Vieira's doing WHAT? Plus Man City's Horn of Plenty.

I started this blog as a new year’s resolution to write every day. It’s a topic I’m passionate about, Arsenal in particular and football in general, and there’s a ton of easy research available. So I figured “just do it” and I haven’t looked back since.

One of the things I’ve discovered along the way is that in writing these blogs, and through the fan feedback, I actually learn to make sense of some things. This is especially true when it comes to complexities like transfers, transfer rumors, agents, and the press. If I had been raised in England, this stuff would all be old hat to me I imagine. But I wasn’t, I, instead, know all about how player trades in the NBA work — which is about as bat-shit crazy a system of caps and exceptions as you can imagine. So, given my accident of birth in the U.S., there are days when I just don’t know what the hell is going on and writing it all down, just getting it all out in one place , really helps.

This is one of those days.

For example… Why in the hell would Patrick Vieira go to Spurs? This man is an Arsenal legend who is reportedly being offered £35,000/wk. to play for a pack of, well, cunts. This story can’t be true can it? I mean, I’ve seen some patterns emerge over the last few years, so, for example every creative midfielder in the world is linked to Arsenal during the transfer season, usually they do it alphabetically going straight down the list. And as if he’s some kind of foil for Wenger, every defensive midfielder in the world is linked to Redknapp, constantly. But still, this is not just Miguel Veloso here, this is Patrick FUCKING Vieira! Do I believe this story? I haven’t a clue.

But I will say this: don’t do it Paddy.

The other stories that are boggling my mind are about money, vast sums of money, amounts that don’t even make any sense. Like, Man City offering John Terry £250,000/wk*. £13m a year! Nearly £6m more per year than he is making at Chelsea, the same Chelsea who have the highest, stoopidest, most kick to the balls of the working man, payroll in the history of football.

Sort of like Vieira but even more so, John Terry is the face of Chelsea (sometimes literally like when Diaby nearly kicked it in) this can’t be real, he just wants Chelsea to pay him more, and why aren’t they just doing it? It’s not like they don’t have the money.

One of the stories not being reported on, probably because it’s early in the transfer season, is the fact that somehow Chelsea have found themselves no longer the big dog in the room. Other than some Zhirkoff that they have added to their collection of Jerkoffs, Chelsea have failed to sign every single one of their targets so far this year: Pato, Ribery, uhhh who else I swear there was more? Instead, these players are standing pat, or waiting for the real big money offers from Real Madrid or Man City. If I was a Chelsea supporter, I might be getting nervous right about now. What’s Roman going to do? They don’t have a business model, they have a cash model, and right now their cash isn’t enough.

There’s been a lot of talk about Arsenal losing 4th place this season and with Man City amassing an amazing array of players, an eye watering cornucopia of the world’s talent in one place, you’d have to bet that they will certainly be pushing for one of the top spots. But you also have to think that the instability in Chelsea, caused by their mercinary tactics and constant firing of coaches, will be why they are the team most vulnerable to getting kicked out of the Champions League spot, not Arsenal. And if they lose Terry, I would be betting money on it.

And let’s turn back to City for just a second… I have confirmed yesterday’s rumor that City is supposedly offering Adebayor between £150-180,ooo per week. Which I have estimated to be about £200,000 per offside.

He’d be a fool not to take it, they are fools to offer it, and Arsenal will reap the rewards from his sale. Meanwhile, Wenger will push on doing what he’s done for years now, quietly building the best team in the land.

That is, if he’ll just sign an experienced defensive midfielder — if for no other reason than to placate us grumblers. It’s a win-win, right? Let’s say he signs Toulalan or Cana or M. Diarra (all supporter targets) and they don’t adapt and Song or Denilson are better — then he gets to do his patented “I told you these were the best players, believe in youth, we are creating something special” press conference. On the other hand, if they are successful, well then it’s a bit sad but next year we sell one of the folks they replaced and move on. Everyone’s happy.

And finally, there’s the belle of the ball, everyone’s favorite to win the League and last year’s “team who will win the Sext (Charity Shield, Premier League, FA and League Cups, Club World Cup, and Champions League) ” Manchester United.

