Caption this photo to wile away the time before kickoff

Wait, what division is Notts County in?

I lied when I said that I wouldn’t do a post this morning. Sol Campbell has gone and signed with Notts County and well, it’s too rich a chance to pass up for some user-generated yuks.

So, think carefully, be creative, and keep the comments somewhat clean (racism, for example, will not be tolerated) but otherwise have fun in 7amkickoff’s very first, user caption “contest.”*

Oh and hey, it looks like Arsenal great Amaury Bischoff has landed feet up at, erm, Academica Coimbra. See you all around 11am (PST) for the liveblog.

*The winner gets the love and admiration of the billions who read this blog every day.


  1. “What….my squad number is my weekly wage”!!!….Saul just realise he’s signed for £32 aweek rather than £32k a week

  2. “err err what division, again?” Honestly Saul did not know that he was signing up for a league 2 outfit.

  3. ‘WHich would you choose the Spuds or Notts County’ said Agent
    Sol said ‘I would rather stay in League 2 for 5 years than sign for the dirty spuds.

      1. @haho, notice how he holds the shirt from just the edge…And the managers looking up as if he’s gonna change his mind any momment…

  4. “Oi matey, thanks for signing the shirt, now pass it back”

    Obviouslu Sol did not want to return the shirt to the fan

  5. “Hey Harry, did you really think i’ll play for the spuds?? i’d rather go ‘Notts'”!………………….Sol Campbell wondering aloud when unveiled.

  6. I said to my agent which team am I signing for? He said don’t worry sol their good, it’s not county.

    That’s a relief I said I’d hate to play in league 2 as long as though it’s not county I’ll be fine anyone but them.

    Hang on a minute what does that shirt say?!?

  7. Chief Superintendent of Police claims that it was only a “small number of supporters” who rioted at the West Ham U-Millwall game. That large number rioters outside the stadium must have been ‘non-supporters’? Was the reason that more people weren’t arrested because there were not enough police present?

    Ribery is being asked to play behind the strikers because the others tried in that position have been ineffective.

    Wesley Sniejder, is he simply a dog w/ a bone or dog sh*t on Florentino Perez’s Bruno Magli’s.

    Who will Wenger call up tonight if we go through, Bordeaux?, St. Etienne?, Dortmund?, fill-in-the-blank?

    No way, no how, not now will Walcott play for England. The silence from Pearce and Capello is deafening. Now you have the a**hole Wales U21 coach about to do the same thing w/ Ramsey. If these f**kers would improve (eg. spend more money on on coaches w/ modern training knowledge) their youth training in their countries then they would have more options for team selection. Just ask Trevor Brooking.

  8. Whew, Nott’s County is League 2, for a moment there I thought you said Blue Square”-Sol Cambell.

  9. The last thing Sol remembers saying is – “I aint gettin on no plane fool”.

    Next thing there’s a photographer telling him to smile and hold some jersey.

  10. “Yeah that’s Campbell 32, Heinz got 57”

    “No, Sol is not short for Solly, do I look Jewish?”


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