Quiet Sundays

The transfer window has closed, the main teams have played each other, Arsenal are top of the table and so it’s been very quiet this morning. Well, there’s some crap about Peter Hill-Wood “hitting back” at FA chief executive Brian Barwick over his blah blah blah about English players and “top teams.” Or how about a little gem of a non-story about Luke Freeman and how impressive he is? Meh. Nothing.

In other news, the English press is still orgasmic over Ronaldo’s free kick. Look, it was a good kick but best kick in the history of football? Uhh, no. How about Gazza against Arsenal?

Or Roberto Carlos?

Or the power of van Persie?

There are literally hundreds of spectacular free kicks to choose from. Just a little context there, Ronaldo, now go have sex with a fugly prostitute.

Until tomorrow!

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