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Sorry about the late post today, but I was working on a different article and chose to scrap it because the dot com announced today that Ade has officially signed for City. So, instead of some self-important BS or pointless transfer rumoring I have decided to invite everyone to post their favorite memory of Adebayor as a farewell. You can say anything you want, but a really classy fan, someone who respects what he did for us and not how he left, would try to post their favorite memory.

Ironically, I have been accused of being a “hater” in the comments, but that’s about as far from the truth as possible. I am angry about the way he left, I am angry about the corrupting influence of insane amounts of money that some football teams have, and I am sad that his Arsenal career ended this way. But I can still find something good to say about the guy. Everyone talks about what a classy club Arsenal are, so let’s show them.

Wenger kicks this off with his remarks:

Firstly, we must thank Emmanuel for his contribution to the Club. Whenever he was on the pitch, he always gave absolutely everything to the team and since joining us in January 2006, he produced a number of match-winning performances. Emmanuel leaves with our best wishes and we now look forward continuing our preparations for next season.

Me? I’ll never forget the second goal against Charlton at Highbury. Totally inconsequential game to everyone except me. It was my first trip to London, my one and only trip to Highbury, and here’s this lanky guy that has just recently transferred in from Monaco working till his heart is nearly bursting alongside Arsenal greats like Pires and Henry. It was on that blisteringly cold spring day, as the sun was setting on the final season at the hallowed old ground, and the final season for many of those Unbeatable players, that Adebayor netted his first ever home goal for Arsenal. It was what would later become a staple of Adebayor’s goal scoring: he used his muscle and pace to steal the ball from Hreidarsson and then side-footed into the net with cool grace.

Ha! Let’s hope he doesn’t have too many more of those now that he’s sleeping with the enemy!

Anyway, enough about me, I want to hear your story, get some closure on this saga and post your memories below.


  1. My best memory is sometime in September 2007. Arsenal had yet to win a game in the new stadium. And here we are, facing Manchester United, away, with Henry sidelined and Djorou deputized at the back. It was in the final 10 minutes when Cesc pinpointed a pass to Ade, only for him to redirected pass Van der Sar (I guess) to give a precious away 1-0 win. Not enough to lift the season up, but that made my day.

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  3. It’s his Blog he can post anything he wants. Anyway, My favorite Ade moment was the last season in Highbury when he back heeled a pass to Henry. He could have taken the shot himself but opted to pass. I knew he was special that day on.

  4. My best memory of Adebayor was when someone sent me a text message to say he had finally been sold. Made my day!

  5. 2007/2008 – Ade was pretty awesome, but when the chips were down at the club, when Eduardo had his awful injury – everything went so wrong for for team. Most of the squad (Gallas apart) pushed on, Ade, well I dont know what happened, his goals ceased and his attitude changed, the summer bought an absolute farce of a tale of Ade, he and only he made himself look very silly, very disloyal and from that moment the man I thought was a great part of our team lost all respect I had for him…

    I will miss his goals, but the man was the author of his own destiny and AW clearly wouldnt take another summer of his antics…

    Great post by the way

  6. mixed feelings… lets be honest his heart didn’t seem in it last season, i just hope he doesn’t find his form too quickly at city… i think that we should be more excited about rosicky and eduardo returning…

  7. My favourite was when I dreamt that he contracted AIDS rather than 150k per week from Man City.

    Fucking scumbag. Die Adebayor you cunt.

    1. @herdee string, Hey herdee string, Tim is trying to have an Arsenal site which you can raise your children on. Will you take your comments to where they will be regarded w/ awe and wonder at their brilliance.

      1. @ctpa, Oh I’m so very sorry. How silly of me to think that I could sink to the level of using foul and vulgar concepts on a football forum. Of course, one never encounters such a thing at a football match…

        You are quite right – let’s think of the kids now and let’s think of what memories Adebayor gave us.

        Well there’s going back on his word and breaching contract. Then there’s the outstanding commitment he showed in the CL semi-final (how we lost that tie I will never know). Oh yes, violentally attacking his own teammate while we were losing. And beating a woman as well.

        Yes, I think you’re going to raise some good kids on this forum…

  8. THAT volley against Spuds in the 07/08 season. You know which one. I knew then he could be one of the best strikers in the world if he gave it some time and effort – too bad in the end he gave neither.

  9. It was a simple tap in, but his goal against Liverpool in the 07/08 CL Quarterfinals. Walcott runs up the right, pulls it back, and Ade slots it home – cool as a cucumber.

