Why I'm not going to the Sounders v. Chelsea

I’ve tried to explain this to my friends and no one seems to get it, but maybe you all will. See, I’ve been offered tickets to see the Sounders (the local MLS team) play Chelsea (a huge pile of Tottenham) multiple times and each time I’ve steadfastly refused.  Well, I say “offered” and I mean “hey, I’ve got some tickets to this game, do you want to buy one?”

Hell no I don’t want to buy one, why on Earth would I give money to Chelsea?

This, of course, always elicits the response, “well you could support the Sounders.” Which is true! I could go and pretend to be a Sounders supporter for a day, like Halloween, and root against Chelsea. But that’s just it, I’m not an actual Sounders supporter (yet) and so I’d be pretending, fooling myself while shelling out some cash to Chelsea. Honestly, I just can’t do it.

The other thing that bothers the locals is that I didn’t just jump on the Sounders bandwagon the moment they announced they were forming. In fact, I was openly cynical about the entire experience: I doubted that they would get the gridiron lines off the field, I poo pooed the fact that they play on plastic, I have seen proper football in that stadium before and I thought the seats were too removed from the pitch, and I worried that American fans can be a bit annoying with their drums and horns in lieu of actual support.

Since then, I’ve watched a few matches and I have been pleasantly surprised. They’ve done a pretty good job getting the Seahawks lines off the field, though the end of season will coincide with the start of Seahawks season and so I wonder how they will handle that. They are building a custom “soccer” stadium and hopefully installing grass will be a priority and they will design it in such a way that supporters are close to the action. And the fans, well, they seem to be actually a pretty good lot and the drums and horns are kept to a dull roar.

Moreover, I think the Sounders have some really spectacular talent in Freddie Montero and can be fun to watch after they get the ball settled and start making a few passes.

Still, I’m not one who rushes in to these sorts of things. It took me several years of watching various clubs on the television before Arsenal finally won me over. So, to my local buddies, you’re just going to have to have some patience and know that I will be watching the match on the television — ESPN2, noon local time. And yes, I will be rooting for the Sounders to stomp the guts out of Chelsea.

Now, when Barcelona comes to town… anyone have tickets to that?

OK! Basically, yes, I’m a football snob. Arsene made me this way, with his beautiful game, what can I say.

Transfer Roundup

You guys seem to know more about this stuff than I do, but hey, what the hell. So, my personal Arsenal target, Lorik Cana, is involved in a deal with Hamburg and there has been some kind of snag, which has opened the door for… Everton. *sigh* I guess I have to give up on this one, eh?

…and turn my sights on Jeremy Toulalan! No one, and I mean NO ONE is linked with Toulalan, which obviously means that he’s coming to Arsenal, RIGHT?

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger waits until after the Adebayor deal is done to make his moves.

Not the badge, NOT THE BADGE, damnit, he's kissing the badge... ugh

That deal, by the way, looks like it has some serious legs and could even be done today or tomorrow, which is nuts. I’ve never seen a deal move this fast, which is probably indicative of Wenger’s desire to unload him, and the player’s desire to kiss the three decorative stars above the chickenhawk on Money City’s badge.

I’m being cynical, in actuality I feel more like Gunnerblog. I feel like I’m losing someone who I supported despite all the detractors: people who said despicable things. I feel like I’m losing someone special, a guy I saw score his first ever home goal in my one and only magical trip to Highbury. And finally, I feel like he’s kind of a sad case. Someone who listens to the people around him who don’t have his best interests at heart, people who want something from him not for him.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, I’ve seen a lot of sports stars like Adebayor, Shawn Kemp comes to mind, they have a few good years and suddenly they think they are the best in the world. Then when the fans turn on them, it gets ugly and they start acting out. Before you know it, they’re in rehab, fat, old, and deeply in debt.

I hope he ends up better than Kemp but given the fact that he couldn’t hold it together and act professionally for one season, I have to think that there’s something deeply disturbed in there. Best of luck Ade, except when you play against us.


  1. After the 07-08 season, poor judgement is shadowing Ade 24/7.

    Tim, you are right to sense some sadness. I’m sure he overcame far more obstacles in life than most footballers.

    Even now, Ade is likely having 2nd thoughts about this move to City. Confused why clubs from Spain and Italy showed no interest.

    Bad advice is an understatement.

