Last night's festivities: the Good, Bad, and Ugly


What happened?

I woke up this morning and the DVD player was stuck in a Road Warrior loop, that can’t be good. That means that I spent the latter part of the evening eating cheeseburgers and watching George Miller’s dystopian vision of, well, basically what’s happening to the world right now — people fighting over oil and bald guys in the desert yelling “just give us your gasoline and walk away!”

So, what happened in Arsenal’s world?

The Good

Before all the drinking last night, I read this article about Fergie where he basically said, “Adebayor’s people, before the deal was done with City, basically called United and Chelsea and begged us to take him.”

This is great because it confirms the fact that Adebayor is A) unwanted by any top club and B) doesn’t actually want to be at City and C) a money grubbing mercenary.

It also means that unlike even Hleb, who I have pretty much ripped endlessly since he left, Adebayor is confirmed as the 2nd worst person to ever leave Arsenal. Sorry Ashley, he’s going to have to do a few more things before he reaches your rarefied air.

Are there any Ade defenders left?

The Bad

A friend of a friend of Alisher Usmanov’s business partner’s cousin’s roomate’s sister, said that the Adebayor deal means Arsenal are not going to finish in the top 4.

I guess it’s serious.

Really though, can you take anyone seriously who is quoted as saying that Adebayor averaged 20 goals a season?

The Ugly

And finally, with John Terry now publicly kissing the Chelsea badge and proclaiming that he’s a Chelsea boy through and through, expect the “ZOMGBBQ TOURE 2 CITEH 4 £15m!!!1!!one!!!11!” stories to ‘hot up’ as the Brits say.

I like Kolo but £15m is a good price and Arsene would certainly have to think about letting him go at that price. That said, if he leaves and Eboue leaves and Senderos leaves, then our defense would need some serious shoring up. Hell, I’d love to see Arsene bring in another defender irregardless what happens with Kolo!

It’s a long season and as much as I love Djourou and Gallas, they would be our only two EPL experienced center-halfs.


Maybe it’s the hangover but I’m getting this queasy feeling that Wenger’s going to sell Toure, Sendy, and Eboue, bank the money (another £25m) and then talk about how this team can do it. YOU CAN DO IT!

Even worse than that feeling is the prospect of enduring another 20 days of  “ZOMG–ROFLCOPTERS ARSENE LOST TEH PLOT!!”


I need some water and a bit of exercise.


  1. The Good: I’ve lost my stamina on conversation for Ade. His departure is a good step towards improving locker room and pitch harmony.

    The Bad: I can’t see any bad to this point except the injury to Nasri. As fans, we will have to endure the closing of the summer transfer window & then evaluate our roster.

    The Ugly: Regardless the outcome for Toure and Eboue (still only speculation), I see reasonable depth for our defense. Song finished the last 2 seasons at CB and gave capable efforts. Djourou needs more playing time to develop.

    IF Arsenal start the season with the midfield problems of this past season (no effective partner for Cesc); Ugly will rise from its summer nap.

  2. The Good: I’ve lost my stamina on conversation for Ade. His departure is a good step towards improving locker room and pitch harmony.

    The Bad: I can’t see any bad to this point except the injury to Nasri. As fans, we will have to endure the closing of the summer transfer window & then evaluate our roster.

    The Ugly: Regardless the outcome for Toure and Eboue (still only speculation), I see reasonable depth for our defense. Song finished the last 2 seasons at CB and gave capable efforts. Djourou needs more playing time to develop.

    IF Arsenal start the season with the midfield problems of this past season (no effective partner for Cesc); Ugly will rise from its summer nap.

  3. I agree that 15m would be a good price for Kolo, but at least his brother has the common sense to know that it would be a bad move for him. The reality is that we still need another centre half, a DM and another striker and then I think we will be serious contenders next season. If we don’t and we win nothing next season then I think Cesc will be gone and along with him the chances of success for a few years. Come on Arsene get the chequebook out!

  4. Trying to decide whether losing Toure is acceptable. Can’t they want Sly instead? I also have a good feeling about Senderos this year but I’m almost always wrong about these things.

  5. 15 mil for toure would be ok from anyone else par city , they desperately want top defenders and could be held well and truly to ransom , 25 mil plus player or forget it show us the money or stay away from toure !!!

  6. The really good news, hangovers and pregnancy; medical science has discovered the causes. More good news have just seen the spuds turned over by Celtic, hoorah!!!! (2 – 0, and Celtic win the Wembley trophy or whatever it’s called). Spuds have same problem as ManCiteh, the manager.