    I just loved the announcers call: “AdebAYOR!!!”

    Of course, the whole thing went to shit 10 seconds later, but oh well, it was a fantastic moment.

    My theory regarding Ade is that he went to shit the minute he cut his hair.

  10. scored a few great goals but needed 5 chances each time. City wont create that many chances and I’d be surprised if he scores 15 this season. I’m not sad to see him go, but may change that decision if AW doesn’t bring anyone else in and sits on the cash.

  11. I’m saving a space in my brain for my favourite Adebayor moment when he drives his car into a ravine.

  12. a few flashes of brilliance.. the overhead vs Valencia last season.. but

    far too many lack lustre, uncommitted performances where offside flags stopped us from getting the goals that matter…

    With optimism i look forward to the future.. though i have some concerns that a reliance on RvP, Rosicky and Eduardo could be a recipe for disaster.. not because of their undoubted skill.. but if they go and get themselves injured as each have glass legs… hopefully some strength in the squad is available if any of these giants fall again this season!!

    Ade did some great things, but he was lazy last time round and a total whore in the transfer window.. all in all lets build on the squad with our profit!!

  13. It’s funny how much of you follow your fleet street twat friends in giving Ade stick, yet he still scored some very important goal in every competition for us and we wouldn’t of been as influential as we were in the past seasons without him. He is a money grabbing tit, yes, but he still was a gooner, an important gooner at that.

  14. First derby at emirates,quite possibly the drunkest iv been at a game but cud stil see from the other end of the pitch he was a mile offside when he scored,great day

  15. His goal against Manchester United at Old Trafford two seasons ago. We won that match 1-0. I love winning goals in big games and I think that’s the only one he got

  16. For me, that, acrobatic, come from nowhere goal, away to Villareal; a goal that stunned everybody, the crowd, the opposition, our own team, the commentators and Ade. A sensational strike; that succeeded. where a hundred others would fail. Full marks for the attempt, the execution, and the outcome.

    Glad you mentioned Robert Pires, his name came up this weekend, he put away a couple for Villareal, in their 27 – 0 win against some Spanish minnow, in a pre-season friendly. Some friendly, that’s a goal every 3.33 minutes. Take the ball out of net, take it to the centre spot, kick-of, take the ball out of the net, take it to the centre spot, kick-off, take the ball ……………..



    1. @divesh, thats abit rich of you to say! Someone that keeps trying to leave a great club like ours and is a disruptive influence in the dressing room and (remeber he was getting £80,000ppw – $130,000dpw) and didnt feel like he NEEDED to put his shift in. Im not a football manager but if i worked with someone who had a poor attitude and was disruptive i’d want them away from me…would you not????

  18. What do Beckham and Adebayor have in common? Both have flirted unashamedly w/ AC Milan and has drawn the ire of their supporters. Will Man City step up now and rescue Beckham so that he can join Adebayor at the ‘shelter for footballers w/ confused loyalties’.

  19. no star quiting from arsenal get better especially in the appereance and skill also in the heart of new fans. see henry, viera, hleb, flamini etc. Ade out is worst than them so he will be worst than them in new club.

  20. none

    I’d like to thank the sheer class of Fabregas and Hleb creating so many chances that it fooled so many into thinking he’s a top striker – £25m or whatever we got in the bank.

      1. @arsesession, And how many goals did the rest our strikers score with this dynamic midfield? a lot less than 30. Ade haters and their slanted reasoning

        1. @arthur3sheds, there is no argument about Ade’s ability; it takes a special player to accomplish 30 goals. Yes, the midfield was a problem.

          However, after Ade received his salary raise during the summer; the next season his work rate dropped and his comments in the media (both) sent the wrong signals to the fans. As for Ade, it was not about his goal production dropping to 16 – but more the perception of work rate on the pitch and comments to the media.

          Show me where Arsene fails to give the player(s) the benefit of the doubt.

          Gallas, Eboue, and Bendtner all had situations during this past season, where THE FANS became highly critical. Yet, these players fought back to prove their merit and desire to be at Arsenal.

  21. Fairwell Ade! People can say what they want about him but he gave us good service while he was an Arsenal player. Now lets get another striker bought – Martins, Chamakh, Villa etc
    Splash the cash Mr Wenger plsssssssssss

  22. 2 favorites – First, the goal against Spurs that absolutely gutted them. Sitting on my couch, I vaulted 10 feet off towards the television and went mad. Second, a far less important, was the goal against Derby in April 08 and subsequent dance with Eboue, mocking their player Earnshaw who felt it was a good idea to do a silly little dance after scoring his goal earlier in the match. They pretty much made him look silly.