  2. Tim certainly he didn’t make himself very popular among the Arsenal fans after the 07/08 season with the comments he made but still he scored 30 goals for us. Lase season hos work rate was not as good but I believed he had a bad season indeed. Many fans will be glad to see him off but I think he will be a loss that may shoot us back in the foot.

    Time will tell if this was the right decision like you say all the best but not when playing us in the league…

  3. DUDE… you live in Seattle? I live here too and I’m going to the game in my Arsenal shirt. Let me know your email address because my friends and I (all Arsenal fans) are having a “beginning of the season” party the day of the Everton game. Send your email address to yonayen@gmail.com

  4. Another angry gooner, clinging onto the fact that Arsenal play pretty football. Hasnt done you many favours tho has it now. Barca play beautifull footy (not soccer) and win everything. (even when they cheat against Chelsea in CL) What have Arsenal won lately. hahah
    Go on Chels, stuff those sounders and show them how to play football.

    1. @Russell,
      HAHAHA, Barca cheated in the CL against Chelsea, that’s great, I needed that laugh today. Wait.. who’s angry? Then again, I would be angry if I were a Chelsea fan too, because the team whose bandwagon I jumped on 3 or 4 years ago when they started to win titles, are so far in debt they will be the next Leeds within 10 years. But then you and all the other Chelsea ‘fans’ and ‘supporters’ will just jump ship to the current side in the EPL buying titles. Pathetic cunt, you can kiss all our arses.

      1. @Eskaia, haha fair enough Barca didnt cheat, but you have to admit the ref was pretty shocking and it cost us the game. Who’s angry now, (cunt) I thought the british were supposed to be the hooligans. you yanks obviously cant handle the banter like us eh. ha.
        As for me being a plastic chelsea fan, ive supported them all my life mate, my whole family is Chelsea. How many Arsenal games you been to? Must be expensive addition to the season ticket when you add flights to london for every home game. Or are you lot just armchair fans.
        What you on about buying titles. Even Arsenal spent more than us last season!! How much money has Man Utd spent on their team to win titles? They have got a club debt of about £700mil. Anyway, whatever you say about Chelsea, weve still won alot more than Arsenal (cant buy a title cos Wenger is too tight) in recent history.


    2. @Russell, Well, considering that Arsene Wenger has won as many trophies in his years at Arsenal that you lot of won in your ENTIRE HISTORY, I’d say we’re the ones showing you all the way.

      Chelsea have always been and will always be in the shadow of Arsenal and though you lot were a force three years ago I suspect that given your recent inability to sign anyone apart from Cashley the FA cup you barely won this year will be your last hurrah.

      That and beating up on MLS teams.

      1. @Tim, Tim you are hilarious. The fact that you love the Arsenal is even better. I have never read a non-Englishman rant at a Chav supporter the way you have and with facts too! I like it… a lot!

        It would have been great if we had won the Premiership two seasons ago since that side was pretty well balanced and I am sure we would have been stronger if that team had stayed together. Sadly, it was pretty much downhill from the time we played Birmingham away. Not only because of what happened to Eduardo but, it would have put the ‘you need big money to win a Premiership’ debate to sleep.

        As for Ade, he is a wonderful player when he plays with confidence but, alas it all a bit too inconsistent. Sad to see him go because I know he loved playing for us. I remember when we beat the Tiny Tots at their place at the beginning of the 07-08 season. For me that was Ade’s best ever game since he played with enormous confidence. I really thought to myself, ‘this guy is REAL! If he plays like that 75% of the time no one will stop us’. From the Chest-Trap with Hang Time (Just like Mike!)to the rifling volley past Robinson (Who?). Unfortunately for every Gooner, Ade did not give us that ‘va-va-voom’. I just wish Arsene or Pat had given him the DVD of that game to watch so he would know what he is capable of doing to defences.

        Providing the Board give Arsene all of the 25 million to spend from the Ade deal and Le Boss is able to buy the player(s) he wants, then we will be up there with a real challenge this season.

        Keep up the good work Tim!

  5. Well said about Ade, he will be missed. On a business trip to London in Dec 07, I ended up in an Arsenal pub in East London when he hit that screamer of a volley in the 4th minute against Newcastle. After screaming my head off, I got more than a few looks from the locals as a result of the ‘yank’ accent. Needless to say, I still talk to a few of those gooners today. Ade, although you wander offside far too much, your penchant for the spectacular (Villareal, Spurs, Newcastle) will be missed.

