On injuries and rivalries

Not much going on today: we’ve had a couple of stories that Cesc is questionable for Wednesday’s match, I still can’t confirm anything about Rosicky, and all the long term injuries to Nasri, Djourou, and Walcott are the same as they ever were.

Erm… long term.

As for Cesc on Wednesday, a lot of folks are saying that we shouldn’t risk him and I agree. Diaby is fit and had a good game against Pompey and with Song and Denilson available, Wenger can slot Diaby into Cesc’s role. Or, hell, he could play Arshavin there and put Diaby in for Denilson alongside Song. Or even Ramsey could slot in somewhere. The point is that there are options, and since Celtic need a three goal margin of victory to move on I think we shouldn’t risk Cesc in this game. Celtic did win 5-2 on Saturday, which is the type of margin that they would need to move on, but I’m confident that Arsenal, even without Cesc, is better than St. Johnstone.

If Rosicky is actually practicing as reported here it’s a huge boost and of course gives Wenger even more options in Cesc’s creative midfield spot. Fingers crossed and all that.

That’s it as far as Arsenal news is concerned. Wenger hasn’t bought anyone or sold anyone and all the rumors out there about Wenger bringing in more creative midfielders are just that, rumors. One week left in the market and Wenger may still have a trick up his sleeve or maybe he’s hiding some 6 foot tall, wild-eyed, midfield killing machine in those sleeves. Big sleeves and all.

There is a bit of strange news this morning; I read that somehow the FA failed to fix the Carling Cup draw and West Ham was drawn with Millwall. I don’t know how much of the facts that you all know of this rivalry (apart from the fiction of the movie Green Street) but it’s pretty serious with real life fans actually killing other fans, in real life. Did I mention that there were killings? In real life?

There isn’t any television coverage that I can find so other than maybe some online feed, or actually going to the match (HA!)  you’re not going to get to see this thing live.

As a general rule, I stay out of these rivalries. I don’t think it’s funny or cute when people in general sing songs about the Heysel disaster or the Busby Babes and I find it extremely distasteful when American fans parrot their English counterparts. These rivalries tend to be romanticized for a lot of people who don’t actually live in the area and it’s easy for Americans, I think, to “take sides” when we’re 3,000 miles away from being actually smacked around.

Maybe a good smacking around would set some of these folks straight. I don’t know.

What I do know is that this is widely considered THE rivalry in English football and could be a great match to watch. Me, I’m just hoping that the two fans put aside their old hatreds and let the players do the talking on the pitch.

Isn’t sport supposed to be the outlet for this stuff, rather than the cause?


      1. @ArseChicago, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/leagues/premierleague/arsenal/6080267/Arsenal-likely-to-be-without-Cesc-Fabregas-for-Manchester-United-contest.html

        He must be referring to this story. The story itself is a rehash and the headline is artistic license taken to the extreme.
        Obviously if Fabregas has a minor hamstring problem he will miss Man U because that falls withn the 3 wk recovery period, duh. Arsenal will release a injury report on Fabregas on Tuesday. Sit tight.

  1. I am for Arshavin in the Cesc position. He has the vision and skills to fill that up, plus the leadership that we need in the absence of our captain. Celtic will be throwing everything they have on us on Wednesday so it is imperative that we out muscle them in the middle of the park and break their play before it reaches our back four. Song and Diaby should do the job alright. I am pretty confident that we will this match as long as Almunia does not make that upsetting mistake he did in Pompey.

  2. chants are all meant in good fun, but you are definitely right, it reaches a level where you have to say “bad taste”

    although…”what do you think of when you think of tottenham!? shit! What do you think of when you think of shit!? tottenham! thank you! you’re welcome!

  3. The Mexican Football Federation is reporting that Arsenal has told them that Vela will be out for a 1 mon. Mexico reported this on 8/23. The 1 mo time frame start and end in unclear. There is also some “he said, she said” going on here. He was injured on international duty (undeniable fact) and came back injured. Mexico claims his injury worsened back at Arsenal where he needed an MRI because of the injury becoming worse.

  4. God, the injury situation just gets worse and worse. If Fabregas is out for 3 weeks, that’s awful news. Talk about increasing the pressure on Le Boss to go out and buy someone, particularly van der Vaart.

  5. You want some bad feeling, how about Calum Davenport, West Ham defender, stabbed in the legs last Friday whilst at his mother’s house in Bedford, England.

    Chamahk not going to West Ham.

    Guess Le Boss may wait ’til after the Celtic match before deciding who to buy. If, God help us, everything went pear-shaped would he play the Youths and Reserves in the Europa Cup? Or, if all goes well, then will he say, ‘we have the Champions League money secured, along with the loot from my clever deals, lets splash the cash?’


    1. @viva los gooners,

      I thought about Calum Davenport actually when writing this piece but I didn’t want to mention anything so as not to even START a link between that attack and the impending match.

      As for Wenger waiting until the Champions League cash is secured, I hadn’t thought of that angle yet!

      1. @Tim, Hi Tim, I don’t think the attack was football related, having read some more. Apparently two men were involved, one has been remanded by the police. Understand the come from Derby, can’t imagine too much ill feeling between West Ham and Derby County supporters. Sounds like something personal. We await further reports. Understand Calum was badly injured, so wish him well with a full and a speedy recovery.


  6. Before the Lucas OG, I thought AV looked poor. Then I go out and then return and it’s 3-1 and Pool are are being held at bay. Clearly Pool are missing something (Alonso maybe) but Gerrard and Torres don’t seem to be able to carry the team by themselves. Insua at LB was over matched and Lucas is no Alonso despite the hype from Benitez.

      1. @ctpa,

        “Wenger has already revealed that he still has not given up on signing former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira, 33, from Inter Milan.”

        Uhhh, no, no he did not. He said outright that Vieira is not coming back to Arsenal.

        I just read that Stephen Appiah is still club-less. Maybe we should take a butchers?

  7. One set of ‘football fans’ I make it a point to keep away from are the Milwall fans. They are the roughest of the rough. Anyone who fall fowl of them may not live to tell the tale. At one time in the past, any black man who supports their team must always carry something to prove it or… It was really ridiculous. They were one of, if not, the most notorious set of fans in England.

  8. As expected Cesc is out for Celtic and a maybe for Man U. But as Arseblogger points out if Cesc misses man U then we can keep him out of a Spain callup.

  9. How’s this for a scoop: we could make a shock move for Andersen who’s fallen out a Man U and has been told he can pack his bags. He’d have to know that the sun doesn’t shine from his butt first before he comes 🙂

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