  23. don’t be recist look ade’s goal record he is better than many arsenal players even better than denis berckamp… even beter than r.v.p do u know this he scored more than r.v.p and bendtner 2007/2008 season both player scored less than 20 goal. this is the truth ade was the best arsenal scorer after henery. if u hate him because of his … u will see september 12 he panish u!!!

  24. The half volley he scored against chelsea a couple of season ago when he was scoring like a champion. The picture of him in a sky blue top is also a great memory of him :). He is along with hleb in one of the most frustrating players to play in the famous red and white shirt in recent years, while hleb never seemed to know how to shoot or just try to pass the ball into the net, he gave his all for his team mates which was a big difference. Adebayor must of had his boots cut from the same people that made herman monsters boots, he had a terrible shots on target record, if only he didnt think he was one of the worlds top strikers then he maybe would of been better for us last season.

  25. 2007-08 season, i forget the opponent. late in the game Arsenal have a 2 v 1 – the 1 being the goalkeeper. Ade elects to go for goal rather than pass to Bendtner who is facing an open goal. his shot is saved and then the other team equalises costing Arsenal 2 points.

    1. @person,
      Yes he should have passed but, being 1 on 1 and being in the best form of your career at the time i guess he just expected he would score.
      His selfishness didn’t cost us the the win the inadquate officiating did, bare in mind Ade should have had a penalty in the 88th minute and that Clichy won the ball.

  26. My Favourite memory will be watching him on the bench and a year later following the footsteps of Hleb by saying his biggest regret was leaving the gunners.

    I actualy hope this man gets swine flu off micah richards and dies.

    All these fans saying your not a true supporter if you slate adebayor, I bet a tenner u hypoctical twats slate the fuk out of cashley when ever you get the chance an he was a better player than this lanky prick

    Mark Hughes must be smoking the high grade!

    1. @Dee,
      Please guys, I detested Ade’s attitude as well, but don’t let us go to extremes. It is not nice to wish people dead, much in the same way that we would not expect anyone to us dead.

      Ade played the matches that he did; scored the goals that he did, some incredible, others normal; demanded the wages that his ego convinced him that he was worth; behaved like the pratt that he is after getting it; fell out of favour due to his lackadaisical attitude; and buggered of to ManCShittty to have a bite of their seemingly inexhaustible pie. Good riddance. I just hope that he loses his shooting boots whenever he plays against us; that’s all.

  27. I’m sad that a player of his capability is leaving, but it seems clear that he’s influenced more by his financial advisers than his football advisers. I always enjoyed watching him play and wish him success against the other 18 PL sides.

  28. His interviews, i found them quite hilarious, especially the 1 with Hleb after we beat Blackburn on a monday night when it looked like we were destined to win the title after opening up a 8 point gap. ( game before it all went wrong at Birmingham)

  29. His “I believe I am now a complete footballer” quote last season. More like a completely deluded lost soul believing his own hype. Good luck Ade, you are now surrounded by even less quality.

  30. fuck that useless twat im glad the money grabbing dickheads gone and i hope he sits in manc land warming the bench useless twat

  31. Lazy, greedy, offside, poor first touch, never claps the fans, over rated. Thanks for the memories!

  32. Frustrating player, but I’ll choose to remember the amazing goals against Villareal and the Spuds. Let’s face it he’s unlikely to join the (very) short list of players to have a successful post-Arsenal career.

  33. My lasting memory of this bloke will be…. GREEDYBAYOR……. Just like Hleb he left for the money.. The reason he left was because of the lack of trophies he says… I say if he actually put some commitment into his game last season we may of won a trophy.. Glad to see the back of the greedy w*****r

  34. My fave moment was the reaction of wenger and rvp straight after he scored that belting volley against the spuds

  35. I have to say ma favorite memory of him was when i turned up on Gunnerblog en de dimwit was donning the blue sh!t jersey of citeh smiling like a corcodile…i gotta say dat made my day. I had to party …dude u gat no idea how much i hated dis sucka…i hated him right from day one when Arsene signed him. He just wasn’t fit to play for the Arse….Poor ball technique…ball control was off, couldn’t lose his marker apart from being offside if dats called losing a marker anyways ..i have so many memories of dis idiot. Hate dIn Monaco, Hated in Togo, it doesn’t make sense trying hard to love dis dwanzie. Nuf said..

