"It's a big season for us"

It's a mineral...

Arsene Wenger gave his first pre-match interview of the new season and between what’s been reported in the press and the exclusive on the dot com, Wenger’s being more forthright that I’ve ever seen him. And frankly, it’s refreshing, but before we get to that I have a couple of pieces of business to get through.

First off, if you’re an American, then you were probably all excited by the supposed news that ESPN would be carrying the early games (the 4am PST kickoff matches) here in the states. Well, there’s still no confirmation on that front, and the latest news from EPL Talk is that they are in last minute negotiations.  Tomorrow’s season opener is Hull and Chelsea and could be on ESPN2 at 4:15 PST, I get up that early (to write the blog!) so I’ll be checking in with them. This only really effects us Arsenal supporters when Arsenal host Tottenham in the North London Derby in October, so, there’s time for them to work it all out and let’s hope that they do.

Second, 7amkickoff’s very own Travis the Septopus has gone and set up a 7amkickoff fantasy football league over at ESPNSoccernet. The league name is, shockingly, “7amkickoff!” and I guess there’s no password but you MUST select Arsenal as your team. Other than that the rules are pretty open. Travis has suggested the following self imposed rule “no players from the other 3 of the top four or Tottenham,” which I think is a fun twist but you all who join will need to agree. The site itself offers prizes (I won a fantasy league once and proudly displayed my banner at work) and I am going to throw in the following: next year’s tee-shirt design for the person who’s ahead on January 1, AND a shirt for the person who places second at the end of the season, AND a red level membership for the overall winner. Sound like fun? Well, you better bone up on the how to then get your ass over there and sign up.

Third, those of you who have paid for your shirts will have your stuff shipped today, that includes my Paraguayan reader. I was waiting for some shipping containers but, well, they haven’t come and it’s not fair to you all to wait any longer. The next round of tee-shirts will be a different design, a better all around shipping deal, and they will be cheaper. I have a cunning plan! Still, thanks to everyone who supported the site with your purchase, it was a great learning experience for me. And even though I just barely broke even on the whole deal, it’s awesome that you all have my shirts and will show them off to fellow Gooners.

Ok, now, about Arsenal… By the time this is published you’ll already know about the 6, that’s right SIX, injuries that Arsenal are suffering to start the season; Nasri (8-10 weeks), Fabianski (4 weeks), Djourou (4 weeks), Rosicky (2 weeks), Diaby (Tuesday), and Walcott (Tuesday). Like I said yesterday, the only real concerns here are center back and keeper.

Neither problem is resolved with the canceling of Fran Merida’s loan to Levante (like a new signing!).

I’ll just go ahead and say it, but if we sell Senderos and don’t buy a center half to replace him, we’re going to be looking very shaky at the back. So, I’d be surprised if Wenger sells Senderos at this point with all the injuries, unless he thinks the lad can’t do the job any more.

The speculation around Senderos was that he was part of a center half transfer merry go round that was going to happen when City bought Lescott. We would then sell Senderos and buy one of the two tall Americans; Hangeland or Subotic. But, David Moyes, in his typically Scottish way, basically told City to f*ck themselves, f*ck themselves right in the mouth, they are not getting Lescott. I love this quote:

Lescott has had his head twisted in all of this. I hear that City think they are talking to people who make the decisions here, well that’s me. I make the decisions, they have not talked to me and the player has been consistently told he is not for sale. He (Lescott) should get his head around that and get on with his career.

Contrast that with Wenger’s more tongue-in-cheek response about the rumors that Arsenal are going to sell Cesc Fabregas

Do you really think we sell now our players one day before the championship starts, players who are basic players of the team? There is no chance. You cannot stop people from having a lot of creative imagination during their sleepless nights, but that does not mean we will do it.

Anyway, back to the injury room. A lot of folks are looking at 6 injuries as proof positive that we need to buy, and while I agree to an extent, I choose to see that glass as half full. Certainly, I would love to see one of the two Americans come in and shore up the defense, you know give us some more options, but even with 6 injuries Arsenal’s creative end of the field is super solid (see, glass half-full!).

