Oh for f—'s sake…

Three blind c*nts

I was sitting at my local pub last night, enjoying a glass of fine Kentucky bourbon after a long day of laying in, exercising, and watching television (and getting a few tasks done, like the tee-shirts) when I decided to check my newsfeeds for any Arsenal stories.

When I stumbled upon the story about Adebayor begging Kolo to come join him at Manchester City’s pig trough, I literally put down the whiskey and said, “Oh for fuck’s sake.”

You know, I’m starting to regret that whole post last week where I encouraged folks to share their favorite memory. I really thought we’d send him off and when he came back, we’d all clap and say “thanks for the goals” and then Vermaelen would headbutt him into next week and we’d all secretly get a little joy out of that.

But no.

Now that he’s away from Arsenal’s minders and the culture of our club, he’s opening his mouth at an alarming rate and the trickle of stupidity that used to fall out is now a fire hose. No, not a fire hose, a douche nozzle.

The only thing he’s ensuring is that his trip back to Emirates is a very memorable occasion. I can hear the song now:

Left us for City, because he’s a whore

Maybe Mark Hughes should rein him in a bit?

The other story of the day is about Sunderland’s new signing, Lorik Cana. I wrote about this yesterday and I have to say I was a bit surprised by the responses. I even received some direct email about this guy! Odd, for a guy that Arsene Wenger never admitted to looking at, who went for a mere £5m, and signed for a perennially relegation bound team which revels in 0-0 draws as if they’d just won the Champions League.

Arseblog wrote a much stronger piece about him today, I wonder what his responses will look like?

Anyway, the last things pertain to shirts…

I have ordered the 7amkickoff shirts, thanks to all of you who put in orders! They will be here in 2 weeks or so and next week I will be taking your orders. As it stands they are going to be $22 for domestic orders and $32 for foreign (shipping included).

In the mean time, there’s still  a chance to win a free shirt! Entries close tomorrow so get on it if you haven’t already.


I am aware that there have been stories about Eboue possibly going to Fiorentino. This is one of those stories which are difficult to judge and I’m hesitant to comment until we know for sure that he’s leaving. I will say on the record that I have come to like Eboue and his versatility would be a loss. Frankly, if Wenger sells him I can only see him doing so if he is able to replace him.

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  1. fucking adibyewhore is getting on my tits clichy summed him up as the mercenary whore that he is, money grabbing twat, now trying to poach more of our players to join the mega cash whoring team, they are all going there for the wonger, robinho left real madrid to play for a team that never even qualified for europe, please, its all about cash

  2. well as a South African and an arsenal fan i’ve been gleefully watching the vodakom challenge from Joburg.. Pirates beat Citeh last week and Chiefs are a goal up as i’m typing this… if Citeh can’t beat these teams (and as much as i love sa football these teams are pants!! ) 4th place is a long way off…. lol

  3. Can’t wait to see Adebayor get offside flag about 35 times when ManC face us, then substitued by Tevez who come in and score a goal to finish the game with 1-7 to Arsenal.

  4. I never heard Henry beg Hleb to come join him at barca, and once again anyone who wants to make the 14-25 comparison looks foolish. I don’t know if its youth, arrogance, or anger that is making him talk, but Ade needs to shut his mouth. I liked him and still harbor some respect for his potential abilities, but Ade sure seems like he wants a rude reception on his return to the Emirates. I know its not our style, but I hope we smash three past city on long ball free kick assists resulting from Adebayor offsides calls.

    I like how Clichy is speaking out, but I would prefer our players just be professionals, keep quiet on the subject, and win the league and laugh as City finish 7th. The fact is that even with their summer signings, Everton is still a better and more complete team on a twentieth of Citeh’s budget. I fear them and their lights out defense and goalkeeping/poke in the opportunistic goal style more than City’s flash and flair. Hell, I think Fulham will probably finish above them, too.

    Tim- I’d be interested in a shirt, but I couldn’t find a link to see a picture of what they look like. And that Kentucky bourbon is good, but do yourself a favor and try some of the good ol’ Tennessee sour mash.

  5. The picture caption has me cracking up – I bet Ade totally uses tongue when he kisses his badge. Haha.

  6. Tim, I think you have a hit song on your hands.

    Regarding Cana, the final price and his destination club does raise questions. I had read that at one point before he moved to PSG, Wenger might have been interested. But things may have changed. Plus, when Arsenal go after a player, they do observe him closely (or atleast in some cases). Sagna was followed for about 30 games (over 2 years). The simplest answer might be that Nasri is aware of Cana’s kryptonite: rain. When it rains, Cana might be rendered useless 🙂

    And I was thinking what would it take for Ade to shut up? If Cole and even Bentley never shut up, then Ade might go spewing garbage for a while.

  7. Perhaphs Adebayor, Cashley Ass-hole and David Bentley should go form a club – “Disgruntled United”. No matter what you do, Garbage will always spew garbage.

    In case anyone is wondering, Kieser Chiefs of South Africa has just whipped Man-shitty 1 -0. That’s played 2, lost 2. Great material for 4th, ehn?

  8. Dont care about the talking heads that have left the club. Cant for the life of me understand why Wenger wont buy Huntelaar and a quality DM. This is all we need to win the prem

  9. Man City lose to Kaiser Chiefs 1-0. Adebayor misses an absolute sitter – more to come from the Citeh man.

  10. Looks more like sucking than kissing, hence three players that suck!

    I suspect that Cana was never on Le Boss’s radar, and that any perceived interest was in the eye of the fans and the pundits. Who would go to the Stadium of Lite, in preference to the Emirates. Easy to say it’s to get foot in the EPL door, but if a top team didn’t want you first time around, why would they want you second time around.

    I would not like to see Eboue go, apart from some odd moments, and loss of confidence when the fans got at him, he is a good. squad member.

    As for anti-ade songs,

    ‘Referee’s whistle blowing, c*nts offside again.’ Repeat endlessly to ‘Morningtown Ride’

    What is this obsession with Huntelaar? His stats are not impressive, and Chamakhs even worse. Still say Negredo is a better buy, or the Brazilian – Anderson Miguel Nene da Silva, at the Portuguese club Funchal Nacional, around €8m sounds like a bargain. We favor players called da Silva. I like the sound of da Silva to da Silva, da Silva scores!!!!

    Maybe Le Boss won’t buy anyone!


  11. It’s funny that Adebayor and kissing his jersey like it’s Beyonce because Jay-Z is a big Arsenal fan. Talk of him a couple of years ago trying to buy shares. He denied it.

  12. My prediction is, and it might be controversial but, AdeBuyWhore will lead the league…in offside calls. And as for Citeh I heard Ade was talking to Wenger to join him because no matter how you slice it they still have mark fuckwad hughes

  13. See 3rd gen’s blog on Cana and lemmings (Rockynewsnow: Arsenal). Real intelligent blog that makes some very valid points concerning the Cana signing, ignorant ‘supporters’ calling for Wenger’s head, Wenger’s place in Arsenal history, Arsenal’s financial reality and finally the potential return of Vieira.

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