Well, they are taking the £80m from the sale of CR7, nee CR9, and putting it straight into the bank. Well, they signed Michael “Balsa Legs” Owen for a free, and Antonio “Who?” Valencia for £18m, but other than that, Fergie’s saying that he’s closed the window on transfers at Man U. Have you noticed the press reaction to Fergie’s statement? Have you noticed that there aren’t any articles saying that the club is in crisis, or wondering if Fergie’s “lost the plot?” Man U, a club that is nearly three times as in debted as Arsenal, a club who can’t afford to make the interest payments on their line of credit, make two minor purchases after losing their star player and everyone’s all “meh.”

It really has gone mad, hasn’t it?

*I do know that that’s a link to a Daily Star “article” which is the boobiest of all newspapers but this figure is widely being reported and sometimes it’s ok to link to a funny newspaper like the Daily Star.


  1. Forget where you were born. You write like a true Brit complete with the sarcasm and irony that we love this side of the pond. Throw in a bit of insult to the spuds and you have yourself a winning blog.

  2. Vieira’s doing WHAT? He’s sucking my cock and I’m getting ready to frost his face.

  3. Good Article that. Especially the bit about the media blindness to Man Utds plight. If they dont spend the CR7 or whatever money this summer they never will. As for City.. I think will will push the top 4 but will probably miss out on it until next season. However if we do make it I dont think it will be you guys who drop out. You had a bad start last year and got better. Assuming you continue to improve I think its Chelsea who will suffer if we kick on. Good blogg will keep an eye on it.

  4. Spot on great blog……for a yank. Joking of course, cos you speak sense and make it fun as well.
    It gets on my tits that AFC are always the ones in trouble according to the meeja, even for some ‘fans’ of our glorious club. Our other top 4 friends are on an absolute knife edge financially and at the mercy of the markets or fair weather backers. Any of them could be the next Leeds, yet Arsenals good house keeping is rewarded with derision.

  5. Brrinng Brinngg Brinng Bringg


    “Paddy, C’est Thierry”

    “Thierry mon frere! comment ca va?”

    “Bien, bien listen bruv what the f*ck is all this shit that I’ve been reading about you signing for those scummy f*cking oiks at No Heart lane? This is a joke n’est ce pas?”

    “ha ha course it’s a joke Tel, you honestly think I’d see out the twilight of my glittering career in the grande toilette de t*ttenham??? Bro you gotta stop believing everything you read”

    “Ok sava, au revoir geez”

    “Au revoir Tel lad”


  6. I’d have preferred AC for ade-bye. where he would have bn hung out in the san-siro sun to dry with those offsides and one on one misses. at citeh though, he is likely to ‘enjoy’ a duty roaster. a rotation for target man that will give him a perfect excuse for his well known mis-firing habit.

  7. Excellent blog today, Tim. Daily writing is a very good thing….I try to do the same so I don’t have to pay a psychotherapist…;-)

    From the sounds of it Ade is off to Citeh. It’s a ballsy move by AW as they are the team best positioned to break into the top 4. Originally I was of the mind that Ade=trouble for defenses and thus was good for us, but I was swayed a bit by the arguments over there on ArsenalAmerica (now defunct)that Ade was at his best in 07-08 when he was working with deeper lying midfielders (Hleb, Flamini, Cesc) and that with more aggressive partners who might get in behind defenses themselves (RVP, Arshavin, Eduardo, Vela, Bendnter) Ade becomes the odd man out. Interestingly in his 30 goal year Ade only made 5 assists (?!). Compare that to RVP’s 20 goals and 15 assists last season.

    It definitely could be a wild ride at the top in the league this season. Citeh is obviously bulking up, United are banking not buying (rebuilding?), and ‘Pool look a hair unstable as the Spanish contingent have to be tempted by the happenings at Madrid (Alonso says he wants out today) and the general limelight Barca’s treble shines on La Liga. You mention that Chelsea doesn’t seem to be throwing the rubles around quite as much and the managerial changes are problematic. I wouldn’t look past them however. Zhirkov worked brilliantly (and tirelessly) behind Arshavin at the Euros and the two were the reason Russia got as far they did in that tournament. If Drogba (stays and) has a full season, he’s as tough as they come, and Anelka mops up as clinically as anyone. And finally, Everton and Villa are both coming off good seasons and will present tricky ties for all the other big teams and might sneak into position themselves.

    Finally, the Ade money….Watched a little Chamakh youtube and thought, he heads the ball pretty well when TOTALLY unmarked. I don’t know the French league, but he seems pretty thin and frail for the take-no-prisoner defenses in England. And no dances or idiot badge kissing and military salutes (the latter being Ade pet peeves of mine) when he scores.

