FA "respect" campaign is a joke

This season it will be legal to haul down your opponent, scream at the ref about it, have your teammates surround the referee, and then abuse the opposition fans before leaving the pitch. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, since the miscreant in question is John “England Captain” Terry.

What does surprise me is how quickly and thoroughly the FA just balled up, set fire to, and threw away their whole “respect” campaign. Believe it or not, I had decided to go easy on the refs this season but since the FA doesn’t even respect their own referee’s decisions, when they are right, I have no compunction what so ever criticising the refs when they are wrong, and they are wrong a lot.

Moreover, there were moments this season when I saw the Arsenal players gather around the referee over a controversial call and I though “oh come on guys don’t do that.” Well, no more. What’s the point? If Chelsea can do what they did this weekend after John Terry clearly and aggressively fouled Jo then why can’t Arsenal? Unless there are two different sets of rules… or maybe some money exchanging hands…

As with all the changes that the FA try to push through, the “respect” campaign has died quicker than Tottenham’s 2008 season, after all it was built on the same fairy dust, hopes, and lies.


  1. I agree
    So sick of the cynicism which now pervades football. Defenders will take a yellow card and stop a goal scoring opportunity just like John terry. The fact is, he rugby tackled him. no one can now ‘respect’ the ‘respect campaign’ because your right, it is a joke

  2. 100% correct, Rugby tackles should not be allowed in football. I am sick and tired of these so called “professional fouls”, they don’t belong in the game.

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