Caption this "Special One"

Good morning divelings, today we have a special one treat. A caption contest… WITH VOTING!

All you have to do is take a look at this picture, come up with a caption, and then put it in the comments section. You can then take a few seconds to read others’ captions and “like” their comments by clicking on the thumbs up picture. At the end of the day, whoever has the most “likes” is the caption winnar.

What do you win? Erm, three tickets to your local swimming pool so you can practice your diving form. You have a lot of work to do if you want to be a world class diver like Wayne Rooney: he’s on the English national team for f*ck’s sake!

Anyway, without further ado here’s your image, caption away…

Ten, I need to win 10 trophies.


  1. Wait!? Hold up hold Up!?
    I will never win the Champions League without a f*cking billionaire owner!

  2. Dont make me insult you. Nothing can stand or sit next to me. Not even the waterbottles, I am the best.

  3. Should I count the Supercoppa Italianas? Or not?

    Let’s count them!

    That makes ten trophies in just one year at Inter? I am champion!

  4. That’s enough Arsene – 3 in a row, you’ve proved your point. Where’s that prat of a fourth official when you need him?

  5. These seats are as empty as the arsenal trophy Cabernet in the last few years since i arrived in London

  6. “… if the Champion’s League Trophy were here now, I’d run my hands over it in a loving manner like this… huh, where did everyone go?”

  7. “Yes..that russian dickhead fucked me 10 times that night..TEN times you know, before dumped me on the next morning, he didnt even let me use the bath room before i left the room, its so painfull you know..”

  8. All deez seats look similar!! where z my “Special1” seat?? i want dat bottle which wenger kicked!! coz it z special!!

    Be Champions!!

  9. “wait, wait…did john terry just sign a new deal? did i not mention there are italian women here?”

  10. “yes this is fitted armani look at the way it cups my buttocks.afterall moving to the fashion capital of europe does have its advantages!”

  11. “six seats? i asked for *ten* seats, you cheap bastards. not like it was in my chelsea days…”

  12. There are “10” kinds of people in this world.
    Ones who think I’m a C*NT and the others (mostly me) who think I’m not.

  13. And in other news today we have:

    Adebayor takes another swipe at the Arsenal supporters by claiming that his 3 goals in 3 matches is because the Man City supporters “love” him.

    Mowbray thinks that McGeady’s 2nd yellow for simulation was a direct result of the “Eduardo thing being so big nationally”.

    I could write something witty about these 2 statements but they are so brilliantly stupid that they can rest on their own merits.

    If I’m Real Madrid, I would be a little worried right now. I sell Wesley Sneijder to Inter and in 30″ they have destroyed AC Milan. I sell Robben to Bayern Munich and he joins Ribery to absolutely rip Wolfsburg the Bundesliga champions. Meanwhile Kaka, Ronaldo and Benzema are part of a team that do just enough to win against an unheralded opponent. Stay tuned.

    The usual last day transfer hurly burly movement of ‘fill in the blank’ role players. Then along comes Sp**s to bring on Kranjcar to fill in for Modric who is out for 6 wks w/ a broken fibula courtesy of a Lee (I may act like him but my name is not Barton) Bowyer tackle. It took Modric until this season to get Sp**s in synch w/ him. So the Kranjcar move will be interesting.

  14. Woohoo Arshavin is injured. See Chamakh tomorrow.

    Caption: “Idiot! The ball is the round thing, look, rouuuund”

  15. I kinda wish we could buy Arshavin again, the whole will he won’t he? He’s going back to the airport etc. was hell at the time but also kind of fun.

  16. Invisibles? Bah! I present to you, the invisibles!


    10 years on, Jose remained, slapping his thighs in protest.

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