Arsenal have NOT agreed to a deal with Zenit — Full Stop

Just as I get in to work, the dot com reports that Arsenal have not agreed to the fee with Zenit over Andrei Arshavin.

Also, they are not worried about the deal because Arsenal are playing Everton tomorrow.

Also, Usmanov has not bought anything, apart from a box of Krispy Kreme’s.

Also, the only place where we should be getting our news about transfers is from the dot com.

Also, no deal is none.

Also, I’m not mentioning this any more, unless he signs for Arsenal and I read about it on the dot com and there is a picture of him holding up the number 613 shirt or what ever “squad number” we have left over.

Full Stop.



  1. more than anything it’s the fake bloggers who pretend to know what’s going to happen which fucks me off.

    ‘a source tells me’ BULLSHIT. no bloggers have a source other than their god damn mum.

    as for those claiming shit like ‘a deal will be reached in the next 48 hours’, how many times have they reported that hoping by some chance it will be true. then when it doesn’t they repeat it and hope it will come true the next time. and you just know if it does happen so many bloggers will smugly sit there and be like YE…TOLD YOU I HAVE A SOURCE…

    arse holeswith no knowledge of what’s going on at all, every last one of those guys.

    i too want not to say another word now until we see conclusive proof of what is happening. either him in a shirt or the transfer window being declared shut.

  2. Hey, Stu: If none of them know nothing about nothing, why are you reading them?
    As far as Arhavin: if looks like a Mexican standoff to me. Both sides are waiting for the other to flinch. It won’t get done until the very last minute, if then.
    You Brits have Krispy Kremes?

  3. I keep hearing this is about Zenit demanding Arsenal pay Arshavin’s agent’s fee, which, if true, we should tell them where to stick it. We don’t need this player… frankly, I’ve only thought this season that we’ve needed a holding midfielder to protect the back 4 and allow us to attack from further up the pitch. I don’t know how a winger/attacking mid does that for us. I’m also not buying anything not from the dotcom from this point on. I’m sick of the transfer window. What I wouldn’t give for a typical Wenger signing… out of nowhere, and quality.

  4. Villa just won although undeservedly so, but they won. This puts a lot of undue pressure on our young, inexperienced squad which have been know to bottle it at times in moments of stress.

    We keep having these must win games every week now so hopefully we can beat a solid Everton side tomorrow.

    Prediction: 0-0 with Arsenal sitting 5 points below Villa.

  5. Ade is wearing a brace? Why is he injured? That would explain the fluffed goal on Sunday.

    Prediction, 3-1 Everton, Wenger with Ade in a headlock.

  6. bah – stop being so negative timmy – 2-1 van persie and nasri in the first half and we sweat out the second half after we let them back into the game – fellani hits the post twice

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