Bolton 1-3 Arsenal, Kevin Davies up to old tricks

Kevin Davies is a cunt.

He’s one of the dirtiest players in the EPL three years running, one of the most fouling players for pretty much every season that he’s been in the league, and nearly every time he sets boot on pitch he earns the reputation he’s created for himself. He’s a cunt and what he did to Clichy today deserved a red card and an extended ban — it was intentional, dirty, and intended to injure. Congrats Davies, you got your wish.

Fabregas gave his verdict immediately after the match and pretty much agrees:

The tackle on Gael Clichy, I remember last year Abou Diaby was sent off for even less than that. But we know we are Arsenal. When we come to the North we know something like that is going to happen, and we have to cope with that. Players like Theo, Gael, Eboue, they are quick, they like to run with the ball, and when you make tackles like that it is dangerous.

We’ve had a bad example with Eduardo, and we don’t want it to happen again because if you look at Clichy’s leg it could have been the same. We want to play fair football. We showed great character, and even if the referee isn’t strong we have shown we will deal with that.

People asked for leniency last year from us Arsenal fans when Martin Taylor broke Eduardo’s leg. Well, if Taylor deserves leniency then Davies deserves double the punishment because he is intentional and vicious about these types of fouls.

He’s a cunt and a disgrace to the game.  That is all.


  1. It was a meaningless challenge because he was running away from Arsenal’s goal and his tackle would have had no direct impact on play.

    Unfortunately, like so many other English players, he fails to understand that the Pre-cambrian period is over and neanderthals no longer roam the world.

  2. Sissy moany Arsenal!

    Completely disagree with you – hats off to Arsenal for playing the way they do however, this is a competitive league!

    It was a fair well played tackle and the poor lad got a bruse! FFS its a bruise!

    Awwwww no doubt Arsene kissed it better!

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