Sunday Kickaround — and our second contest

I had the most wonderful sleep-in this morning. I was snoozing lightly after 9 hours of good sleep, when I started dreaming that I was on some squad of players who were all older (like me) and kind of gimpy (like me) and we were all trundling around the pitch in some kind of twisted old man’s FA Cup match.

Of course, as dreams always do, then the dream went South and I realized I was dreaming. But only enough to start thinking that there was an FA Cup match on this morning and that I needed to write about it for the blog and, of course, then I woke up thinking I had missed the first half of the match.*

Freud agrees: Gods damnit we need some football!

To that end, I’m going to have my usual Sunday kickaround today but before I do, let’s see what’s going on in the world of Arsenal! Probably, Arsene is going to personally fly to Albania and sign Lorik Cana, amiright??


Nothing, nothing, David Beckham is still a selfish prick but he does make a good point about talking directly to your teammates before you go to the press, and I could link to another nothing story about Cesc being Barcelona’s “second option” behind Franck Ribery but why would I even give those liars the hits?

Nope, there’s nothing going on, folks. I think that Arsenal have something in the works, all signs point to it, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens this week. Until then, there’s really nothing to talk about. Maybe next year I’ll take vacation during the summer transfer window.

I do want to thank everyone for voting in yesterday’s poll about which Arsenal shirt you’d rather have, and am happy to announce that the Arshavin shirt won. I’d also like to thank everyone for the email comments I received, there are a lot of good suggestions and I’ll be incorporating them into a redesign. I’ll be buying the shirts here in a few weeks and setting up the pay system then I should have them ready, probably some time around the first match of the season.

As for the crest design, there were some people who had very strong feelings about that design and offered some good suggestions to make it stronger. So, let’s hold off on that shirt for a little while, until I can make it better.

In the mean-time, you can win yourself a free shirt!

I am very proud to introduce our second ever tee-shirt giveaway contest in conjunction with Philosophy Football dot com. The last giveaway of the Anfield ’89 shirt was very successful and they have come back for seconds! This time, they are offing a chance to get a red shirt with white sleeves, hell, it may be your only chance to get a shirt like that for years, if Nike have their way.  Anyway, enough of me editorializing on Arsenal’s rather ‘shirty’ kits, here’s the contest:

Win an Arsènal T-shirt

Strictly unofficial, Philosophy Football have franglaised ‘Arsenal’ in tribute to Monsieur Wenger who has brought so much joie de vivre to the red half of North London. Available we have 5 to be won in our July competition.

To enter simply answer the following question:

“In what year was Arsène Wenger appointed Arsenal manager?”

Send your answer with name, address, preferred T-shirt size to:

Entries close 26 July ’09, no purchase necessary to enter.

Congratulations to  Matt Huckvale, Mohammed Hussain,  Michael Magnus, Jay O’Donahue and Thierry Tremblay. All winners of the Arsenal ’89 T-shirt, also available from , in our June competition.


*I hate when people talk about their dreams.


  1. Hi Tim, a slow day all round, Teletext and newsnow have been taking a battering from myself but the only remotely interesting, no make that humorous story is David Bentley getting smacked in the mush in some restaurant….a slow day biut a good day 🙂

  2. Anybody know when Mexico is playing in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and if Vela is gonna play and if it’s on (US) TV? Thanks….

  3. Cheers for the shirt, Tim! I’m gonna enjoy pissing off some scousers this summer now. Great blog as well. It’s hard to find people that talk sense on the internet so it’s a welcome respite along with Arseblog. Thanks again.

  4. Mexico 1-0 Guadaloupe. No Vela. I missed the bench shot so I don’t know if he’s a sub. Its basically all Mexico looking like a poor man’s Arsenal in the final 1/3. Wait, Arsenal has looked like a poor man’s version of themselves last season in the final 1/3. It’s 25 min into the 2nd half and Mexico are now up man as Vertot gets his 2nd yellow.

  5. Tim, I’m hoping that ‘old gang of ours’ migrates to this site as the “Smartest Men in the Room” are out in force with reinforcements from Big Soccer.

  6. Guadaloupe are down to 9 and counting as they loose their discipline with a stupidly bad tackle.

    Mexico 2-0.

  7. Yeah, not a lot to recommend with the Mexican B team….Perhaps Vela will play in eliminations next weekend….And now I’m watching the “Superclasico” (Chivas USA-LA Galaxy)sans Beckham (snooze…) Looking forward to a bit of the ‘ard stuff (English football) next month

    As for the homeless migrating over here…I’m all for it but it has been written that this site might be a bit AKB…

    I’m more of a GAWBOD (Give AW the Benefit Of the Doubt)but maybe there’s not a lot of difference….

    1. @highburyterrace,

      How could it be AKB site with me on it? Come on dude, you know I am an A S W I A type of guy. In other words, Arsenal Should Win It all (lol)

      Lets all support Tim and turn this into the best darn UNOFFICIAL Arsenal US site in the world.

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