    1. @17highburyterrace, Thanks!

      I’m going to be doing a bigger season preview soon and I’ll touch on some of the things you’ve mentioned here but don’t want to play my hand too soon.

      Stay tuned.

  8. Over the past 2 years – CR7 & CR9 produced many clutch goals for ManU – great individual effort. IMO – with the loss of these 2 great players, ManU is prime for a meltdown on the pitch, locker room, fans, and media & out of top 4.

    Chelsea’s fate will hinge on the health of key players Essian, Joe Cole, Lampard, and Drogba.

    “IF” Rosicky and Eduardo can find their old form and stay healthy PLUS we pick up the DM we need, we should have trouble holding all of the silverware.

    I don’t care where Ade goes – as long as we bolster the position of DM.

  9. Thank you for the pointing out the farce re ManU. Really – for Fergie to be talking about an inflated transfer market, that he has just massively benefited from is entirely ridiculous.

    I like to compare the purchase of Owen with Bischoff. Bisch was a backend gamble that was zero risk to the squad and when he left no one was worse for the wear. Owen is fundamental to the plan – if he fails, they’re leaning on two strikers and kids. It’s serious business.

  10. Tim, I think the reason that Man U’s finances get less play than Arsenal’s is that the Arsenal board/ownership is so fragmented. Makes for a story the theme of boardroom squabbling, in addition to Usmanov making his unwelcome advances. With the addition of each year without a trophy since moving to the new, costly Emirates, the speculation surrounding the Arsenal finances and the supporters’ frustrations about them will only get louder.

    Man U clearly has a lot of debt, but they’re also totally controlled by one rich family – The Glazers. No backroom drama there. Not to mention, they’ve got a number of trophies under their belts the last few years so their urgency is essentially nil when compared to our four year “drought”. Basically what I’m saying is that I understand the lack of interest in United’s finances. I’d point to Liverpool, which I think you would possibly agree has had a lot of press with regards to its financial situation.

    Back to football, it sounds as if Ade’s good as gone. Apparently he’s heading to Manchester tomorrow for a work permit hearing? I think this whole dynamic is another one of those areas confusing to us yanks, but the way it’s being reported suggests this is a very affirmative sign that Ade’s leaving. My hope is that we don’t spend that money, beyond what money we’re likely going to shell out for Matuidi, just for any ol’ striker replacement. There’s no need to buy a backup forward as we’re pretty well stocked in that area. If you’re going to buy a forward, buy a world top 10 and make a splash. If that’s next season or at this mid-season transfer period, so be it.

  11. The latest quoted figures are 25m and 150-170k/wk from the Guardian. I’ll take 25m for Adebayor and so will Wenger. With Gazidis in the house, this deal will be done pronto. There’s a Blues line that goes “… you’ve been a good old wagon but honey you’ve done broke down.” i think it very apopros right now. Money aside, I look at this deal like this: what do we gain and how will this hurt us. Besides Bendtner, we have lost a potent aerial threat that will hurt our set plays and plan B attack. We gain better continuity in our attacks (less offside calls), more reliance on movement off the ball from our remaining strikers of which they are more that capable of, less disruption and more camaraderie. Adebayor has shown historically that for whatever reasons, he becomes a “cancer in the locker room” whether it was at Monaco, his national team and now Arsenal and usually it is all about the ‘Benjamins’. Ce la vie.

    The other issue is what does this buy do for Man City’s chances to crack the top 4. Wenger’s pragmatism in deciding to sell “Beyonce” to a team that can grow as a threat to the top 4 is admirable and hopefully calculated. If I’m a Man City supporter I’ve got to be saying “wait just a gosh darn minute” w/ all these buys which unbalances my team and makes us look like Real Madrid lite. Tevez=Bellamy, Adebayor=Santa Cruz. No defense, Kompany to undergo surgery and no mental fortitude away from home. Adebayor does not chance that one iota. You have to love a team whose mental makeup consist of Bellamy, Elano (is he in or out Hughes’ dog house this week), Robinho, SWP (who failed at Chelsea) and Adebayor.

    I’ve wanted to comment about Ferguson closing up shop as well but w/ the demise of AA, there was no outlet until NOW. You are absolutely correct about the lack of media/pundit criticism over this pronouncement. Ferguson brings in this years version of Hendrik Larson (Owen) and a South American version Park Ji Sung (Valencia) who did all of what at Wigan is laughable. Maybe he is getting a ‘pass’ because they won the title but you can’t let grass (moss) grow under your feet in any competitive business. Especially not when the heart and soul of your offense departs.