    Think Le Boss is being one smart dude, Ade gone, Kolo (with malaria) maybe going the same way, Eboue maybe away to Serie A. Here’s three players that could be absent from someone elses squad in the New Year. Could avoid a nasty problem too, if there was a couple of injuries at the same time. Do we want 4 or 5 players out of the team at that time of the year?

    God what a load of crap around! Lee Cattermole for Christ sake, might as well say we’re interested in Vlad the Impaler. Huntelaar still in the rumour frame, Vucinic, and who is this Brazilian, Wellington? Is he out of diapers yet?


  7. ONE MAN ONE CHAMPIONSHIP Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

  8. Quiet night for me last night (no drinking) but tonight there’s a little party and I worry about tomorrow….

    Like others are saying it seems unlikely that we’re gonna get that prototypical DM to anchor everything and help us keep clean sheet after clean sheet. And with rumors about our Ivorians (Toure and Eboue-who will definitely be gone to the ACN for the big games of February) and little things like Arsene playing big guys/defenders at DM (Senderos lately, and Song last season) it seems that maybe we’re looking at lots of rotation between central defense and that “anchor” role. It suited Pep Guardiola/Barca just fine in the CL final (Busquets to DM with Yaya Toure into central defense to cope with suspensions/injuries) and I would absolutely love to see Gallas at DM once in a while (if he can run that much, you know, being an older guy and a smoker). In many ways this seems sort of the evolution for the top English teams: A defensively minded center three with a pair of quick, aggressive wingbacks. Then in attack, you’ve got an interchangeable front three and a creative midfield duo just behind them. I guess you’d call it a 4-1-2-3 if you must call it something. It requires a team that knows each other and will rotate and cover for the wingbacks or DM when they push forward. Already we’re hurting in this area with Nasri down and we’ll need cover for the African players when they go (permanently or in Feb)so I still expect at least one or two signings.

  9. OK, you 7am cunt, first remove Adebayor from this site’s header!

    Then tell me, do you honestly beleive that demented old fuck?!

    Fuckin’ Ferguson, I hope he dies with his son of bitch son on her mothers grave, CUNTS.

    1. Ooooooh, such hostility. You really should learn to curb your temperament and anger when you don’t get it from the wife.

    2. @ST, ok listen up, no need to depricate the site or tim. second like him or hate him you dont wish death upon someones family you crass lowlife. as for senile i dont know about that but he was smart enough to get rid of sylvestre. lastly i just wanted to point out how lazy i am because i dont feel like using the shift button to capitalise letter. have a good sunday and hopefully we will see vela come on and net a goal

    3. @ST, Please! I beg you in the name of all that is good. If you have nothing sensible to say/write, dont visit this blogsite ever again.

  10. Anybody gonna watch US vs Mexico in the Gold Cup final? Vela left out of the starting line-up but I bet he’ll be coming on eventually.

  11. Vela on for the 2nd half….

    The picture is better on FSC, but I’d rather hear the commentary on Univision…

        1. @ctpa, Vela is a game changer (at this level of play) and the interplay with Dos Santos give them the lead. But now a couple of chances fall to the other (older) players and they can’t put the game away.

          Game’s wide open now, and Vela get’s blocked, but now he get’s the 1 v 1 and Dos Santos is the ultimate beneficiary….2 nil Mexico and it’s really all our boy Carlos…

  12. Eboue provides a dynamic thrust when he’s on. Late sub for ‘defensive’ stability and balance overall. You would expect him to provide better cover at the back but this not necessary borne out in practice. Not a consistent crosser of the ball but on Arsenal is?

    An Eboue sale unbalances us defensively. It would open up more starts for Ramsey/Wilshere which would be a good thing.

  13. Mexico 2-0 as Vela beats the offsides trap and Dos Santos scores.

    Vela MOTM and the game is only 62″ old.

  14. The USA is now looking big and lumbering and the bread and butter set plays are just not happening.

  15. Vela with another sublime chip to make it 3 nil….Ho hum, we’ve seen it all before….

  16. Vela scores the third off a feed from Dos Santos and his trademark delicate chip into the corner. vVla is just on another level from the other plodders both Mexican and American. Wenger knows.

    1. @ctpa, Gotta say….as Vela, looking like Cesc, sets up goal #4, that our boy is fricken awesome. And this is a performance where he’s really not moving that quickly, coming off the injury. Unfortunately he’ll be the center of the Mexican team from here on out and will be taking a lot of 10 hour flights to and from London. I really see him becoming an interchangeable element in the front line with the RVP/Dudu/Andrey/Rosicky. IMO Bendnter and Walcott ought to be the ones fighting for minutes, but Vela being so young will probably be held back a bit.

