Bolton 1-3 "convincing, united and classy" the good, bad and ugly

The Good

As soon as Kevin Davies cheated his way into the first goal (he climbed all over Toure to “jump” for the header) I got that sinking feeling, it looked like it was going to be one of those trips up north that the press goes on and on about. I kinda felt as if I had jinxed them yesterday with my cocksure attitude about how crappy Bolton is. Well, it took the boys a few minutes to regain their composure but when they did, it was a thing of beauty.

First there were two misses, one from Adebayor and one from Song, both of which could have been goals but weren’t. Ade got the ball on a breakaway and as the keeper came out, fired a great shot… off the post. For me, it was a combination of good goalkeeping and bad luck.

Then Song had a clear header, also saved by the paint on the post and I started to feel a bit queasy about this match. But then, the 26th minute saw a well worked ball fall to Eboue who smashed in a beautiful near post goal. I don’t care that he was offside as the commentator kept going on and on about: Kevin Davies fouled Kolo Toure to win his header, it happens that officials get the calls wrong some times.

1 minute later and there was no doubt about the goal. While Bolton were reeling from the last, Arsenal moved the ball perfectly, Denilson latched onto it, and, in what is becoming a trademark pass for him, dragged the ball back to the top of the box for Bendtner to put in. 2-1 to the Arsenal and the hangover from the first goal was completely worked off at that point.

The third goal was classic Arsenal, ball forward to Adebayor who saw Denilson streaking toward the far post, played the ball across goal and Denilson smashed it into the top of the net. It was a great goal and no less than Denilson deserved. I thought he looked composed and experienced beyond his years out there. Wenger called him “very good” and then quickly spoke of how the whole midfield functioned smoothly but I think Denilson was great. He started on the left wing but in reality his defensive-mindedness (and Eboue’s on the right) helped to drive the team. I already don’t miss Diaby.

Well, that’s the good. Arsenal are top of the table thanks to Liverpool’s blunder against Stoke and Manu and Chelsea getting a draw this morning.

Up the Arse!

The Bad

After the match, Gary Megson explained to the world why he has a losing record as a manger and has been an utter failure wherever he goes.

It’s supposed to be like that. The booking that Kevin Davies got is ridiculous. I don’t know how you’re supposed to win the ball if you can’t go in with your feet like that.

Just to clarify, in Megson’s mind as long as you win the ball it doesn’t matter how horrendous the challenge is. As long as you win the ball, you can come in studs up on the man’s shin and follow through with a sweep of the other leg. As long as you win the ball.

Does anyone still wonder why England fail time and again on the world stage? As long as teams like Bolton field managers who don’t know what an illegal challenge is and encourage, no defend, players who foul 108 times in a season, England will never win anything.

Someone should send Gary Megson a telegram from 10 years ago and let him know that the game has changed.

The Ugly

I know that Arsene didn’t see it, I know that Clichy’s x-rays were negative, but Kevin Davies is still a cunt. The end.


  1. I liked the Arsenal response to Davies and someone took him out in the 2nd stanza. Can’t remember who did though, thought it might have been Song.

  2. Great game, but does anyone know why Fabregas got a yellow card for his celebration of Denilson’s goal? The commentator practically mentioned it in passing, and I’m really confused as it was of camera.

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