Diaby nets 5 match ban


Diaby maliciously attacks Steinsson. Bigfoot spotters are curious as to what the unnamed blob in the background is.

I just heard from a source inside the FA that they are set to make an example of Abou Diaby for his horror tackle on Sstteinnssson by handing out a 5 match ban.

Of course the press (who typically wait around in front of his house so they can get comments from him as he gets the morning paper) immediately reached Sir Alex Ferguson for comment.  He predictably  said

This must spell the end for Arsenal’s season, if not Wenger’s career. The referees have been letting that team get away with murder the last 4 years just because they play “pretty football” but everyone knows that Arsenal give far more than they get. I could show you Sweet Ronaldo’s shins after a match with them if you need proof. Maybe the FA could impose a life ban on Wenger as well, it is the manager who is responsible for his players actions. Uhhh, except Roy Keane. He was completely out of my control. Which is why he was so great. GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!

Arsene Wenger has not released a statement as he did not have a clear view of the tackle and at the time was overheard saying “I did not see it.” Stay tuned to this channel for updates throughout the day.


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