Proud to be an American


You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else. — Winston Churchill

I’m proud to be an American today. Not in the Lee Greenwood, syrupy nationalistic way but in the once in a lifetime Americans will collectively do something that makes America great kind of way.

With that, I wish America’s 44th President all the best. There’s a hell of a lot of work to be done, let’s get to it.


  1. Fuck america! Fuckin nation of hypocrites! Murderers! Fuck you! Go post this to you fucking jews cork suckers!!

  2. I just want to warn everyone that I will close comments if racist, xenophobic responses like Steven and Jason become the norm.

    Also, I know your IP address and will report you to your ISP if you make comments like Jason has against any specific race.

    Unlike UEFA, I will actually stamp out racism.

  3. Uhhh, “Lorenzo” and “Jason” could you at least use different email addresses if you’re going to pretend to be two different people?

    What are you 12?

  4. I am proud to be an American on this day and may we once again rise to be a nation of dignity, trust and freedom.

    It’s people like the above that ensures the world is one of conquest and not peace.

  5. I love how the racist spammer chose the name “Lorenzo”. That is super-duper hilarious.

    Don’t close the comments, dude, you are my outlet for all things Arsenal!

  6. kinda liked jason’s “cork suckers”, though. sounds like a bunch of extreme wine aficionados.

  7. beautiful day, now, let’s close on arshavin and we can have Hope on the arsenal front, as well.


  8. Odd that something as unifying as Soccer can still be tarnished by 30 something year-old infants. today is a good day so allow it to be. Gooner for life and may God bless America

  9. Jason and Steven your an example of why Britain isn’t great anymore. What makes it worse, is that even it the crap that you wrote was true Tony Blair just followed straight into Iraq. It’s dicks like you who make me ashamed to be British!

  10. @the nose knows

    I wonder if “jason” also provided us with “cock sandwiches” from a few months back.

    Anyhoo: I am way too busy laughing at Man City to care about racist spammers.

  11. I am 100% British and these racist comments make me sick! However the re-newed optimism in America with the inauguration of Obama does leave us Brits with a sour taste in our mouth as our Prime Minister is a man that NO ONE voted for…..domocracy is working well here!!

    Lets try and keep football as pure as an Ian Wright goal in front of the old North Bank.

    God Bless

  12. Oh and I think we should bring back Diaby kicking Terry in the face for your banner. Was that Diaby? I think it was. Anyway.

  13. It was Diaby, kicking Terry’s head nearly off.

    Thanks to all the folks who weighed in with positive comments. Though I didn’t write my normal 1000 word post, what I was struggling to say is that I’m hopeful right now and I’m pretty sure the world needs more positivity like so many have expressed here. Moreover, we need less negativity like has been expressed in the first few posts and in the 8 years we have all struggled through (some more than others by any measure).

    Just as hard work and doing the right thing will prevail on the pitch in the long run, so too will we, as people, prevail over ignorance and hatred with those same two values.

    I’m glad I left the comments open!

  14. Goh Tim go, destroy xenophobic Stilton Eating Lapdog (Monkeys) I am Dutch and a former inhabitant of the UK, and the US… I hate people who make a distinction, after all, aren’t Blair and Brown Bushes bitches?

  15. Didn’t vote for him.

    I think it is nice that my country is willing to elect a black guy President, and I realize that it is a historic occasion. I hope he does well.

    I doubt he will but it is nothing personal. I am a right winger and simply don’t care for statist politicians, and President Obama’s policies are antitheitcal to my beliefs.

    But, all the best to him.

  16. No point throwing dirt back and forth, but being from France, I can tell everyone that France is today nowhere near the remote possibility of electing a black man into any significant public office. And this is despite a long tradition of standing up for human rights. It is true that American foreign policy after WWII really cannot be defended no matter how you look at it. A nation of gun-loving war mongers? When it comes to foreign policy, absolutely. But Obama’s election is nothing short of amazing. It transcends everything. Neither France or UK could not have done this. Just an amazing event. No matter where you are from or what your political beliefs are, as a human being who believes in democracy, one should feel very proud. I feel very proud experiencing it. It is historic.

  17. That Churchill quote is gold, Timothy. Gold >8)

    I’m not a Right Winger, I’m not a Left Winger, but I voted for McCain. He just seemed more sincere to me. That being said, I stand behind my new president 100%, no matter who he is. I think his speech yesterday was inspiring, and I do hope his term in office is a step in the right direction for our country. We’ve made far too many wrong steps of late.

  18. I WOULD have voted for Obama, if I could vote, so TAKE IT. I’m a three-time Felon. Kidding! Non-citizen.

    Also we don’t have any black people in France. Don’t try looking!

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