…and it all went quiet in the city

There isn’t a real football match for another 9 days as nearly everyone’s jetted off to various international hotspots, such as Andorra, to play for their national teams. Back at the London Colney there are just two: Manuel Almunia who doesn’t qualify to play for England until next year and Denilson, who, erm, well, isn’t good enough to play for Brazil (yet!). I don’t follow the internationals very closely so the only thing I really care about here is that everyone comes home unscathed. Especially van Persie; he looked pretty sharp last week and I’d like to see him go, let’s say, a dozen games in the Premiership without an injury from the internationals.


The internationals also provide ample opportunity for our friends Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini to announce some new proposal. I haven’t seen anything official yet, but word on the street is that Blatter wants to make a rule that you can only speak English in the EPL dressing rooms. And none too soon, I might add, since all the Frenchies at Arsenal are taking over. They need to check those boys’ passports and administer some Englishness tests before things get out of hand and they’re all speaking French on the pitch to each other. It would be like some kind of unfair advantage because some players like Joey Barton have Francophobia Psychosis; they hear French, they lunge wildly, it’s uncontrollable.  

DAMN.  Too late.  Well, once again the British Press has scooped us all with the news story of the century; Arsenal players speak a lot of French. In other news, Arsenal’s so French, they don’t sweat sweat, they sweat Brie: film at 11.

I don’t blame the press though, the only “news” back home is that Wenger is promising a new signing. No, not a player, a chief exec. I should back up a bit; there’s no indication the the new chief exec will actually be brought in from outside at least not in the quotes I saw. So, it won’t even necessarily be a “new” signing. We could very well see someone promoted from within. Someone should put a £10 that the “new” chief exec will be David Dein because evidently, just placing a bet gets you odds, no matter how unlikely the story is. Is that really how sports bets work?  I never knew.

Yow…  that’s it for today.  I hope Wenger signs someone or does something this week.  Otherwise I won’t have anything to write about.


  1. Man, international breaks are the devil!

    Actually, however, there is one intruiging storyline…

    Imagine the SHITSTORM if Fabio Capello draws Andorra in Barcelona…


    Also, the Dutch match is on FSC next Wednesday – if you want to watch van Persie break his metatarsal live and in color.

  2. Thanks for the info Matt, I would love to watch that, however I have a glorious staff retreat that day and calling in sick to that event is a no go.

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  4. Thanks, Sal, but I have several headers that I use. I don’t rotate headers right now, because that would cost me money and I’m already doing this for free!

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