As it stands, with the type of players we have in defense, the player’s are dictating the style of play and the team formation. Wenger admitted as much in his ATVO exclusive.  It’s a bit strange to hear Arsene Wenger admit that the 4-3-3 isn’t being played because he likes it or because he wanted to give us a new look, but because the size and type of players in this squad dictate a 4-3-3. He says that formation gives us “options” and I say “if a squad dictates a formation, doesn’t that limit options?” I mean, I think I understand what he’s saying, because a 4-3-3 can shift very quickly to a 4-5-1 and with some subs can revert to a 4-4-2. But the problem, from my (and many others) perspective, is that with Djourou out injured, and if we sell Senderos, then Arsenal don’t have the option to play a flat back four and must always play the “offense-as-defense” scheme that got them into trouble last year.

So, yes, with injuries to Djourou and Senderos seeming to be out of favor I am  slightly concerned. The wide eyed optimist, is slightly concerned.

Not for tomorrow’s match, mind you. That match I think is going to be f*cking brilliant and Everton won’t know what hit them. Why? Oh, because I think it’s early in the season, Lescott has had his head done in, Jagielka is missing, the pitch will be in perfect shape, it’ll be raining, and the atmosphere in the Arsenal locker room (according to Arsene) is absolutely buzzing. Moreover, with three strikers in Arshavin, van Persie, and Bendtner, Arsenal’s attack is going to be devastating.  Arsenal will play the 4-3-3, pass the ball around pretty much everyone on Everton’s team and tomorrow’s late edition will hail them as the team to beat this season.

I’m not worried about this game at all, I’m full of confidence.

It’s the whole season that I’m slightly concerned with. SLIGHTLY.

Wenger, on the other hand, is completely unfazed and has issued this team the sternest challenge I have ever seen from him;

The team we have now gets there, and by that I mean it wins the championship (OR IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN). At 22 or 23 I think a team is mature enough to deliver and it is a massively important year for our club. I am conscious of that. I know people have no patience any more but I agreed on a structure at the club that I believed could work, and we are at the period now when we will see whether I was right. To talk of winning the league is an audacious statement but I built this team and I want to deliver.

I completely agree with Arsene, it’s time to put the excuses away. After last year’s performances, Song and Denilson are no longer “kids” and need to step up. Cesc Fabregas is 22 years old and has been a regular starter for 4 years at a top four club in the toughest league in the world. Cesc is as experienced as it gets and as the team captain, it’s time to step up and show that he wants to win. And the rest of the squad too should have something to prove, it’s time to take all the doubters and haters and all their negative press and stuff it down their throats.

No pressure, my ass. It’s time for the pressure. Wenger didn’t say this month is make-or-break as I did, but he stressed the importance of winning things this month to get us off to the start that we didn’t get last year (5 losses in 14 games). Away to a very English Everton squad, then travel to Scotland for more lumps in a crucial Champions League match 3 days later, then off to a huge clash with Man U in the league?

Get out there and kick their butts.

This all kicks off tomorrow morning at 9:15am PST, meet me at Doyle’s, wear your colors, and remember, UP THE ARSE!


  1. Tim – good points.
    Our starting eleven is very strong. Arsenal needs to get off the starting blocks FAST & keep Everton on their heels. A great result would be the 3 points and no injuries.

  2. So here we go…every year we make about 25 to 30 mill through the champs league.So wenger knows that there is a risk this season and next sesaon of falling out….so what does he do.. sell unwanted players and make 45 mill..this way he has covered the cost….wait for the kids and come back….or he knows that this team will surprise us all and bring glory home…

  3. Arsenal till I die,
    I’m Arsenal till I die
    I know I am,
    I’m sure I am,
    I’m Arsenal till i die…

    I have my Jack Wilshere shirt and I am ready for the season! This will be OUR year!!!

