Is Appiah back on?

Some new information in the Stephen Appiah situation has come to light. It turns out that at least one stumbling block to his signing with a number of clubs in the EPL was that Fener was claiming that they should still get a transfer fee for the player, even though they terminated his contract by mutual consent.

Well, FIFA just announced that Appiah is truly a free agent. I’m happy for the player and I have to wonder if Wenger won’t take a second look now.

I know, I know, Wenger stated pretty clearly that he was not interested in Appiah BUT… that was 2 months ago and a lot has changed. I also know that Arsene wants to support his youth program and all that jazz but again, I think an argument could be made for Appiah in that as well.

To the first, all you have to do is look at the depleted squad and say “well a player of this caliber and experience is bound to help fill in some spots.”

To the second all he has to do is say “Stephen is coming here to push these young men and fill in their gaps in experience, not to take jobs away, but to provide relief from the grueling schedules and to bring experience to this club.”

Come on Arsene… take a chance, he could hardly be worse than Bischoff.


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