T-minus 11 days

who are these dudes and what happened to Phillipe's squad number?

Disclaimer: The following blog contains lame attempts at humor, some of which will stretch the boundaries of reality and may even contain factual errors. Studies have shown that due to the occasional missed fact this blog may have the following side effects: headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, blindness in one eye, correctism, Eboueism, lazy vein syndrome, and acne. If after reading this column you have the overwhelming urge to comment about a mistake the writer made, or an erection that lasts for more than three hours, please seek immediate medical attention.

As I was cruising thought this morning’s “news” I saw an article from the dot com about something something Emirates cup. Like, get to know Valencia or whoever we’re playing, who cares, right? So, looking for a scoop I sauntered over there and took a look at the fixtures list — when is this Emirates Cup, this glorious trophy that Arsenal have won two years in a row now once [who knew people took the Emirates Cup so serious? ed.], this trophy that’s at least as important as the Charity Shield, twice as meaningful as the Club World Cup, and easily traded for a cabinet full of League Cups, I wondered?

Hmmm… August.

Then I noticed it, and it sent a little tingle through my system, July 18th, that’s when Arsenal play Barnet in the first pre-season match! That’s uhhhh, just 11 days from now!

I can’t wait, get some sausages, a beer, and sit down at 7am to watch some pixellated web video of an Arsenal friendly against Barnet, those pesky bees. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll do something else that day, like I said, it was just a minor tingle.

If you really want to get excited, there’s a pictorial of the boys all training together over at the dot com. There’s Thomas Rosicky (yay!), Eduardo (double yay!!), new kid Vermaelen, Andrei Arshavin, some big dude, and Phillipe Senderos. Yes, big Phil is back training with the squad and though he ominously doesn’t have a squad number yet, I’m sure he figures in Arsene’s plans. Right?

Anyway, the transfer line has gone completely dead and I am choosing to believe that’s because Arsenal are deep in negotiations with Lorik Cana to bring him to the club. As I twitted yesterday, L’Equipe are reporting that l’OM have signed M’Bia causing a three-apostrophe pile-up on Google Reader and clearing the way for Cana to sign with some as-yet-unnamed club. Given the fact that Fiorentina are asking £21.5m for Melo while Cana’s buy out is a mere £6.5m, I’m putting the odds on Cana coming to Arsenal.

Though the news is heavily running the Eboue plus cash for Melo story today.

IF we sign anyone else. There’s always that guy Likeanewsigning that Arsene keeps talking about.

Meanwhile, poor put upon Emmanuel Adebayor seems to have dropped from third place to fifth place in the AC Milan beauty pageant with the club now targeting Headcase Huntelaar, Fabulous Fabiano, and the Apostrophul E’t’o’o”’ over him. In fact, Adebayor isn’t even being mentioned, by anyone, except me. I guess this means that he’s not going anywhere? I don’t know, he’s not in any of the training pictures.  I have a bad feeling this is all going to end sadly for Ade.

One of the questions I get most often on here is “why aren’t we being linked with Veloso?” or some variant thereof. Just this morning, I noticed that he’s now being linked to Bolton and Aston Villa. I’m not saying he’s a terrible player, but you have to wonder if he’s Arsenal quality. After all, he’s now being fought over by at least one club who’s idea of a good central midfielder is Kevin Nolan. And considering that all the big clubs have certainly had a good look at him and passed him by, again, you have to wonder if there isn’t an issue there.

And finally, as an American I would be violating some code of conduct if I didn’t mention the two American players who have just inked deals with big European clubs; Oguchi Onyewu and Anton Peterlin. The first one is a bit of a shock, Onyewu is tall and athletic, at the top of his game, but he’s never been overly impressive. I wish him the best of luck at AC Milan, just training with the quality of players that they have on that team is going to be the experience of a lifetime and who knows maybe he can break into the first team?

Anton Peterlin, on the other hand, is a complete Cinderella story — I mean Goal! story. This is a kid who plays holding midfield for a 4th division American club and who somehow got on David Moyes radar and earned a contract with Everton. I don’t think it happens very often that a club as big as Everton dips into amateur development leagues and signs guys, so, as a good American I’ll be rooting for the underdog to make it big. That is, if I see his name ever again.

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow, where we will be just 10 days away from an Arsenal match!


  1. A. I don’t think Almunia is wearing pants. The football equivalent to an up-skirt?
    B. I am a strong supporter of the US Men’s team, but Onyewu is garbage. Yeah, he is a big strong dude who tends to get to balls first, but his touch afterward is shocking.