        1. the song originates from a late 70s early 80s situation comedy(not very good) called “Only When I Laugh” it was about a group of male patients in hospital who just layed around and talked about life, only when i laugh refers to stiches that have been inserted, where they hurt or split only when i laugh….the title song of the programme was called H.A.P.P.Y , im h.a.p.p.y, im h.a.p.p.y ,i know i am im sure i am im h.a.p.p.y

          1. @RichieGooner,
            ive found this for you
            I’m H A P P Y
            I’m H A P P Y
            I know I am I’m sure I am
            I’m H A P P Y.

            I’m L O V E Detc
            I’m S A V E D etc.

            the I’m Happy,loved and saved
            I’m happy loved and saved
            I know I am, I’m sure I am
            I’m H
            happy, loved and saved.

            Sung in Sunday school about 50years ago!!!

  4. Everton will be a tough prospect, but I believe we can win, don’t forget we have eduardo as a super sub, who is a game changer and better in the air than Van Persie, tomorrow will be Bendtners day, mark my words not only will he have a massive impact in any position he’s played but he’ll take part in all 3 of our goals.

    Cahill is going to be a problem for us, if Vermaelen can step up and deal with the high balls that everton will no doubt throw at us, seeing as that is still our biggest defensive weakness, then we’ll be okay.

    I’m already taking part in the official premier league fantasy football so I won’t be doing the Espn one, here’s my team.

    Hangeland, o shea, faye ab(stoke), bramble (wigan)
    Arshavin, kuyt, lampard (captain), Neville (everton)
    bent (sunderland), rooney

    with sorensen, figueroa (wigan), mascherano, altidore (hull) as my subs.

    A word of advice, gameweek 2 has a lot of teams not playing so working around that will be important, i have cover in all positions except i will have to tranfer arshavin for someone for week 2 then take him back in week 3

  5. This season is it! Remember I said it some time ago on this blogsite that Wenger regards this season as the one for his team to deliver? He doesn’t want any new person stealing their thunder. The boys must now prove the manager right. I honestly do not expect them to prove him wrong, but if they did, that will be sad indeed.

    1. @LRV,
      I posted the link in yesterday’s blog – towards the end.
      I think old Bobby might be the only so called analyst who picked us to win. Or does anybody know of someone else?

    2. @LRV, Dear Bobby McMahon,
      I just read your article and predictions and i am so sorry for all the times i called you the worst names i could think of. I really hope your not taking the piss.


  6. Woohoo. T shirts coming (am I the only paraguayan reader? LOL). Anyway. Lots of excitement for the opening tomorrow! Over here it isnt clear yet who will broadcast matches. Both Fox and ESPN are claiming EPL footy. Worse yet, tomorrow at match’s time I have my aunt’s bday, big BBQ and booze. Ill try to sneak out to watch 2nd half. I was setting my team and lost connection (windy day). Will resume later. UP THE ARSE!!!

  7. I live in Seattle. We have a massive “start of season” party arranged for all Arsenal fans at Boston’s pizza and sports grill (in Mill Creek). There will be a lot of dudes out here. I will be the guy waving the Arsenal flag, making all the noise and insulting all the women for looking too nice. Cheers.

  8. We know in our heart of that Arsenal will do well this season. How well remains to be seen. Offense should not be a problem. Defense less assured just from our recent history. The critics who are predicting us to win the league are about as plentiful as the lone economist who predicted the credit meltdown. Do not follow the the mob.

    Sky Sports has bought the hype and joined the mob w/ their photo that has Man City replacing us: http://www.skysports.com/football/

    1. @ctpa,

      i saw noticed that in the morning when i first went to the site. it made me want to slap gareth barry’s mother.

      but you know what? i take it as a very positive sign. these “pundits” are wrong 99% of the time, so if they think we are going out of the top four, i can only smile as big as my face lets me.

  9. i am drinking tonight and up early tomorrow with some Pabst and a kick around. i will be blasting ELO Mr. Blue Sky and then when crunch time comes its off to the couch with my mates. I feel like a child on christmas eve.