    I love how Chelsea (Lately) is becoming like a fossilized relic. Even before this depression took hold, Chelsea had pulled in their financial oars and have brought players on free transfer for the most part. The potential departure of John Terry to shore up Man City’s defense and fortify the locker room attitude is most telling. The “face of the franchise” does not contemplate leaving unless he sees the inability of the once fabled Abramovich wealth as no longer able to bring in/afford their targets. Chelsea also cannot rely on any of their young players they’ve raided coming to front anytime soon. Michael Mancienne, the U21 CB was an absolute disaster in the Euros.

    As for Liverpool, Johnson is a dynamic RB but he’s not worth 18m. He may get you a few goals but that’s not why you buy him is it? Benitez has made too many missteps in the transfer market than hits when you consider his limited budget. His purchases smack of a lack of discipline in where the team needs to go. Robbie Keane, come on. After Torres, Liverpool has who for a front line striker, Ngog?, Zhar?

    By the time I’m done w/ these comments, Adebayor should be rooming w/ Benjani 🙂

    @joshuad, welcome aboard matey. The good ship 7AMkickoff is now boarding ex-AA ‘members’.

    1. @ctpa, And speaking of former AA types…Danny T makes a good point on his blog that it’ll be a rather mercurial first month of the season with games away to Everton, ManU and ManCiteh (with a motivated Ade, we must presume).

      Of the so-called big 4 I think ‘Pool show the most cracks right now. I’ve been distinctly unimpressed with Riera and Dossena (though Kuyt, always dissed, is a valuable player IMO. And the back line….Ask Andrey what he thinks (though maybe Skrtl was missing that night)….

      If they lose Alonso and have the usual injury problems with Mascherano and Gerrard (and El Nino) they look pretty damn thin.

  12. Ade going for a medical, to see if he has a normal set of reflexes.

    Maybe has some visual impairment, which blinds him to the last defender?

    I don’t see ManCiteh doing any better, a dressing room full of inflated egos, and an ordinary manager, tears before bedtime methinks.

    I still say Negredo is the man up front, 6’1″, 23 years old, 21 goals this season in La liga. Rumour has it that Fulham are interested.

    The quality of this site forgives everything, even the author being a Yankee Colonial. Seriously, head-and-shoulders above the others, witty and intelligent, with refreshingly different perspectives.


  13. I would like to point everyone to Arseblogger’s link to a BBC article by Robert Preston who reviews a 35 page report commissioned by Usmanov in support of his rights issue. All I will say is this: after Enron, Lehman Bros., AIG, Countrywide, Washington Mutual, etc., etc., etc., you cannot trust as reliable anything an accountant tells in support of a position you know in your heart is wrong.

  14. I want to be very clear about something: even though I was a member of Arsenal America, and I am still listed as the Seattle Branch officer I have not been in contact with them, I don’t know what the beef is, and though I left one message on the board (that was deleted) I am not actively recruiting members away from Arsenal America.

    Further, I have no idea what’s going on over there nor why everyone is leaving and coming here.

      1. @Tim,
        I wont discuss what went down at AA, it’s not worth the discussion. However, I did recommend your blog a few times as we have some “arsenalists” on AA whom I thought would appreciate your acerbic humor.

        BTW, no need to feel guilty, the AA Board told bloggers they should look elsewhere for reviews, match analysis and discussions.

  15. If I’m Wenger I shore up the DM position first. I don’t know about another CB. Everytime we’ve looked for our backup CB (Djourou) last season he was injured. He’s had too many niggling injuries for someone so young.

    I know Senderos is back but I think that is just because he couldn’t find a good cup of tea in Milan 😉

    The last thing we need to buy w/ the Adebayor money is a striker. Everyone is Chamakh’s scent since Wenger affirmed he liked the player when directly questioned in a radio interview. “ctpa, do you like Dzeko, Pato, Higuian, Huntelaar, and Fabiano?” Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, they are very good players.” “Do you black?” “Yes.” “Do you like white?” “Yes.”
    That is Wenger’s m.o. It’s whats behind the curtain that matters. If you’re the Sun, you can weave a hold Arsenal scenario behind the fact that Huntelaar is delaying the Stuttgart deal.

