Hull 0-1 Arsenal; Liveblogging the second half.


Has anyone else noticed that if you’re a football manager and you wear a headset, you’re probably a failure? At the very least a huge dork. Anyway, second half about ready to kickoff but first these messages from Free Credit Report dot com and Notorious….

Jay Simpson had another good game for W.B.A. in their rout of Boro today. I love this kid, I have to say and can’t wait for him to get a chance with the Arsenal first team. Maybe when AC Milan use the money from the Kaka sale to buy Clichy and Adebayor (that’s the rumor) Simpson will get a run out!

45′ — and we’re off!
49′ — lawl… van Persie tosses the Hull defender to the ground and gets called for a foul for his efforts.
51′ — whoa, Arsenal really putting some pressure on Hull as Adebayor has a powerful left footed shot saved. Good stuff here from all the midfielders — except Eboue!
55′ — Hull sub in a striker, huh, they’ve decided to go for the one point.
57′ — thanks for your patronage H! Inevitably, if I get on Eboue, I’ll get someone complaining about me complaining about Eboue. For those people I have made this


58′ — yeah yeah yeah, Djourou is lucky to get away with that challenge in the box (that was totally a foul).
64′ — Hull are attacking a little more, giving Arsenal more space to work and they are strating to strut a little. Unfortunately, nothing comes from it as van Persie…
65′ — craaaap. Who was marking there? God damnit, this makes me so angry.
68′ — Mendy gets a free kick by fouling both Clichy and Denilson, huh…
69′ — YOU LEAVE EBOUE ALONE is replaced with Bendtner, because what this team needs IS MORE OFFENSE
72′ — Hull earn a free kick in a good place, which we are now referring to as “Pattern 2” if you remember.
73′ — who was it that wanted Arsenal to play 2 holding midfielders? Looks like you got your wish now that Nasri is moved to the center and Arsenal are playing a three striker system.
78′ — Ugh, Diaby with a terrible shot.
80′ — I can see the press conference now “We were in the game, up, holding the ball, and there was a real chance to score the goal and we lost concentration and didn’t apply pressure at a crucial moment. This is a young team and they will have to learn from this. They are still learning, this is a young team, they are young, we have a lot of injuries, getting Song back will be like a new signing…”
82′ — Nice shot by Nasri. He’s not Jesus, but so far he’s been our savior.
84′ — France surrenders…
84′ — By the way, have I mentioned that defense wins championships?
86′ — Ok, I take the whole “defense” thing back, after some terribly shaky defense where they are blaming each other, shrugging their shoulders, and yelling at each other, Arsenal get a counter attack where van Persie plays in a great ball which finds Bentner’s boot and he scores a goal.  OFFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!
91′ — Man, if Hull had any players worth their salt that would have been a goal. Arsenal really look shaky at the back.
93′ — poor fella, Bendtner had his shot saved by the post and on the Hull counter, Djourou marks his man properly and puts the cross out. Good spell there.

Final whistle, thank God.

Arsenal don’t move at all in the table since all the top teams won. Clearly there’s some work to be done defensively to shore this team up and ensure a top four finish. I have to say, Nasri looks like 10x the player Hleb ever was or will be. Sure he could dribble and stuff but Hleb never won Arsenal a game, Nasri won Arsenal that game. Anyway, more on all that tomorrow. We got a win and that’s all that really matters, right?


  1. There are two really trivial things I find REALLY annoying about football:

    Idiot players who wear gloves and short sleeves (Peener from Everton comes to mind) and those stupid fucking headsets that some managers wear. Pretty soon they will be wearing full headphones and sweatpants like all the fat NFL coaches.

    Mmmmmmmm…New Belgium Fat Tire…I sense a nap in my future…

  2. I always read these live blogs! No more Eboue please! His right foot has been asleep all day or something. Nice spell of possession but the defense is playing so high up…

  3. A solid defense, an above average running game, and a quarterback that doesn’t make mistakes…

    Wait. What sport is this?

  4. My wife just asked me a question, and I could not answer it: When was the last time Arsenal was awarded a PK?

    Was it really last season’s Bolton match? What am I forgetting?

    Either way: been fucking forever.

  5. RVP with a hand in each goal. The man’s talent is undeniable and Manu redeemed himself for now with the opening goal and he looked less lazy after scoring. We still gave away possession too cheaply. Eboue and Diaby were horrible, giving away the ball and turning over play. Clichy has found his match as he could not contain Mendy and his fear caught up to him with the goal as he was too scared to mark Mendy close which gave Hull too much space to put in the cross. We’re still a bit shaky and looked too content to be at 1-0 when we should have gone for more chances. I’ll take the 3 points but the 3-1 scoreline is just glossing over our problems still. Nasri is also having us ask Hleb who? more and more

  6. Milan have like 200 million pounds sitting on their bench today. Hilarious…

    Dida, Shev, Ronaldhino, Flamini….

    All right, I’m out.

  7. WC, think you’re being very gracious to Ade. Header was awesome but thought he was still very lazy.Maybe give Bendtner a start or two to give him the kick in the arse he needs ?

  8. Eboue,Denilson and Diaby are just not good enough Vela,Wiltshire,Bentner.Ramsey should be in front of them
    Eboue is the worse Arsenal player ive seen in the Wenger era

  9. Baffling stuff, if this team accidentally puts it all together we can go a strong 2 or 3 in the league, but consistency will decide, too bad it’s not really our hallmark. Question marks over some players but overall not too bad, we’ve seen worse. Not to be too skeptical of what became a good win but hull fell apart after they had the temerity to have a go at us and weren’t able to get all their players back on defense, they sort of fell apart there. Let’s not drag up the hleb corpse again, hleb was great but he always wanted to play behind the strikers and that would never happen for him at afc, nasri will do the business and his finish today was sublime and it really was a few moments of quality from nasri and rvp that would make the difference today as our midfield again lacked a bit.

  10. Matt, give me some of the stuff you been drinking!

    Almunia was crap, worst ball distribution I’ve seen for a long time and his “cajones” weigh a ton so he’s anchored to the goal line.

  11. OK, so Eboué really needs to be dropped, Adebayor just bought himself another few matches, we utterly miss Walcott’s pace, Nasri and RvP are holding the team together, Clichy isn’t the rock he was last year, nobody knows what the hell is going on at the centre of defence and Bendtner is Super Sub, amazingly.

    Wah. Give me back my Arsenal!

  12. Tim,
    I disagree with your take on Phil Brown and his use of the headset. I applaud his embrace of technology and consequently I admire him rather than consider him a dork.

    That said watch this…
    …and consider that every journalist in the game should be told to ask the manager who complains about a decision whether or not they support the use of video technology. It just maddens me that this is not openly discussed week in and week out.

    Brown: “We didn’t get the call.”
    Journalist: “Would you support the use of video technology to decide that call?”
    Brown: “Well, I, uhm, erm, that is to say, we, I, Platini says, he, uhm…. what?”
    Journalist: “Love the headset.”

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