Could someone please tape their heads shut?

It has begun.

Kolo started it, to be fair, by saying that Liverpool will be afraid of Arsenal and he has a good point: Arsenal did beat them 3 of 4 times last season.

But now the shit talking has begun in earnest with Gerrard saying that they are the most feared in Europe because of the comeback win in 2005. Then on comes Torres and Perry Groves and blah blah blah. Just play the game boys.

Speaking of which… looks like the two Liverpool owners will not be sitting next to each other at the Arsenal match. That’s too bad, I wonder which one of them is getting the china in the divorce? Hey! What? I had to get in my own shit talking ahead of the match.

Ok, but seriously…  the only story I care about is Cesc saying he wants to reach the finals.  He doesn’t care about a rematch against Barcelona, or anyone else who is in their way.  He wants to go to Moscow and win the trophy.  Good boy that Cesc, too bad he’s off to Spain in the summer.

Until tomorrow, kickers.

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