  17. Kolo’s smart enough not to go to that blue shithole that is Eastlands.

    I said it yesterday, Vela terrorizes us every game he plays, especially with this bullshit B-Team. Its only a matter of playing time and we’ll see Carlos start to rip up the EPL.

    I own a landscaping business and I have six Mexican and three Guatemalan employees. Tomorrow morning is not going to be fun for me, neither is Friday- I bet every one of them that if mexico won, they would get paid for their hour lunch break every day this week.

    We’ll see how the morning after August 12 goes, Carlos could have a big part in that game as well. Shit, four goals now.

      1. @17highburyterrace, Don’t know that much about that US Soccer, but they’ll have better players at the WC qualifier. I did see Donovan score last night–how come his teammates don’t celebrate with him?

        Ouch—at 5 nil the US ought to at least be motivated for that Aug 12 match…

  18. Que Paso? That’s about the extent of my spanish. Anyone know how to say “mexican ass-whuppin” in spanish? Los came on and did his thing. The American defenders looked like they were sleeping. My U-15’s have never looked that lethargic and slow to react to balls. Well done to Los and Mexico.

    Word around the campfire is about Cattermole and Huntelaar coming to Arsenal. Klaas is a descent striker but we don’t need him for that asking price and wage demands. Besides, I don’t think he can hack the BPL. However, I’ve been a Cattermole fan since his days at Boro. You’ve got to love a seventeen year old who’s not afraid to put his foot up someone’s ass. He and that kid that plays for Aston Villa (can’t remember his name, used to play for Newcastle and Leeds when he was only sixteen) were the only good U-21 players for England. Could be an interesting signing but ten million is pricey.

  19. The media have a 25m burning a hole in their pockets. Oops, that’s our 25m. Anyhoo the new name is Lee Cattermole, formerly of Middlesbrough and late of Wigan. Bruce has been trying hard to get him for Sunderland but then signed Cana after having 2 bids for Cattermole turned down. Cattermole was probably one of the few bright spots for the England U21s but that is not saying much. The U21s offered nothing against Germany where Walcott was the lone striker and the MF were outplayed. Bottom line is this: I wouldn’t pay 10 cents let alone 10m for Cattermole who is merely adequate as a player and not Arsenal material.

    The other 15m is suppose to be Huntelaar. Do we really need Huntelaar when we’ve got Vela :O

    1. @ctpa,

      I agree, I don’t think Cattermole would be worth the money. You can find many players who are aggressive and hard working but it is difficult to find a player with that kind of mentality and also the skill that is required of an Arsenal player.

  20. I’ll gladly embrace any Wenger signing, and I’ll be doubly pleased if it’s an Englishman as it would put some of that whole thing to bed for a while.

    Cattermole is a tough little bastard but I’m not entirely sure he’s an improvement over Denilson so it would be a shock.

    Still, like I said, open arms and all that.

    Kroenke and Fiszman are killing the club. These two guys are only interested in making money but not helping the club. Where is AST? Have they been bought by Kroenke and Fiszman? Wenger is a great coach but being frustrated by Kroenke and Fiszman. It is only the current board members (Kroenke and Fiszman) that have become big stumbling block towards the progress of the club. For heaven shake, why did they refuse the proposal of Usmanov to reduce the current choking debt? This board needs to rethink again and come up with a viable means of reducing this choking debt!!! Why in this modern world do you reject such offers with even a rider of underwriting if the issues is not fully taken. I would like all sensible Arsenal fans globally to look at the scenario below:
    Suppose the new rights of 500 million rights are issued at an issue price of 20 pounds!!! What will be the results of the issue?
    Utilization of Funds Raised from Rights Issue Pounds (Mns)
    New Funds 10,000
    Less Emirate Stadium Loan 450
    Less Apartment developments 200
    Net Balance 350 mn

    The club will raise a total of 10 billion pounds or 10,000 million pounds. This will definitely be raised due to underwriting of the entire rights issue. How will this amount be utilized?

    Arsene will enjoy pounds 350 million in developing the club further with 50 million pounds can be used to buy new players, 100 million pounds can be used for youth and academy development that will continue to develop young talented players, 50 million pounds can be used for building the club global brand name and developing global merchandise network outlets that will continue to bring new funds through sales of arsenal merchandise in the global market.
    In the net analysis, the club will still have pounds 150 for any other use with a clean book without debts at all.
    Please the board members look at this and come forward with a working formula that will ensure that no single shareholder should own more than 30%. The shares can be sold to all Arsenal fans in the whole world to only Arsenal fans.
    I appeal once again to the board to relook at the proposal.

    1. @Jakisumu, Don’t work yourself into a state. Forget the rights issue. The guy who raised it was only looking for a back-door way to gain overall control at Arsenal. Get a grip. We can’t all be fooled.

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