance should better describe:
      Vermaelen: to start the game, Vermaelen gave away two straight passes that led to Liege’s 1st attack & the corner – which led to 1st goal

  12. News…from the Website:

    Van Persie has an outside shot to play at the weekend.
    Arshavin has a 10% chance to play at the weekend.
    Denilson out for 2-3 WEEKS with back problem.
    Almunia is out for Wigan.
    Mannone will get the start once again.

    No other injuries from the midweek Standard Liege game.

  13. Tim, hope you’re better soon.

    My God what a lot of negativety on the other blogs, we won so let’s dump the team, sack Wenger, and sell the club to a know nothing billionaire!

    Bad luck happens, it effects all teams, and it effects the top teams no less than the bottom teams, bad bounces, a poor pass, dubious refereering decisions. Sometimes these all come together in one or two matches.

    Last nights start was no exception, a wrong decision from Dudu, and a poor penalty decision. Yes we were slow out of the blocks, but Liege were equally fast. The only option for a team that is technically inferior.

    They kept up the physical challenge for most of the first half, harrying, challenging, closing down, shirt pulling. But as many teams find, you cannot replace, skill and overall ability with athletic effort, not for 90 minutes.

    Nicks goal was well taken, and he played with 100% committment which makes him my MOTM.

    Some failed to deliver their best, but that happens. Cesc looked off the pace, and Clichy has something on his mind, maybe something in his private life not football related?

    The good was the sustained effort to get a result after the early diaster, and in the face of indifferent form from some players.

    The Bad, Mr Diaby once again, one great pass for Nick’s goal, the rest of the time we were playing with ten men.

    The Ugly? Two non-Arsenal goals, but deserved, and perhaps a sign of changing fortunes.

    I read elsewhere, how we fail to spend money on this player or that player, or a new goalkeeper, a new DM, and new striker. How many of these so-called fans stop to think that what’s for sale is either crazily overpriced or just not good enough.

    Le Boss has bought two players this year, and spent something less than 30 million. Two players that by their performances, are both worth perhaps half as much again now, and would be snapped up by any top team. Which would you rather have, Ade, sold for 25 mil, and banned for 3 matches, with the possibility of another 3 match ban, or what we have?

    As for depth in the squad, there is depth, some of it may be young, but it’s mighty talented, and stands comparison with MancsUntied, Liverpiddle, Chelski, UnRealMadrid, Barca, Inter, and anyone else you care to mention.


    1. @Viva: That’s my sentiment entirely and some are suggesting that I get a thumbsdown. Thank you for speaking out against the negativity.

    2. @viva los gooners, All of you who thought Lorik Cana would look good in Arsenal’s red and white as opposed to Sunderland’s raise your hands. I see you there trying to hide in the back. Get your hand up. All I’ve seen Cana do so far is kick people and fly around like a headless terminator (or like a a headless Flamini).

  14. GOOD: A comeback. An ugly win. 2 goals from set-pieces. NB52 1st goal. Rosicky starting.
    BAD: Overconfidence or maybe lack of concentration. Dudu’s backheel and Eboue lossing the ball.
    UGLY: White kit.

  15. Good: The resiliency to fight back from 2 goals down when they clearly weren’t playing their best football.

    Bad: Sloppy passing and carelessness in possesion which led to both goals conceded.

    Ugly: Someone who claims to be an Arsenal fan calling us the laughing stock of European football before 5 minutes had been played.

    MOTM: Vermaelen. Tidied up nicely whenever Liege countered, scored the equalizer and almost had the goal of the season with his back heel that was cleared off the line from a corner.

  16. Ugly, the white kit? I was relieved it wasn’t the blue. I hate the blue, but I suppose it depends on whether you think it’s worse to look like Chelsea/Everton or Spurs/Real. Why can’t we have yellow every year? I know, I know, PROFIT, but I really wonder if many people buy the unpopular blue.

    Possibly ugly: did anyone celebrate with Bendtner when he scored? The celebrations for all the goals seemed a bit muted but at least they existed – Gallas hugged Vermaelen, Bendtner hugged Eduardo. I didn’t see anyone congratulate Bendtner at all

    1. @Mia, I did notice the lack of celebration, but I thought the focus by the team (as a whole) was to retrieve the ball out of the net and restart quickly. Even when Vermaelen scored the tying goal, minor joy; their task was not finished.

    2. @Mia,

      I guess when Bendtner scored there was quite a bit of work to be done…so i’m guessing that was why the celebrations were muted.

      I’m sure the situation would have been a lot different if it was Bendtner scoring the winner instead of the first goal

    1. The club shop is full of last season’s yellow – presumably it is there because the club knows perfectly well it’s the colour that sells and nobody fancies the blue.

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