  16. I’d like to think the old skipper has alot more red running through his veins than to sign for Spuds. Besides he’d just sit and rot on the bench at Crap Hart Lane. I mean where is he going to play? Palacios and Modric already have the middle of the park. I think Arry is slowly losing it if he thinks Vieria is the answer to his problems right now.

    Ding dong the Ade is gone!!! Or almost. Go go Gadget Cana!!

    As for Chelski? Well they have stated that they wanted to “try” to be a self-sufficient club and Abramovich did make a loss during the economic crisis so he’s not as rich as he used to be. However the problem extends more because of Madrid. They’ve inflated the market so much that even rich clubs realize they’re being swindled when clubs slap a 20M price tag on Joe Blow Nobody footballer. The might Mancs have 80M and cannot find anyone to replace CRonaldo and Milan have 60M and can’t replace Kaka – that shows you how bad the window is for everyone but Madrid.

    1. @WC, Both Man U and Milan have debts that preclude willy-nilly forays into the transfer market. They’d rather bank that cash rather than spend it. Galliani implied that the economy forced the Kaka sale. Berlusconi has angered Milanistas by stating that the club as constituted is good enough to win (what?). No one in the British media wants to incur the wrath of Ferguson by asking just who are you bringing in to excite the supporters and replace all that offense. Rooney stepping up to the plate is a stretch. I’m sure Valencia’s mother thinks he great but let’s be real.

  17. Oh I also forgot to add – with the money Citeh have you’d think they’d spend it in the one place they need it most – a competent manager. Mark Hughes is not the man to lead that club if they really want to compete. Ironically Sven Goran Eriksson is one of the best candidates to build a successful team on a huge budget – just ask Lazio.

  18. OK, well I saw on another blog a pretty good answer to the Ade question. It takes a lot for AW to get fed up with a player to the point that he would sell an established first team “star” like adebayor. Has ade’s ego and lack of work ethic had such a negative effect that AW is willing to sell such a dangerous player to another EPL club? If so, I support the move for the sake of team spirit, but we know what he is capable of and I’ll be nervous for our fixtures with city. I’m just not sure if chamkah is strong enough to hold off a Terry or Vidic like Ade could, but we do need a guy who can score with his head to complement our wide-playing and crossing/set piece emphasis.

    And tim, I’m curious- are you a gringo or a british expat? Your style and knowledge would make you fit in at any islington pub. I’ve found my new favorite blog- I’m tired of negativity and people who think they can be a manager, the open-mindedness is refreshing.

  19. Cant see Paddy going to the Spuds, but then again, I never saw Ade going to City.

    I predicted Ade’s departure by the end of last season but saw him in distant Spain or Italy where he could not hurt us on a daily basis. Also think this is the worst move Ade could make with a sub-par manager like Hughes who will have so much pressure to win that player mistakes will not be tolerated and having to compete against some extremely good strikers with inflated egos. Wenger is showing a lot of balls in doing this, because he will be abused by fans if Ade becomes a thorn in our side.

    Still think Senderos and Silvestre will soon be on the departure train with 2 incoming players on the agenda, Striker and either CB or DM.

    1. @CaribKid69, Citeh sure do have alot of strikers. I wonder if Hughes promised all of them game time because I know he hasn’t been a player for a while now but surely he remembers that only 11 players are allowed on the field at one time. Satna Claus, Tevez, Jo, Bellamy Benjani, Bojinov, Caceido, Robinho and Ade. I guess they’re trying a new 0-4-6 formation?

      1. Couple the striker bonanza with 10 contending MF’s and you have a recipe for team mayhem, infighting and loss of spirit.

        If they get 2 defenders they will no doubt be top 4 contenders as long as Hughes does a half decent job.

        I am more optimistic at this point than I was last year of us achieving a top 4 finish as Manure could have a very shaky year. Losing their top GS in Ronaldo and their Fighting Kamikaze, Tevez, and having to rely on the aging legs of Neville, Scholes and Giggs they could be in for a long hot summer.

        Chelsea still has a couple years left on their aging team if Ancelotti does not suffer the Juande Ramos syndrome and implode like Spuds did last year. Czech, Essien, Terry, Lampard, anelka and Drogba make them legit contenders and Liverpool will be in the running if Torres can stay healthy.

        The despised Spuds have a chance to contend if “Arry” doesn’t wet his diapers after the first few losses.