  10. EPL season is off and running.

    Man City get a goal at 3″ from some guy from Togo. Then Ireland gets a 2nd on a clinical finish. Ireland has become the new Lampard IMO. Balckburn are a deficient yeam.

    Aston Villa, another pretender to the top 4 get totally destroyed by Wigan. Aston Villa without Laursen are a shambles at the back. Davies, Shorey and Cuellar are particulary horrid.
    Bramble has resurrected his career since his Newcastle days.

    Hull up early on Chelsea but you knew that was never going to last. Too much Drogba.

    Subotic anchored a Dortmund side that were losing 4-0 to Hamburg while Fulham w/ Hangeland were up 1-0 on a lucky Zamora deflection

    1. @ctpa,

      Man City’s Defense was exposed a bunch ….. Man City’s attack looked like a chicken with it’s head cut off running around crazily. Ade got his early goal …. but he was not that impressive.

  11. We’ve got to beat at Hibbet the RB.


  12. I like Vermaelen so far. He’s attacking the ball and not waiting until it gets to him – shows a bit of aggression and presence.

    1. @WC, Lacklustre communication and questionable passing so far in this first half. We cannot afford to be just a second half team again.

  13. It’s official, there is blood in the water and it’s Everton blue as Fabregas (Almunia) gets his 2nd in memory of Jarque.

  14. He scored more goals than Darren Bent
    He scored! He scored!
    He scored more goals than Darren Bent
    He scored! He scored!
    He broke his leg, but now he’s back
    And Darren Bent will still be cack
    Arsenal’s NUMBER NINE!

    That is all!

  15. Bummer no clean sheet.

    Ridiculous, I know, but the consolation goal kind of put a damper on my mood.

    Aw fuck it UP THE ARSE!

  16. Watched the last 15min, dead match already, but caught DUDU’s goal. And a fast review of goals. Terrifiic start of the season! CONGRATS TO ALL! UP THE ARSE!

  17. QED – Quite Excellently Done! Isn’t our team BRILLIANT? I am happy that Denilson did not let me down! The SONG I am hearing now is melodious. Thank you! Thank you boys for making my day.

  18. I thought Bendtner looked pretty good today, 2 goals from fullbacks is sweet. Is it bad that I am so disappointed by not keeping them out of the net. I think we sent a message to the league today. Come get some. And we didnt play Hull and have to come from behind.

  19. Oh yeah and sir Pickledickle controlled everything that came into his box well. Hey Cappello (I know you read this blog) When has an England keeper done that in recent years. Grow some nads and tell those RACISTS in the locker room (you know who im talking about) that Manny will be part of the team with or without them. Sweet thrown assist too.

  20. Ok, its one game as Wenger does observe. We were clearly firing on all 12 cyclinders today. We debut a our 4-3-3 and Everton’s 4-4-1-1 were no match. I do wish our next league games were against Birmingham City and Sp**s. At least we see Man City soon enough.

    Memo to Celtic:
    Valdez is coming.”
    “I’ll be back.”
    “Unleash hell.”

  21. Sorry to all about the lack of blog today, on such a wonderful day, I was projectile vomiting and shiatting water!

    I seem to have settled down now that the nurse gave me a shot in the ass.

    I was in the hospital during the match but I did just watch the re-run and will have plenty to say tomorrow.

  22. Was it just me or did Lescott seem to bottle it today to ensure his imminent transfer?

    Also, prior to today, it was a toss up between Fellaini or Song for me, I’d have taken either. After today, it’s Song for sure, what a beast!! Put Fellaini to shame!!

  23. get well soon bro.

    everton was so shite yesterday. we didn’t even break out of 3rd gear. song was impressive though – i feel like him and dudu are going to be key for us this season.

  24. Oh man, sorry to hear you’re down Tim, hopefully Arsenal’s dismantling of Everton brought a bit of a smile to your face.

    Also wanted to let everyone here know that for whatever reason, Arsenal TV Online made the ENTIRE match available for download after 12am. Here’s hoping this continues!

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