Silvestre signs, Tweety next

I guess Phillipe Senderos’ mistakes weren’t bad enough because Arsenal have officially signed Man U blunder boy, Mikael Silvestre. No seriously, that’s a link from the dot com. So, I was wrong, Wenger did have another signing in mind, the signing is a defender, and a premiership player at that.


There you have it, the first transfer in 34 years between Arsenal and Man U has just taken place. Not since Jimmie “Sticks Stuff In Your Eyes” Binglebop have the two teams traded a player and this one is a doozy. A record breaking £750k transfer of an old man with a penchant for major gaffes in important games. Rumor has it, they paid £10k for every cm of circumference around his head (Dear Americans: 75cm is a very large ball.)

I admit that I am being hard on the guy, just like I gave Gallas some stick when he came over, and look how wrong I was there.



  1. Fair enough we need cover and, on his day, Silvestre is a quality player but how come he gets a 2 year contract at the age of 31 and we could only offer 1 year to Pires and more???!!!! Makes me angry to see scholes and Giggs still getting games in their twilight when Pires could still have been playing for us and still offering quality when needed.

  2. He is far better cover than Justin Hoyte and Wenger makes over £2 mill as well. the economist rides again.

  3. And no, he’s not better than Hoyte. Silvestre will make the same kinds of mistakes that Hoyte will but at least Hoyte has potential. Silvestre is already the best that he can be: the third option on a championship football team.

  4. You’re english but I was having a go at imothyt (aka timmy_tooth . Just thought I would wind him up. I frequent I have a lot of respect for the comments he used to post on that site (almost always agree with him) but I thought I would just visit him and see if he would respond to the provocation. Well I have blown my cover now!

    You have a good point about Pires one of my favorite Arsenal players when he was with us and I believe he deserved a two year contract if anyone in the world did. However Silvestre wiould not have signed a one year deal if he could get a better deal elsewhere just like Pires.

  5. And I just said I always agree with you and you say something as ignorant as that!! LOL. Hoyte is nowhere near the calibre of Silvestre.

    My wife wants love so I gotta go 😉

  6. That’s my point exactly! Pires WOULDN’T have gone if we’d have offered him more so why does the five-head get 2 years?!!!!

  7. he’s good cover and he can fog a mirror, smart move, next… and a bit more ‘quality’ wenger? where’s xabi?

  8. actually i think this is a good signing because he’s experience, versatile in areas where we have a need for depth, little cost, he’s french, and he’s still got something to offer and perhaps something to prove after last season’s injury. on the downside, i think fergie’s actually ok with this transfer.

  9. Awwwwww…….Wenger bought him because rosicky was gonna be lonely on da injury bench with eduardo’s superquick (kinda like his finishing) recovery. He needed someone to hold his hand over the coming season.Seriously tho,he is an arsenal player now and for the sake of the club I’ll cheer him on.Welcome to the club silvestre and hope you give your all on the pitch to enter gooner hearts off the pitch everywhere

  10. as the previous poster said, he’s an arsenal player now- let’s all get behind him.

    if he fucks up every 30 seconds- THEN be on his back, but for now let’s all just be positive about this.

    he only cost £750,000 after all…

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