Tee-shirts, ads, and stuff, OH MY.

Come on £15 is cheap are you kidding???

I just wanted to thank all of my readers who ordered and paid for the 7amkickoff shirts. The last batch went out on Monday (late due to my bout with illness) and everyone except my Paraguyan reader should get theirs by Friday. If you don’t get your shirt by Friday, let me know via email (7amkickoff at gmail) and we’ll work something out.

The thing is I have a few shirts left and, well, in all likelihood I’ll be doing a semi-annual rotating shirt for folks to buy, to support the site. So, what I’m wondering is if any of the folks who already bought the shirts wouldn’t mind sending in a picture of themselves (or loved one) wearing the shirt for an ad campaign I’m putting together for the remaining shirts?

Also, please note that I’ve added some affiliates on the sidebar, I’m going to be working on some custom graphics for those as well, so bear with the ugliness for a bit! I will be keeping the affiliates down to a very small number and only select sites that I really dig their stuff and want to support.  For example, I give free ads to both Doyle’s and the George and Dragon, because well, because I like them!

Anyway, enough of me hawking shite to you all, thanks for the support and UP THE ARSE today against Celtic, I know the lads can do the job in spite of the fact that 60,000 Scots can sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in unison.


  1. FSC guy just said “Chesk” right before I switched over to watch the Gunners. Fantastic! I hope he never stops saying it that way.

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