  36. In reading the memories above, those relating to his on field performance, there are only the same 3 great scoring memories from contributors.

    I would say Ade has more memorable interviews than great goals. So for me, he is this day the” Ali G” of footballers.

  37. His bright smile and lazy legs trudging around the pitch as if he was wearing bags of cement for boots, looking to the sky in amazement and holding his head in his hands as he misses another sitter, so many memories. Oh, he had a nice goal at spurs once, i guess that makes up for it. He’s a decent guy, but he didn’t want to play at Arsenal, we are a bit skint too.

  38. My memories of Adebayor would be a few great goals (Spurs away, Newcastle away, Villareal away), a hundred interviews where every answer started with “Of course, of course”, and a thousand offsides. I’ll also remember wondering how a player, whom the fans wanted to support, ended up turning the fans against himself through his own stupidity.

  39. Too many good memories of Ade to list, a “special player” who will not be easily replaced. I loved him from the beginning to the end of his time with us.

    Apart from his offside propensity I have no complaints about Ade least of at his effort and work rate. The “lazy” tag is simply undeserved. He has always been committed IMO but not always effective. Then again who has been effective lat season? RVP our top scorer with a grand total of 20, after an injury free season? I remember how woeful he was at the beginning of the season in particular, he missed bucket loads, most of them were not even on target. Ade in contrast had a lot of good efforts saved. I would be shocked if RVP had a better shot on target ratio than Adebayor.

    It annoys me when I read people talking about Ade “ego” and “arrogance,” etc. I ask; do any of you know Ade? have you even met him once? Yet you claim to know the type of person he is.

    Again I ask; is your judgement of his character based on knowlege gleaned from a personal relationship with him or rather from a media fuelled sterotyped image that you would rather believe.

    Ade flirted with Milan and Barcelona supposedly, to get a better contract, so what?! If you were on 25,000 and someone is offering you 100,000 would you not play what ever card you need to play to get your club to pay you what you are worth? I would. Ade and his agent could have played it a lot better and come out with far more statements to appease the fans. However instead the media was full with contradiction as the things Ade actually did say was shrouded by things that he did not say and quotes taken out of context.

    Ade has not deserved the treatment he has received from his detractors, truth is that there were a lot of fans always looking for an excuse to critise Ade even when when there wasn’t a good one the same goes for Eboue and Toure too of late. I remember reading a fair amount of derogatory comments even during Ade’s 30 goal season.

    Walcott however can play however consistently inconsistent as he likes and you hear the Emirates singing his name “Theo, Theo, Theo”. Ade’s good work is ignored and his less than stella performaces are magnified.

      1. @ctpa, Thanks ctpa. Shame about Nasri, this is the first I heard about it, I wanted to see him break out this season. Lets pray that we don’t get anymore injuries

    1. @arthur3sheds,
      Let me assure you that there are more egomaniac pratts in the premiership than Ade was. No one is begrudging him for seizing an opportunity to tripple his pay. Unless you are biazed yourself, can you honestly tell me, or any serious football fan, that Ade was an epitome of application and industry on the football pitch last season? I know that his agent is as much to blame for Ade’s stupidity.

      Common, look at how RVP got his pay rise just a few weeks ago. Were the press not sniffing around? You bet they were. Did RVP or his agent give stupid interviews to fuel any raucous rumours upon which the press may drool? Of course not. They handled the whole thing professionally without offending anyone.

      Even after all the accrimony at the start of last season, he could have endeared himself to the Arsenal fans by putting in a lot of effort; that was all that was required. But he did not. He acted as if he did not care. That’s not good enough. At least Theo puts in a great effort, albeit not as consistent as you like; even Eboue puts in a magnificent effort every single time he wears the Arsenal shirt. That’s more than anyone can say for Ade.

      1. “That’s more than anyone can say Ade.” That anyone does not include me. I have never watched a game and I watched around 95% where I would say Ade lacked effort in contradiction to the rest of the team.

        Nothing to do with bias but rather I am not jumping on the wagon and therefore beginning to see what I was looking for.

  40. This is for all you clowns wishing bad things to happen to Adebayor-

    Narsi has broken his fibula and will be out for 2-3 months. Karma is a funny thing and you clowns have been messing with it.

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