Bring 'em on

My whole family has been sick now for, what, two months? UGH… Now we have some sore throat thing which I have caught and the whole house is either on antibiotics or just suffering. Coincidentally, Arsenal’s luck of late has been exactly the opposite.

Anyway, there’s an article about Andrei Arshavin that’s being touted as “ARSHAVIN HATES ENGLAND” but it’s really not.  He complains a bit about life in England but who wouldn’t complain if they were taken from their family and living in a strange country with strange customs? My favorite bit is where he admits that all the laws in England get him down, because in Russia he’d just bribe someone and get stuff done. It’s a pretty remarkable bit of honesty and just makes me like the guy even more.

Meanwhile, Wenger is practicing honesty too and basically has gone about spilling his guts over this season. You can read several articles on the dot com (why they didn’t just make one big article, I don’t know) or read the News of the World article I linked to yesterday, which my friend Alex says is actually an interview with L’Equipe. I couldn’t find a link to the original but some web site called Bleacher Report had a link to a page image.

Ok, well, Arsenal face Villareal on Wednesday and the match is only on ESPN Deportes or Setanta. I have a meeting at noon on Wednesday, so I will only be able to watch the second half, if any at all. Villareal are still claiming that Senna is injured but I’m skeptical about it. Basically, I’m not believing any injury news until I see the lineup on Wednesday. I know, I know, it’s a bit paranoid of me, so?

That’s it for today, I’m going to get some sleep and write some code, then some sleep, and then some code. See you tomorrow.


  1. Also: note: the match is not being replayed on ESPN classic until six pm central, instead of the usual four pm central.

  2. Tim – ditto on the family being sick on and off for 2 months. I think the common denominator is Day Care…

  3. @Tim, I believe you can watch the game on ESPN360? I was able to watch all of last weeks games there so I am assuming they will be on there again this week.

  4. I could be wrong, but it should be for anyone, its a basic ESPN service, they stream alot of their stuff now a days.

  5. Darkhail, it throws an error when I try to view videos, telling me to sign up for a Verizon service.

    I did watch it at work once, though.


  6. I have tried it many times but it tells me it’s not available on Comcast which is my IP. I am guessing that if it’s not a part of your IP or Cable package you can’t get it.

    If I purchased the Verizon air Card and it’s $50 monthly service it would also be available.

  7. is a new streaming site out of Palo Alto (Stanford Nerds) …

    Basically that website has Setanta , Fox Soccer and Goal Tv … broadcasting at all times .
    So you can watch endless matches there (including Weds Champions) I am always on that site at work watching matches etc … it is great

    or there are about a million of places to watch football in good quality online (

  8. ESPN.360 is a great service too …. I know where I live I get the service ….

    but my parents do not … but ESPN.360 allows me to sign into my espn account and
    still watch at there house…

    so Tim … someone could make an ESPN account in an area that allows ESPN 360 viewing …

    then send it to you ,,, log into the new accound and you can now watch in an area that does

    not allow 360 viewing

  9. Tim-
    If espn360 works from work, you can probably vpn into work from home then run espn360. I do that here, b/c I have Time Warner at home and espn360 doesn’t work with TW. Of course, if you’re stuck in a meeting, it doesn’t really matter …

  10. Tim,

    Been reading for a few weeks now, great site. Frankly I’m paranoid about Senna as well, can’t help but think he’ll suddenly emerge from the tunnel at the Emirates doing backflips or something.

    Thankfully DSTV (in Nigeria) shows all the Champions League and FA Cup matches live. I sure hope Wednesday isn’t as nervy as last week. Let’s bury them in the first twenty!

  11. Hey Shobo, thanks for the comment. I agree, let’s see an Arsenal goal right off the bat, that’ll put the pressure on them.

    How much you want to bet that we see Senna and Bobby get a start?

  12. I hate England as well, and I only spent two months there. Hate the climate, hate the people, hate the food, hate the ale. Hate everything except the football, which I also hate because it’s overpriced, poor quality and difficult to get to. Hate the immigration department for making me wait a hour at customs, hate the VAT for shafting me 150 pounds, hate the Tube for being continuously broken, hate the trains for being overpriced and hate the restaurants for being organic and eco-friendly.

    And to think, I went over there thinking it’ll be grand to live there.

  13. Wow Connolly, I loved all those things you hated! Of course I live in a similar climate, surrounded by real hippies not the faux hippies in London, I love real ale — “warm” and cheap!, the tube was never broken, VAT is high but I already pay 10% here and if I make a big purchase I can get my VAT back or just buy things at duty free, never had a problem with customs — they are much nicer than America, and in my eyes the tube system was super cheap had incredible reliability given its complexity and age.

    I did however hate my seats and the football was quite shit on that day.

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