  6. ha ha ha ha Shawn Kemp comes to mind when thinking of Adebayor?? ….. what a disrespect to the greatest dunker of all time , the reign man was a great! His run of 7-straight all-star games and his Final appearance with “the Glove” helped put Seattle on the hoops map (short lived hoops life that is)… NBA lockout helped feed his drug, boredom, snacking and eventually weight problem…
    Kemp was a legend …… Adebayor is a putz!

  7. haha fair enough Barca didnt cheat, but you have to admit the ref was pretty shocking and it cost us the game. Who’s angry now, (cunt) I thought the british were supposed to be the hooligans. you yanks obviously cant handle the banter like us eh. ha.
    As for me being a plastic chelsea fan, ive supported them all my life mate, my whole family is Chelsea. How many Arsenal games you been to? Must be expensive addition to the season ticket when you add flights to london for every home game. Or are you lot just armchair fans.
    What you on about buying titles. Even Arsenal spent more than us last season!! How much money has Man Utd spent on their team to win titles? They have got a club debt of about £700mil. Anyway, whatever you say about Chelsea, weve still won alot more than Arsenal (cant buy a title cos Wenger is too tight) in recent history.

  8. Lets not bring a good blog down to a slanging match, but Chavski have a long way to go to emulate the Gunners history and their club ethic.

  9. Everything you are all saying is 100% true.

    But I will miss him. Terribly. I really like Adebayor, and it will suck to see him playing for Man City next season. I really wish he had gone to Italy instead.

    Last season I just kept waiting for him to have a HUGE game, but other than that one goal against Villareal, he was largely absent the entire season.

  10. Well if I remember correctly one snag with Toulalan is that he’s worth a penny or two. I read a little while back Lyon put him as a good 15-20M at the very least – he’s no doubt worth it but I’m not entirely sure if Wenger is going to try to negotiate with Lyon at that kind of price.

  11. Yes, my apologies for feeding the troll, it just irks the hell out of me how Chelsea fans of all people, who didn’t win a damn thing for what, 50 years before Roman, and who now owe him over 750m pounds, have the balls to talk shit about the only self sustaining club in the top 4. Anyone who cares more about their club buying titles and fulfilling their sense of instant gratification more than the long term sustainability of their club, is indeed a plastic fan. Oops, I just fed him again. How the hell did that happen?

  12. So I’m slightly confounded today though I know I shouldn’t be because it could very well be the usual shoddy journalism. However the Daily Mail is reporting that we’re looking at Huntelaar for 17M – fair enough I’ve already stated my piece on him. The paper is saying we may not go for Chamakh for 7M because Bordeaux would like Silvestre with the deal as well but we’re willing to go for 17M Huntelaar. Do these journos think Wenger cannot do the math? The man could very well be one of the most intellectual managers on the planet, I’m fairly certain he knows the risk assessment between spending 17M on one player as opposed to 7M and an aging cente back while saving 10M for more players. I’d love to see Huntelaar line up beside RVP in our red shirt but surely Wenger would go for the most bang for buck first given the option.

  13. hey there…. another Seattle Gooner here…. grew up in London, moved out here a couple of years ago….

    Likewise, I have no emotional ties to the Sounders, except for Freddie Ljungberg, and puke at the very idea of watching Chel$ki. I’d be as likely to want to go and see Hartlepool v Chel$ki as the game at the Sounders.

    Now, Barca…. that is a bit different…. a real football team…

    Where do you watch your footie? I’m normally in Fado or G&D. I’m excited that the owner of the G&D is planning to open a new pub in Ballard, right in my hood.

  14. What is all this garbage about Chelski? Who cares? They have had a few years in the spotlight, and about 150 years in the wilderness. To my mind they were always a lightweight boutique kind of outfit that came along to make up the numbers.

    Goodbye Ade you must leave us. Another good bit of business for Le Boss, how many is that he’s bought for a song, and sold for a symphony? The question I also ask is what happens to them when they move on? Perhaps it is all to do with the quality of the manager, and less to do with the quality of the player?

    How many reached their peak at Arsenal, and tailed off when they left? Viera left and sat on the side injured for a long time, Hleb has been warming the bench for how long at Barca? Even the great TH, had a lot of injury before he left, which I believe has never gone away. (Lower back and sciatic problems). Maybe Ade is the same, malaria, or some other nasty that the World Health Organization warnS you against in sub-Sahara Africa.

