Like a new… tee-shirt

All right! The shirts are ready, the PayPal button is ready, the flat rate boxes are ready and I just need one last thing before I order shirts: I need to know how many and what sizes you all want? See, the cool thing about is that the more you all order, the cheaper I can offer them. 30 shirts only run me $9 each and I can offer them to you all for a lot cheaper that way. Hell, shipping to Europe is more expensive than the shirts!

So, what I need from you is just a message saying that you want a shirt and what size you’d like. Don’t worry about paying or any of that stuff, just email me (7amkickoff at gmail dot com) saying “I want one, male, XL” (or whatever size and gender you are) and I’ll add you to the order.  The more we order, the cheaper they get!

Make custom t-shirts at


  1. Yes please one in XXXL if theey have it if not XXL if they dont have that then like Youth small or the smallest size possible. (it’ll be for my kids then dont worry you wont have to see me try to squeeze into it)

  2. Me likey! I want one in medium but I dont think i ever created a paypal account. You see… i live in a cave.

  3. Hey , are these t-shirts exclusive or something? I mailed you my size, but I did not get a reply. So just wondering.

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