  2. The other guy is Rosicky…

    Also we only won the first Emirates Cup.

    Hamurg won the second. Martin Jol looked very happy.

    Oh and if you’re gonna draw attention to the apostrophe in his name, at least put it in the right place. Eto’o.

  3. Good post. pretty sure the big dude is kyle barltey and i think you can also notice luke ayling in the background. Where’s adebayor though and Senderos without a shirt number could say everything. Onyewu couldn’t cut it at newcastle and now hes at AC u say??? u can’t judgge players on international tournaments- especially pointless ones. Isn’t that why man u got kleberson. I rest my case

  4. You don’t know Kyle Bartley, don’t know shit about the Emirates Cup and can’t even spell Eto’o’s name correctly.

    This blog will always remain…

    1. @Maxi, Look folks, if it isn’t Gooner Chris, my resident stalker!

      How are you today, mate? You really should look into either a) masking your IP address or at least b) saying something vaguely different than what you said in the last 3 posts.

      You tiresome cocksandwich.

      1. @Tim,

        Please Tim, that’s not the right name to call your rival blogger. The correct name is COCKMEAT SANDWICH.

  5. Is Michael Bradley as good asor can he be better than Alex Song? The dude is a ball of energy and tenacity, has great vision, rarely loses possession, can pick out passes and scores a ton of goals for club and country from a defensive position…I mean come on, he more than held his own against the likes of Messi and Xavi/Fab/Iniesta…could he be a cheap option to improve in the middle? He is a leader and plays with such heart, something we could desparately use. He has already grown by leaps andbounds, imagine how much he could develop under Arsene. Its just food for though, I’ll retreat into the shadows while you guys rip me apart…

    1. I have had Bradley on my radar for 2 years now. I think he will be an exceptional DM at the international level.

      1. Bradley is quality, don’t get me wrong, but it remains to be seen if he can compete on the elite level. Currently with Brossia Mochelenbach (I know I butchered the spelling), he had a so-so start to the year, and excelled at the end. This was fairly expected given his transfer from Dutch side Herenveen in Summer 08. At Herenveen he tied for the team lead in goals in the 07/08 season with 17, impressive for a midfielder. The problem with Bradley on a top team is that he is neither an attacking or defensive midfielder, he is more of a tweener in the American mold. While these types of players are common on the elite teams of Europe (see Fabregas, Cesc), they usually have exceptional vision and passing ability, something Bradley is still working on. He also goes to ground way too much, so I don’t think he would be well suited to Portugal, Italy or Spain. But he is young, at 21, so there is plenty of room to grow. He is currently at a great place to learn, in the Bundesliga, at a lower tier team where he can consistently earn playing time. If he does well again this year and improves his game, next summer should be an interesting time for him.

        1. @WC, Feilhaber did do well in the Confederations Cup, no doubt. But they are a different type of player from eachother. Fielhaber has the better shot, better passing and vision (all not by much); whereas Bradley has better everything else. And until Fielhaber can start seeing regular time at his parent club, Danish side Arhaus, I don’t see him besting Bradley in the US pecking order, or any other pecking order for that matter.

          Considering Bradleys skill set, I would like to see Everton or Fulham make a run at him next summer. What can I say? I love Arsenal, but I am a USMNT homer as well.

  6. Let me attempt cleverness with proper speeling. in 3..2..1..
    I think I see that LikeanewsiGNing guy he’s wearing #7.

  7. Adebayor has played in African qualifying games this summer (he was also chucked out of the togo camp) so he’s scheduled to come back later with the other internationals (cesc, theo, gibbs, vela…)

  8. I am so ashamed!

    I am unable to identify a 17 year old reserve player who spent most of his time at Arsenal either on the bench (for the reserves!) or nursing an injury. I mean, how could I fail to identify a boy who has played just a handful of games for the U18 squad???

    HOW LORD, HOW???

    I should quit blogging, now, because I circled a player in a photograph and put a question mark next to his name, as a joke, and that clearly means I know f*ck all about Arsenal.

    Thanks Gooner Chris, I will now go die in a fire!

  9. @ Tim – It’s me mate, and I won’t hide my face because I have dignity and was stating the fact. And I NEVER commented on your last posts.

    Also, everyone knows my blog is better than yours.

    1. @Gooner Chris, but seriously dude, you sound really threatened and kind of childish when you do this every day.

      Why don’t you just go work on your own site and leave me and mine alone?

      We’re both supposed to be Gooners, aren’t we? Victoria Concordia Crescit, right?