        1. @CaribKid69, Hughes doing a half decent job is a big if. He’s been their manager for what? A season and a half and he still can’t win away games. His tactics and team essentially blow half the games of the season since neither of them know how to play away from Man Shitty stadium.

        2. Agreed, It is a big “IF”. However, he does have some good material to work with and Citeh could be very dangerous if they get it together. Anyway, if they don’t make top 5 this year he is a goner.

  20. Ade gone! Is this really happening? I’m so happy Im at a loss for words. I never doubted his talent but I have hated him since he hustled Arsene into doubling his wages last summer. There are just so many reasons why this is a good sell for us. “I’ll play like Henry when I get paid like Henry”?? Well now is the time to prove it Ade. Good luck – you will need it.

    Now let’s get rid of Diaby and Sylvestre, buy a good CDM and another CB and my summer will be complete!

    1. Hope you are right, but i’m not as confident as you are. I keep thinking Ade will come back to haunt us.

      1. @CaribKid69,

        Players always seem to perform well against their former teams because of that extra motivation to prove a point. No doubt he will be fired up when we play city but it’s upto our supporters to get inside his head – which, I would hope, will be fairly easy to do. However, over the course of the season, I have no doubt that we will be better off without him.

        1. @nycgunner,

          Of course I am assuming Wenger will replace him. I know it will probably be someone I really haven’t seen play, but I would like someone like Gonzalo Higuain – doubt Madrid will sell him though. Heck I would even go for Huntelaar. Both those guys have a lot of quality. No chance you say? Fine Chamakh it is! I just wish Wenger would buy another finished article like Arshavin. That would be the proper way to replace Ade as he was more or less a finished article. Otherwise you wait till the guy moves up the learning curve and if in the meantime Edu & RVP take on injuries (highly possible), well then you’ve got a bit of a problem. Guess I will have to just keep my faith on Le Boss!

  21. I just looked at Chamakh’s scoring rate. It’s barely 25%!! Are you f***ing kidding me?? Bring on Huntelaar I say! He will work well with RVP and bring balance to the force! Do it Arsene!!

    1. @nycgunner, I admit Chamakh’s scoring record isn’t breath taking but he’s not really the last striker on Bordeaux. Oddly enough he’s very much the second striker and Cavenaghi is more the goa machine. He improved greatly with Gourcuff providing creative playmaking last season so I can see him doing fairly well with our midfield. He provides the height that we could use in the attack.

      1. @WC, a 25% scoring rate is still a 25% scoring rate no matter how you look at it. the last thing we need right now is to build another striker from scratch. if height is the only requirement, then we dont we just go for peter crouch? no.. we need something more than height. we need a good finisher, someone who understands free flowing football and who can give us an aerial option as well – only then will we have filled the gap left behind by ade. huntelaar fits the bill perfectly. the more i think about it, the more sense this makes to me. he’s got a good track record both domestically and internationally, he already has a good understanding with rvp, he’s disgruntled at Madrid, wtf are you waiting for arsene?

        1. @nycgunner, Except Huntelaar is going to cost around 20M. Not that I’m against it because I’ve watched him from his Herenveen days and was an advocate of his but Wenger isn’t going to spend 20M of the 25M he gets for Ade on one player – simple facts. Wenger would much rather buy 2-3 players with the 25M than a single one.

          Crouch is garbage. For a guy almost 7 ft tall he can’t head for shit and that’s why Wenger wouldn’t buy him because he can’t put his height to any good use. I think he’s one of the worst players to play for a top four club in the last decade.

  22. I can’t believe someone thinks it a good idea to sell Adebayor. Nobody can do what he does. I don’t just mean technically but physically. That big son of a bitch is a handful for any defense to deal with. He’s got pace, power, good in the air, and is capable of running over people if need be. Who else in our squad can do that?

    That was Arsenal’s problem this past season. We’ve got too many “skill” players. We need some rough men who like the physical battles. Flamini and Adebayor became regulars in the ’07/’08 season. With their addition, we suddenly became title contenders. No one was referring to Arsenal as a “soft touch” anymore.

    We have never won a title with a bunch of soft-ass players like we have now. We need men, warriors who thrive in the physical wars of the BPL colosseums. Without those types of players, teams are going to go back to kicking Arsenal because that will work again.

    1. @joshuad, i dont think questions ade’s skills but he’s a lazy tard and his attitude stinks! we will miss his physicality for sure but that’s why arsene must reinvest the money and beef up the team.