    There seems to be a cycle in terms of a clubs success, the secret is being able to repeat the cycle, time and again. Liverpiddle, Mancs Untied, and of course ourselves. Others have managed one or two peaks, but have crashed badly at the bottom of the cycle, Icarus like, and never recovered. Perhaps the effort of reaching the top drains too much from some clubs, or they live for the day without thought for the morrow.

    As for Viera to Spuds again who cares? He ain’t the player he was, and has Redcrap got a reputation for buying wisely or successfully. On past record he’s about due to move to another club isn’t he?

    As for my favorite Lorik Cana, if Le Boss wants him, I think he would come, maybe Le Boss has other candidates, Arsene the Inscrutable.

    Negrado is still my man at the front, the more I don’t hear about him the more my hopes rise.


  15. The problem with the chamakh deal is he’s more famous for his glaring misses than his goals, although speaking to some of my friends that are bordeaux fans he works his ass off and scores mainly from the head and when it counts, they love him. I mean he has only scored 46 times in 192 league appearances. But they said he has a Tevez like work rate and provides a lot of assists.

    Huntelaar on the other hand is one of the most prolific goal scorers in the world, 174 goals in 248 matches in his career. While I love work rate ( It would be a good antidote to ade’s season ) I would rather see a proven and vastly superior goal scorer. We don’t have one of those, only Eduardo fits bill and who knows how he will turn out playing lots of high pressure games in short spaces of time.

    Walcott just doesn’t cut it, he was pathetic this summer for the under 21’s and I’m beginning to see an overhyped player with pace and no ability to cross or dribble past defenders. Bendtner will continue to improve and I know he’s great with his head but his finishing with his feet is about as good as chamakh. mediocre at best. Vela is young unproven and untested there’s no telling whether he will reach his potential next season or not. Van Persie was excellent last season no faults and no injuries thank f**k but who knows.

    Now I know Arsene will buy the cheap bordeaux starlet with an eye to teaching him how to score more often instead of buying the magnificant Huntelaar beacuse god forbid we buy an established player with world class ability, I mean Arshavin was the biggest mistake ever wasn’t it? 😉 By the way they’re both the same age, but of course Chamakh speaks French so it’s a no brainer.

    The whole sticking with the youth policy doesn’t apply to this situation, the only viable reason I can think of why Wenger wouldn’t buy Huntelaar is his price and perhaps if he’s listening to idiot denilson haters that think he’s not a good DM because he doesn’t get red carded enough or start fights.

    We have lots of players that can fill the DM spot and believe it or not I have a feeling that’s the role he’s gonna throw Vermaelen into. Denilson, Song and diaby (been training for it all summer apparently) can all fit the bill. 22 game unbeaten run means we didn’t score enough goals not that we need a DM.

    1. @Bongo, Just so I get this straight. You’re blasting Walcott as overhyped because he’s a 20 year old who has, I don’t know, maybe another decade and a half of football left in him. I think you should check out Thierry Henry’s past too – he was god awful in his early 20s at both Monaco and Juventus and didn’t become the best striker in the world till his mid to late 20s. How about we not make a judgment call on a player who is light years away from his prime.

      1. @WC, I’m willing to wait on Walcott. The British media won’t. I would like Walcott to demonstrate that he’s gone from A past B and is on his way to C this season. That is provided he stays injury free.

  16. Yeah I’ve always believed Adebayor’s agent has been the source of the problem since the very beginning. He’s been telling him he’s great and as a consequence he’s asked for more money and worked a lot less harder, also he’s been having phone conversations and the like with other clubs such as Milan about a year ago. It’s a shame because Ade on his day can be a real handful but he does have a history of being a problem player and if his heart isn’t in it then we should look to replace him.

    With the 25 mill we seem to be getting for him we could replace him with Chamakh, who is coming into the last year of his contract, for around 7-10mill. On Chamakh I wouldn’t worry too much on his scoring record in France cause when we brought in Ade his record with Monaco wasn’t better. So let’s say he’ll cost 10mill then thats leaves around 15mill which would be enough to purchase Gokhan Inler.

    Job done.

