Liveblogging Arsenal v. Aston Villa pt. 2

Ok, making some breakfast back in a minute.

47′ Denilson has picked up where he left off I see… how much longer can Arsene Wenger leave him on the pitch? I would put money that he gets sent off before the 60th minute. Bring on Ramsey, he could hardly do worse.

50′ Yeah, bring on Vela… bring on Jesus… BRING ON SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO WIN

52′ Bendtner receives a perfect pass from Cesc, and promptly dumps all over himself. If Denilson is having a nightmare match, Bendtner is the Freddy Krueger of that nightmare.

56′ William Gallas is slotted in by Nasri — that’s how bad they have been up front, Gallas is our most dangerous striker at the moment.

58′ Yes, bring on Adebayor and pray he headbutts Bendtner to death.

61′ Wow… Diaby has been bad but not that bad, but Wenger’s seen enough of this floundering and brings on Our Saviour, Adebayor — the fans like it, they are in full throat singing the Adebayor song.

66′ Mike Riley is having none of it as two Villa players haul down Theo. I haven’t mentioned it yet but Thoe is having a run of poor games and this one is no exception.

68′ Finally! Arsenal’s hairstyles just got moire conservative as Wenger has seen enough of Bendter and brings on Vela. Things should get more open up front now.

69′ 1-0 to Villa — Clichy own goal. Clichy is the new Senderos.

70′ So, Mike Riley stops play on their end when one of their players feigns injury and when Sagna is actually injured (requiring a stretcher) Riley allows Villa to play on.

71′ Adebayor with Arsenal’s best chance, pawed away by Friedle

71′ Toure on for Sagna — Matt, Mike Riley is a cunt.

76′ Agbonlahor handles the ball, in front of Riley, stops playing because he knows he handled ball — the call from Riley?  Play on. Of course, it’s easy to blame Riley, but really Villa deserve the win at this point, they look so much better the squad.

80′ Agbonlahor just beat the pants off Gallas, after Mike Riley fails to award a clear free kick and Mike Riley has ensured that Arsenal are fighting for a place in the Champions League. 2-0 to the Villans.

85′ Even if, by some miracle, Arsenal manage to save a point this performance has to go down as proof that any team… ANY TEAM can beat Arsenal at home.

90′ And Mike Riley adds 4 minutes… whipty fucking doo — maybe Clichy can get another “goal”

93′ Cesc is casually nudged off the ball — that’s it Arsenal are beaten emotionally and physically.  What will Wenger’s response be? “We can still win the championship.” “This team is young.” “That was the same lineup against United.”

Villa get their first win against Arsenal wince 1998… congrats to them.

Timmy’s final thoughts

That was a poor performance. Very poor all around, we can blame the ref, we can blame the squad’s “inexperience” but honestly Villa deserved that win. Arsenal can’t defend headers AND they have problems with speedy attackers. Villa played hard, closed space, and got their tactics spot on closing down wings and forcing everything to the middle. But worse than the manager’s inflexibility in tactics and the squad’s defensive woes or even more than Villa’s determination it looks like this team just gives up. Every other match they just seem to play without any passion and this was no exception.

Time for Wenger to sort this squad out. Personally, I’d sit Cesc, Denilson, Walcott, Bendtner, and Gallas until they proved that they want to play. In their stead, I see no reason not to start the youth players.

Is that crazy? At this point, Arsenal really have nothing to lose.

See you tomorrow for The Good, Bad, and Ugly.


  1. This is awful. Im starting to hate being an arsenal fan. 2-0 down at home to villa ! Its fucking abysmal, the faith was regained last weekend against Man Utd then we fuck up again. No chance of winning the league ! i think i might just follow the carling cup from now on.

  2. Disgraceful display from Arsenal……Wenger needs to get his tactics right…..there was no desire from the team in winning this game from the start, they lacked that cutting edge that they had against Manu. It seems they win one game and lose the next………so far that’s the way it has been since the beginning of the season. They won against Manu and they think everyone else are a walkover….I’m not asking for Wenger’s head, but he needs to take the blame for his players. He should have played the team that played in the Carling cup, Arsenal were very average today. Villa deserved the win……anyway, my weekend has been ruined and i can certainly say that Arsenal will not win the title this year……….to all goners fans, Wenger will get it right, have faith, we’re still in the Carling cup, Champion League and FA cup, so there is still hope to win some silverware.

  3. Arsenal needs to realize there’s 19 other teams in the league and you get points for beating all of them, not just the big games. Sure we can beat the Liverpools, ManUs and Chelseas of this world but if we can’t beat the Villas and Stokes we won’t evolve as a team.

    Mike Riley is horrible, the team wasn’t as up for this game as last week and we have to perform in CL now because the title is all but gone. Bendtner is horrible. Adebayor created 5 times more echances in his first 10 mins. than Bendtner did in his hour. Vela is looking really good. I’ll be honest in saying the next game should be the full Carling Cup team. At least the youngsters play with heart and drive. The first team only plays when it’s a big game and flops out on the smaller games.

  4. Dan….we don’t care about Spurs, we have our sights on bigger and better things, there is no comparison between Arsenal and the spuds who are a mid table team. I appreciate that you are trying to cheer up all the gunners fans, but it’s not working for me!!

  5. Exchange Walcott for Agbonlahor and send Bendtner back to Belgium or where ever he came from!! Arsene must also look at himself as the selection is all down to him. I am disgusted and disheartened!!

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