  23. I will not begrudge an ‘old man’ some playing time at Sp**s. He’s the perfect player as he ticks all the boxes as ‘arry would say: free, experienced, and a winner w/ the mentality to match. I’ve watched Viera when he was at both Juventus and Inter and believe me he will not put Sp**s over the top. You cannot come back from the Italian ‘burial ground’ and expect to rekindle a top flight career here at 33yo. There is a reason why Beckham looked good at AC Milan and that’s because it’s a slower league.


    Now you know why Chamakh does not float my boat. If I’m Bendtner and I’ve watched Chamakh’s highlight reel of missed scoring chances, I can just chill about the competition thing. The goals he did manage to score were w/ no defensive pressure. All we have is that Grimandi raved about him to Wenger in 2007. You have to trust your trusty scout.

    Here’s a striker that I’ll throw out for discussion. He doesn’t meet the criteria for being experienced or a world top 10 striker but he’s an unknown which is a Wenger criteria: Andre-Pierre Gignac, 23yo, 1 yr at Toulouse/21 goals to top Ligue Un.

    You have to figure that Man City will ship Bojinov (just back from a yr out injured), Caceido and Benjani (Benjani=Caceido). I like Bojinov who had something when he played in Serie A. He did score 1 goal for Man City after his long lay off. Problem is that he’s small.

  24. When I first read the Vieira news, my first reaction was feeling sorry for PV. That is because that is a move which will not go down well with either Arsenal fans or those jolly good neighbours and will certainly damn his final playing years. Hard to know if this would be considered worse than George Graham taking over at Spurs. Also, I remember when Michael Thomas went to Liverpool, that was a move that didn’t go down well and all Thomas did was score a last minute goal to deny Liverpool the title 🙂

    I was expecting PV to be gone from Inter this summer if Jose was still in charge because when PV failed to jump to let in that goal at Old Trafford, I didn’t think Jose would let that one down. But was hoping PV would not play for another team in England, let alone #$#$^#$

    Regarding Ade..Even though his offsides were annoying and his attitude was awful this past season, I would have preferred to see him still in the team but not given an automatic starting spot everytime. And I would have liked Arsenal to get a replacement before Ade went. Having a forward line of Van Persie, Eduardo and Bendtner doesn’t give me too much confidence. Since Holland have made it to the World Cup, I fear Van Persie will be forced to play in more meaningless friendlies leading to….that dreaded injury. Although I keep hoping this means Vela will finally be given a chance but I am not sure what Vela has to do to make it at Arsenal..

  25. I will say one positive thing for Man City..atleast they are an equal opportunity team. Real Madrid only want the biggest names in the game whereas Man City have no qualms for going after players not on the same page as greatness. Any player in England could have realistic hopes of playing for Man City and getting paid big bucks. I am not saying this to take a shot at Ade but I wouldn’t be surprized if tomorrow Man City signed Darren Bent or Bentley and made them one of the highest players in England.

  26. Nothing official on the Adebayor front. He’s passed his medical (did they do a psychiatric exam in these things), needs a new work permit to leave London, was going to sleep on the offer, blah, blah, blah.

    Arseblog reminds us that after Adebayor gave a lame BBC interview Wenger dropped him at the end of the season. I’ll remind you that Henry got ‘dropped’ (w/ a mysterious injury) around Christmas of his final season for getting too big for his britches. Getting dropped is the kiss of death from Wenger.

    Can you believe Wenger ‘wanting’ to hold onto Sylvestre is delaying the Chamakh deal? Who knows? Depends on how they are valuing Sylvestre in the deal I suppose. I don’ think any fan rates Sylvestre at this point. Anyhoo this ‘snag’ has fired up the Huntelaar drums. My only problem w/ Huntelaar is that w/ the WC buildup he and RVP would be away.

    I believe Tevez.

    How the ‘mighty’ have fallen as Hull ‘capture’ Zamora. Phil Brown can’t go down quick enough for me.

  27. It will be a pity if Viera finds no other club to go other than across the road. That will be sad for him indeed.

    I would have preferred Ade to be sold into Europe rather than to Citeh. But whatever happens, happens. We can use the money.

    As for Charmakh, I don’t know much about him. I however know that Arsene Wenger is not stupid. If the guy has no potential to withstand the rigors of the premiership, Arsene will not risk it; not at this time.

    As for a DM, I still believe that one is coming.

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