  17. Tim i am with you 100%. I constantly get asked “what do you think of the sounders” and various like questions especially at work (mostly by Joe C. in facilities)and what they dont seem to understand to me its like saying hey did you watch that single A baseball game the other day. I have turned down box seats, 3rd row centerline seats, press box seats, and luxury box seats all becaause I cant stand watching “SOCCER”. They caall it soccer in the US because its a different game than footbal is. That being said I have watched a few parts of the games on the tele because I love HD but always get bored and frusterated. My buddy I coach with used to play with sigi and may get me into some traing sessions Im more interested in that than the games. Call me a snob, Call me a dick, I dont care. I may go to the BArca match but only because we are taking our team to go. It comes to this I supprot ONE team (unlike Phillip the Courier-inside joke for Tim) and Thats It. And no i dont have a Sounders FC Strip but I do proudly wear my Arsenal Crest On my leg every day (tattoo)and i never cover it(I always wear shorts)
    Good day every one

  18. First off, you do a great job with the blog Tim. I’ve been following it for quite some time now and I have to say its the only one I read on a daily basis.

    Secondly, I’m also a Gooner from the PNW. I understand your views on the Sounders and the MLS. My friends and I joke that the MLS is trying NOT to emulate the European leagues (with playoffs, two divisions, etc.). I mean, why copy something that is so succesful…

    But I do have season tickets (they were a gift) and while the quality of the football is usually terrible and the officiating is even worse, its still a good time heading to the bars before and after with friends and the atmosphere inside the stadium seems to be pretty good (I should qualify that by saying I unfortunately haven’t been lucky enough to travel to the Emirates to catch a game).

    So I will be there this Saturday hoping that Ljunberg can pull a Diaby on either Cashley or JT all while giving as much shiat as I can to every damn Chelsea supporter there.

    1. @Nathan, Yeah, exactly. Going to the games have been the highlights of my summer- sure, the football isn’t Arsenal, but actually being there, participating, is fun as hell. As an American there isn’t really another opportunity for me to go out to a game and chant and jump around.

      Plus, it means I’ve got football year-around. When once season’s over, the other one’s right in the thick of things…

  19. Another Washintonian here. Keep watching the Sounders. They will finally win you over. They may not be as polished as the Euro teams but they play with fire in their eyes as well as a nice forward attack minded theme. I find it as exciting as sometimes frustating. I like what I have seen so far. Though, I am a little tired of the “clattering tackles with no thought of winning the ball” that get no foul called… they (refs/league) need to clean up the game a little bit. The horns are a little annoying. BTW, I am going to the game and I paid for my ticket in a good seat too. On the EPL front, not sure what Mr Hughes is going to do with all of his forward thinking stars but I am sure he has a plan. Adding Terry even though aging is not a bad idea. Thanks for driving Ade to our doors. I will be thanking you all every time he scores goals for the SkyBlues. I have watched ManCity since they won promotion back into the EPL so I am not a band wagoneer. Not always an easy ride to be a City fan, though rich owners, good manager and somequality players should make this season the most ineresting yet. Not saying we will win the league but if we gell, we should knock off a few of the teams at the top half of the table this year…. Love pissing on your lots shoes. It’s Football not Soccer! BTW, I am in Kennewick!

  20. Chelsea fan in peace.
    I respect your stance, probably would not go see Arsenal if they’d come down to Toronto.
    Sure, you can whine about MLS. Quality is not there, plastic pitches and overpriced gear and beer (but at least we can drink in our seats). But! It’s best we have here and it’s us fans who make it fun to be at the stadium. Don’t watch it on TV, go to your local pub or to the game you’ll see the difference.
    Btw, drums and such is South American thing 😉

  21. The sooner this Adebayor transfer is concluded the sooner we can bring in whoever Arsene wishes to buy so that our season can truly start.

    Except for the new guy, our defense pretty much know Adebayor’s game. They should, therefore, know how to stop him so that he does not come back to hunt us. Anyway, Mark Hughes needs to get the best out of him first.

    1. @LRV, Adebayor’s game is to defend deep and he’ll go offside by himself on every play. It’s not just our defense that knows it.

  22. I’ve been sniffing around various blogs, given the Ade story, and found that the UK Guardian is suggesting that Ade has asked for time to mull everything over some more. Can’t you see him pulling out of this after taking it to the brink? Who knows the accuracy of the story, but the possibility of him backing out seems plausible given the bizarre history with him. I have to believe part of him is disappointed he’s not going to a marquee club like Barca or Milan. Maybe he’ll decide he wants to stay and start over at Arsenal? Who knows. Juicy stuff, this offseason is.