      So, like I said, if you haven’t got something constructive to say about my blog, then just leave it alone. The last thing Gooners need is to be ripping each other apart. I’m not the enemy, Chelsea’s the enemy, Spuds are the enemy, go rip them and their blogs!

  10. Not that I was staring or anything, but seriously, I guess we now know why he’s called ‘Big Phil’. Hahaha!

  11. Whoa Guys!!!

    Leave the handbags outside!!!!
    No need for such bad blood between fellow gooners!!!
    Should be directing this hatred towards the Chavs, ManUres and the Scum!!!

    Kyle Bartley was pretty impressive in the Youth Cup and he could be one for the future.
    Its GREAT to see Eduardo and Rosicky back! I seriousy think everyone underestimates Eduardo!! The man is a goal machine!!

    We need to stay positive and will the team to win something this season!! We are slipping as a major European club! With Arshavin being linked to Barcelona after only half a season with us we are going to become known as a Barca feeder club!!

    We need to bring back the fast flowing football and especially the trophies! We need to get the journalists to wax lyrical about Wenger and our youthful talented team!! We need to get young players and old players alike to jump at the chance to play for Arsenal insead of holding out for Real Mardid or Barca or Milan!!

    We need to rally together and make Arsenal the Great Club we were not long ago, envied by others and feared by our opposition!!

    This season we could do it!!

    1. @Gooner49,

      Whoa Guys!!!

      Leave the handbags outside!!!!

      That’s about the perfect way to put it.

      Cheers, and don’t worry, Arsenal aren’t a feeder club for Barcelona, Arshavin’s not going anywhere.

  12. Ok, I’ve added a disclaimer at the top…

    Disclaimer: The following blog contains lame attempts at humor, some of which will stretch the boundaries of reality and may even contain factual errors. Studies have shown that due to the occasional missed fact this blog may have the following side effects: headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, blindness in one eye, correctism, Eboueism, lazy vein syndrome, and acne. If after reading this column you have the overwhelming urge to comment about a mistake the writer made, or an erection that lasts for more than three hours, please seek immediate medical attention.

  13. So much for pointless international cups that everyone (but Tim) watched. LOL. Well, another Paraguayan is about to sign (not sing) for either sunderland or the scum. Paulo Da Silva, former Toluca, our national team’s best CB. Im just thrilled! How he will do at that level is a mistery, but it will be interesting to watch.

  14. Nice post as usual…
    I am sooo excited to see Rosicky back =D He looks handsome =P Lol

    P.S. Gooner Chris is a fucking cunt and his blog is shit

  15. Hi Tim, please ignore any silly comments. You are doing your best for Arsenal fans. Anyone who can’t handle that deserves to be ignored.

  16. To those of you buying a new kit top this year, whose name and number are going on the back? Last year mine was Clichy, which was likely a jinx. Arshavin’s a possibility, but everyone will have him on the back this year and he’s more likely than most others on the squad to wish out to elsewhere like Barca. Kinda feeling Eduardo this year…

  17. this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Love the articles and the comments. Nice work tim.

  18. Whats all this fuss about Melo having just signed for Juve. Don’t these people ever sleep. Well I guess I don’t. Check Goal.com. Hope its bull, but to be honest I dont think one could place a hair between Cana and Melo. One or the other…

      1. @Alex,
        Thanks, Alex. Yeah Matuidi seems interesting, but a bit redundant, in terms of age and experience, another Song type… But anyway, check out this cracker he scored against Bordeaux last season. Reminiscent of Flamini’s comet against Newcastle circa 2008. Its the only clip I could find of Matuidi, but there is something distinctly Essien about it, which is always welcome.

  19. Urghh, Looks like Juve have beaten us to Melo.

    I have no idea whether he’s even any good – or if it’s even true, but i am getting bored with reading about us missing out on players!

  20. Hey, does anyone have the scoop on ESPN’s plan for showing EPL in the U.S.? I’ve only read of their intentions for the U.K. to date. Figures that last year I finally purchased Setanta for the house and they go nipples up. Also, any chance ESPN will bring along Special 1 TV?

    Btw, anyone frightened by some of the posts on the other blogs? Chilling.

    1. @ArseChicago, ESPN only purchased Setanta’s rights to show EPL games in the UK. Setanta will still be broadcasting EPL games in the US – at least until they collapse completely.

  21. Alex, thanks for the reply. I thought that, in order for Setanta to show the EPL in the U.S. this year, they’d have to pony up some other monetary figure, yeah? And I thought that deadline was relatively soon. I discontinued Setanta a few weeks ago, but can easily order it back up should they still be showing matches.

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