ESPN official response on games shown in the U.S.

I *literally* just got a response from regarding my query into which matches they will be showing on their U.S. channels. Here’s the text:

ESPN has reached an agreement with Fox Sports International to televise a package of Barclays Premier League (BPL) matches in the U.S. for the 2009-2010 season beginning Saturday, August 15, through the completion of the season in May 2010.
ESPN2 will offer fans up to 48 live BPL matches this season, including live presentation of the 12 Monday afternoon (U.S. ET) matches.
ESPN2 will feature one match each Saturday at 7:45 a.m. and select Saturday matches at 10 a.m. (when there are no matches at 7:45 a.m.).

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying Arsenal in high definition on FSN, which is awesome, but the commentating is being piped in, which is hugely lame. It can’t be perfect, I guess.

Comment on the Celtic v. Arsenal match below, live, if you like.


  1. They were supposed to go to the Sky Sports guys, but I think their feed is busted. At least it isn’t Max Bretos.

    1. @Tim, The definition of total football: everyone attacks, and everyone defends. Now if I could only get the forwards on my co-ed team to track back!

      1. @Tim, The dude was terrible.

        To paraphrase Homer Simpson: I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my football announcers ENGLISH.

  2. I’ll take it. I was just thinking that Mowbray would love going in to half time 0-0 and then telling his team “ok, we did what we wanted in the first half now let’s go out there and get the winner.”

    Up to Arsenal now to keep pressing and playing the team D that kept Celtic to just one shot.

  3. I have to agree with you tim, celtic’s tackling in midfield is awful and don’t know why any of them heen have not booked.

  4. Vermaelan and Song have been outstanding, haven’t they? Gallas has picked up where he left off last season after being stripped of the captaincy … namely, excellent.

    Arshavin is just smart as hell. I don’t think we’ve seen any player since Bergkamp or Pires who thinks this fast on the pitch.

  5. Hi Guys. Listening to in St Louis, where I am on holiday, visiting my wife’s twin sister. Usually listen in Durham City, in the North of England, so I am enjoying my first game states-side! I’m optimistic for this season, although we need a couple of good signings for us to actually win anything. The Norwegian giant centre back and another defensive meidfielder would do it for me. 2-0!!

  6. Game going well!

    My impression after a few days is that English football is really growing in popularity in the States, but that Arsenal are not as propular as the other big three. Is that right?

    1. @Robin, I would agree, certainly in the New England area. If you ask people their favorite EPL team, it’s very roughly something like 40% ManU, 20% Chelsea, 20% Liverpool, 10% Arsenal, and 10% all others combined…

    2. @Robin, Here in California, Arsenal are behind Man Utd and pretty even with Liverpool, but certainly not behind Chelsea. The soccer stores here always sell Arsenal kits. Chelsea is less popular.

      Being an Hispanic area, Barcelona and real Madrid are huge as well.

  7. I want that clean sheet now. The team is defending really well and it would be a fluke if this Celtic team scores on Arsenal.

  8. Cesc will go nowhere for a couple of years at least. He is part of the Wenger project, and owes Wenger his early start. After that, he’ll be at Barca. And good luck to him.

  9. There is no such thing as “luck”, Mr. Announcer Guy, there is only talent, attitude, and opportunity.


  10. That was special, Arsenal are only the second English team to win at Parkhead and they do so taking lumps and showing the pundits that “spine” that everyone claimed they lacked.

    “It’s only two games” but Song and Vermaelen are the shit.

    1. @Tim, Pretty even with Vermaelen, who didn’t put a foot wrong all game.

      I’m just so happy that this is a toss-up between Song and an Arsenal center half.

      If Gallas and Vermaelen can form the kind of partnership that Vidic and Ferdinand have had, we will run away with the Championship.

  11. Some ugly goals get us an ‘ugly’ win but I’m not throwing it back.
    Vermaelen looked absolutely superb. In fact everyone played really well.
    Arshavin and Bendtner switched sides in the early 2nd half.
    Clichy finally delivered a telling cross to tie up Caldwell for the o.g.
    Contrary to Mowbray’s hope that Blackburn and Bolton style play would put us off, we were not bothered by the physicality and in fact gave back what we got w/ only 1 yc.

  12. Vermaelen is solid, absolute class. Him and Gallas looked tighter than a ducks butt at the back.

    Could we finally have a solid back 4?


  13. I looked at some of ESPN’s game lineup and they were obviously given the sh*t package as most of our games will be on Setanta US. ESPN will be showing a lot of teams that are relegation fodder.

  14. Who is this kid Luke Wilshere the announcers keep talking about? Do you think he is of any relation to Jack?

  15. Many than-ks for your replies to my question about popularity. I know are actively trying to increase the club’s popularity in the states,a sthe potential is huge – I don’t know where you live, Tim, but receiving a reply from New England and another from California represents a pretty wide geograpchial spread, if nothing else! I will be in Kansas for the Portsmouth match, and New York for the Celtic rematch, and then back in the UK for the bog Man U game, jet lagged to hell! However, it has been a pleasure listening here, and making contact with you all. Wishing us all a great season! With very best wishes Robin

  16. Well guys, that’s the 2 goals advantage that I predicted & prayed for. Now we just have to roll our sleeves ready for the Prem & the Celtic home 2nd leg.

    Tim, I immitated you on Saturday & got myself an almighty pain in my throat. Today, I vowed to rest my throat as the pain was still unbearable. Silly me, I can’t even talk at all now without the worst of all pains. I hope that Arsenal will not kill me.

  17. Expect Arsenal to rotate for Portsmouth. I hope Vela, Eduardo, Ramsey, and possibly Walcott get in. That way we’ll have a fresh squad for the return leg and hopefully put the hammer down.

    Gallas-Vermaelen have to be seen as a very good pairing 2 games in. Vermaelen leading a counter attack was a little nerve wracking. But MF players are now dropping in to cover and that has to be most impressive about this new style of play.

    The most maligned player (ok, maybe 2nd most) has been Denilson. If I’m Denilson, I say how do you like me now? He is becoming the revelation that Wenger has been counting on. He was playing w/ a smile today like his fellow countryman, Cafu use to do when he played. Melo is now a expensive distant memory.

  18. I was watching the relay on the net (first on some arabic site and then an english one). Obviously I didn’t understand what the arabic commentators were saying but it was amazing that english ones just wouldn’t give credit to Arsenal and the way they were hustling Celtic. Also the half time show was horrible with the presenters in some kind of golf shirts looking like deer in the headlights.
    Finally, got to appreciate the way Song has stepped up. Hopefully he understands he needs to retain his sense of urgency on the pitch for the rest of the season.
    RvP, I thought was/is wasted in the central striker position.
    Got to wonder about NikkyB, does double the squad number make you twice as efficient?!?
    Isn’t Gallas on the final year of his contract?

    And how about Alex “To shot or not to shot” Hleb’s goal?

  19. Just putting it out there. Diaby still looked terrible. He was languid, slow, lost possession, didn’t track back, showed too much of the ball and dwelt on possession!

    Seriously the lad has to look at Song and then roll-up his socks and try harder if he wants a starting spot!

    1. @Xabier, I worried that that would happen. I think he’ll be sold off next summer, it seems like Denilson and Song will make the step up this year and if he doesn’t as well then he’s off.
      Which is really quite sad because right after he joined he looked SO good, but ever since the break against Sunderland he hasn’t been the same player. I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for that injury he’d be the automatic partner for Cesc right now.

      1. @b, I know. It’s so frustrating. He’s capable of doing some awesome things. But, his work rate, just is disappointing.

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