"I can officially confirm…"

Alex Hleb’s agent has spoken for his client, for Arsenal, and for himself when he told The Sun

I can officially confirm that a short time ago Alexander decided that he will leave Arsenal and join another club

Speaking for myself, I can officially confirm that Hleb and his agent have worn out their welcome with me. No matter that Hleb was great with the ball in his last season; his goal tally for Arsenal, the fact that it took him two years to play well enough to warrant a starting spot, his inability to play the wing, his dire crosses, the ice-cream with Milan on the eve of a crucial away Champions League clash, and his final moment on the pitch in an Arsenal kit are all the evidence I need to bid him a fond farewell.



Samir Nasri is being pegged by everyone as Hleb’s logical replacement, too bad his transfer has completely stalled. I’m tired of reporting on this kid; sign the deal or go somewhere else, this dilly-dallying over the contract in front of you is not going to endear you to Arsenal fans, kiddo.

And honestly, everyone’s getting a bit anxious over seeing a signing but we have to remember that Wenger said that he’ll have a signing in 2-3 weeks (on the 12th) and it’s only been 12 days. I suspect the Nasri signing was the one he was alluding to here and like I’ve already said, that’s hit a snag. Could he or should he have foreseen possible difficulty with this kid? Maybe. But that’s just us playing “armchair manager.” We don’t know why he was so confident. We don’t know why Nasri is suddenly balking at the table. I suspect, that like the Ronaldo to Arsenal story, we may never know what really happened in this negotiation. So let’s all calm down.

He has 9 days before I call for him to be fired.

I’m joking... but shockingly I have read remarks to that effect by so called fans. “This season is make or break” for Wenger. Make or break what? His career? You need to have your head examined.

In that same article, Gilberto warns of what might happen if Arsenal don’t bring in a few fresh bodies and I think he has a bit of a point. There are obvious deficiencies in the squad (Alex Song played center back for god’s sake) and having some fresh, experienced bodies in there would alleviate some of the stresses of the long Premiership campaign. The boss is aware of this though. Fresh bodies will come in, don’t worry.

I know… I know… “Arsenal have signed Coquelin.” Yeah? So, why haven’t they announced it?

Or how about Chantome? Nope, nothing yet.

In fact, out only “signing” so far has been Carlos Vela.



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