    Also, as it pertains to MLS, I actually went to see Everton play the Chicago Fire out at Toyota Park here in Chicago, and the Fire actually beat them 2 nil. Interesting. What was sad, though, was the stadium being 75% empty. On a pleasant summer’s weekend evening, it’s actually great to be out there, even if the soccer is not top flight.

  23. As I believe I said some time ago, wake me in August; then we’ll see what Arsene has been working behind the scenes at pulling together for the 09/10 campaign.

    He knows, we don’t.

    Flap your mouth parts on here until you’re blue in the face but the only person who knows who will and will not sign for our club is AW, and that’s exactly how it should be.

    Oh, has that silly Chelski twat run away yet? Fool. Somebody send him the 2009 Rothmans Football Yearbook so he can read the words aloud to himself in his cave.

  24. I am not a ‘snob’ about this game. I’ll watch anyone kicking a ball around on the pitch in the off season because I’m starving for the THE game. What can I say. I’ll watch WPS, MLS, USL and South American games as well like the Copa final tonight. I always root for the Brazilian teams.

    I cannot watch the NYRB (who I support in MLS as a consequence of supporting the Cosmos back in the day)at present because I am not masochist.

    I cannot fell sorry for Adebayor. You’re 24-25yo and at some point you have to take responsibility for statements and the resulting fall out. You have kids on this team who have shown more maturity in there acceptance of their responsibilities such as Kieran Gibbs. I do not want to hear about how he’s having second thoughts about how this transfer will damage his image in Africa. Too late.

    Chamakh, Huntelaar at the front of the queue of who we may or may not bring in. It is true that Chamakh’s strike rate is comparable to Adebayor’s at Monaco when we look for positives in this move. You just cannot be talking about Sunderland when you are on our radar. That’s a big negative for me.

    At 17m there is no way in hell that Wenger goes for Huntelaar. If Wenger and his scouts can divine that Huntelaar could translate his goal scoring prowess to the EPL I would even send a donation toward the fee 🙂
    Huntelaar could be either a van Nistlerooy or a Kuyt. He could be the next van Basten or the next Babel. I don’t think Real Madrid gave him the playing time like they did w/ Higuian. 17m is too much for us to take a chance in our decisive season. Look at the gradual development of RVP in this league.

    I mentioned Gignac as an unknown we might consider. On another blog I called for us to consider Dzeko and Ibisevic. Dzeko became a hot topic before Wolfsburg slammed the door. Admittedly Ibsevic would be coming back from a long term injury. But now lo and behold the new name in the mix is Demba Ba, Ibisevic’s strike partner. Now I like the look of this dude. He will remind you of a young Drogba. He was at Watford for 6 mo in the beginning of his career. He’s big, fast strong, and the best of all for me is that he will run at defenders.

    1. @ctpa, While Demba may be considerable you have to look at Hoffenheim’s sharp decline in the goalscoring department once Ibisevic got his injury. Demba was almost non-existent without Ibisevic and it shows you who really did most of the work up front. Once Vedad was unavailable then Hoffenheim rode a rollercoaster down the table.

  25. Had something similar with Melbourne Victory vs Fulham last week. I’ve nothing against Fulham, but after you’ve seen the Arsenal in the flesh, it just doesn’t click, does it?

  26. If Ade is packing for City, my curiosity will be how Arsene sees the priority for Arsenal –
    replacement striker or bolster the midfield.

      1. @WC, agree that could be another option BUT I don’t see striker as a priority.

        If Arsene feels Eduardo’s health is still a big question mark, then for sure a replacement striker will happen.

        Just as playing time matured the on field effectiveness of Song, Gibbs, and to some extent Djourou – Vela needs to see more 1st team action.

        Upfront players: RvP, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela, plus Arshavin & Theo as options

  27. Many of you have suggested Huntelaar as a possible replacement for Ade. From what I have seen from Huntelaar playing for Real Madrid (I watch them quite often since my roommate is a fan, even went to watch them play against Athletico when I was in Madrid with my roommate), Huntelaar will score you goals but apart from that, he does not offer much. Whenever the ball is at his feet outside the penalty box, the play usually slows down a lot which I don’t think will suit Arsenal’s play. He isn’t a dribbler nor a passer. I’ve seen him misplace a pass many times. On the positive note, he will score given the chance inside the penalty box, very similar to Van Nistlerooy but I feel we already have someone like that in Eduardo. For 17m, I don’t think Huntelaar will fit Arsenal’s system or improve our squad by much.

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