Sunday, 10am hotel lounge

I’m an old man. The last two times I was here I stayed up until 10 pm or so on the first night I arrived. Not so, last night. I went out and had a couple of horrifyingly overcooked sausages (they must have been left overs from breakfast) served atop a molten hot (read microwaved) plate of mashed potatoes and all topped by a gelatinous brown gravy obviously from a packet, and a few slices of red onion as garnish.

I had never thought red onion could be a garnish.

The pub did have Youngs on tap which is a lovely albeit very light (3.7%) beer on cask. Which reminds me, I have to get to the Youngs brewpub for lunch. It’s over by the Tate modern and quite a lovely walk.

Walk? In London? You bet.. it’s 10C out! That’s like 105F! (if my calculations are correct.) Last night was a pretty spectacular sight: a beautiful sunset in London. If I time things right, I should be able to snap a photo of Sunset at the Thames after a day at the Tate, and a few pints at the Youngs brewery. That’s the life eh?

OMG, my fucking hotel lobby has been overrun with filthy Russian Chelsea supporters.  It’s like a dream come true: if your dream was to be sodomized by a pack of men who smell of yak and hack their lungs out at the slightest exercise.  And their Russian too!

But first, I’ve got to get an adapter for this laptop, the battery is on its last…

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