Our very first contest! Oh yeah, plus some Arsenal stuff.

Before I start, I just have to say thank you to all the folks who shared their wonderful stories of falling in love with Arsenal yesterday. It was a special thread and it confirms the validity of an idea I have had for a while now. More on that latter bit once I work out the details. In the mean time, I will try to incorporate more user generated content in the blog.

Until then, why not try to win a shirt? I happened upon this www.philosophyfootball.com site a few weeks ago and got a real kick out of their products. So, we worked out the following competition for 5 (five!) of my readers to win a free Anfield ’89 commemorative shirt, just follow the directions below!  Good luck.


‘It’s Up for Grabs Now’…… And the rest is Arsenal history! Brian Moore’s match commentary as Michael Thomas puts away the goal that clinched the ’89 League Championship in arguably Arsenal’s greatest ever match is featured on Philosophy Football’s anniversary shirt. Plus, a diagram of the winning goal and match details. Available from www.philosophyfootball.com we have 5 to be won in our competition, to enter simply answer the following simple question:

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Cesc denies Pep talk

I never said it.

Once again, whenever the Spanish press print a blatant lie about Fabregas pining for the plains of Spain our young captain immediately and categorically denies the lie and Arsenal moves on. This is a good thing and a bad thing: it’s great because we always know where we stand with this player, it’s terrible because we all know that one day there will be silence and that will mean that Cesc is ready to leave.

Let’s just hope that day is a long way off.

Of course, that denial is immediately followed by Setanta plastering a headline like “Fabregas frustrated by trophyless run” which takes a quote about his frustrating season and expands it into a “frustrating run” but then again, you can’t trust Setanta to report news when they are unable to even make their required payments.

Clichy followed in Fabregas’ footsteps and released a statement of his own denying that he is off to Real Madrid. No one I know wanted to see Clichy go, unless the price was crazy good. So, let’s put this one to bed as well.

Arsenal pull out of Enyeama

Uh…. erm… So supposedly Arsene Wenger was so excited by watching some guy named Enyeama play in keeper for Nigeria that he immediately put in a bid for the guy. They wanted too much money, Arsene renewed Fabianski’s contract instead, and that’s how Arsenal avoided getting an Enyeama

That’s it for today, kids, there’s some flap brewing between Adebayor and Togo but I’m not linking anything until I know more. Same thing with the Vermaelen deal, no news to report so I’m not making anything up.

See you tomorrow and good luck in the competition!


  1. Agreed Tim, Arsenal aren’t the ones who need an “enema” anyway, that would be reserved for the press who makes up such shiat stories (lol).

    BTW, how do we get smiley faces on this darn blog?

  2. Technically, that’s more a directive than a question, but whatever.

    After sending in my answer, I re-read the chapter on the match in Fever Pitch, in which Mr. Hornby confidently states that, yes, a last-minute championship winner is indeed superior to sex. I wholeheartedly agree.

  3. Got my answer in good luck to all but I want that tee. I agree with Matt and mr Hornby as well far superior because that is a once in a lifeteam feat.

  4. Don’t know the answer – could look it up but that would be cheating. I enjoy the blog, though.

  5. Cesc: no, he didn’t say what the papers – oh what a surprise – were claiming he said. He made it perfectly clear he’d be at Arsenal next season. What he did say, though – well, imply – was that Denilson and Song were rubbish, which meant he couldn’t play at his best anymore. Don’t have the exact quote to hand, but it was along the lines that till this season he’d had fine players like Vieira, Gilberto and Flam to help him but now there’s no one he can rely on to do the defensive work in midfield. This of course is no more than many of us have been saying, but it’s not brilliantly tactful in a captain. I’d guess it was directed at Wenger to urge him to strengthen that area – preferably with Alonso – which will fall on deaf ears. I actually like Song but think Gibbs might do a better job than Denilson – he’s been impressive in that role for the under-21s.

    Senderos: he don’t want to come back. No surprise there, but fortunately, according to The Times, Roma and Fiorentina are interested. What might we get – five million, six? And for Eboue, who also seems to be wanting to move? Perhaps Real could be persuaded to take him, now Sagna and Clichy have turned them down.

  6. You want Transfer rumors I got em

    After a slow day at work heres some of the Players Arsenal are “getting” or “In Talks with”:

    Stuttgart midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger
    Paris Saint-Germain defender Mamadou Sakho
    6-year-old Feyenoord striker Luc Castaignos
    Newcastle’s Sebastien Bassong
    Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure
    Bordeaux wonderkid Marouane Chamakh
    Rennes midfielder Stephane M’Bia
    Edin Dzeko
    St Etienne ball winner Blaise Matuidi
    and my personal favorite rumor

    Gianluigi Buffon

  7. that was supposed to be 16 year old not 6 year old but I wouldnt put it past wenger

  8. Quick note on Enyeama, I’m Nigerian so I get to watch him in goal for the national team pretty often. I seriously doubt the validity of the rumor as it was started by Kickoff South Africa, a pretty damn unreliable news source.

    That said, Enyeama is a very quick, agile keeper who could have a bright future with the right trainer, right now I’d say he perhaps suffers from a lack of consistently good judgement… hey, he’s just like Fabianski!

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