Can't buy me love…

I hate when I’m wrong.

Yesterday there was a rumor that Usmanov was going to divest himself of his Arsenal shares due to all the losses he’s taken in the market.  Well, pretty much as soon as the rumor started Usmanov acted to crush it in his fat fingers.

When a man loves a woman he can’t conceivably sell that love. I’m in love with Arsenal. I have no intention of selling. That may be possible at some point in time when I know that Arsenal hates me. I will make sure this doesn’t happen. I have not lost one single share. As long as Arsène Wenger is manager that’s not going to happen.

I have no idea how this hasn’t been made abundantly clear but let’s try again; Alisher, ARSENAL HATES YOU. Stop calling, stop hanging out in front of our apartment throwing rocks at the window, stop sending flowers to our office, it’s not going to work, you’re just too fat and disgusting.

God… his quote just makes my skin crawl. He’s not just a suitor, he’s a creepy stalker guy.

To be serious for a moment, if his portfolio did just take a major dump the last thing a smart businessman is going to do is sell the shares of the one company that’s not losing money and has huge growth potential. He’s probably holding on to those shares for dear life. Damn, I should have seen this coming.

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